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V96 Julie Car Universal Emulator Manual

V96 JULIE CAR Emulator clone is finally verified working and available at competitive price.


julie car emulator-01


Price: €14.5, the price is less than 1/3 of


Part 1: V96 JULIE CAR Emulator nice features……

1) Two sides. Double power.

Two sides are fit with all new features and components.


2) More comfortable program selection

The jumpers that you solder in order to select programs have been moved to the back side of the emulator.


3) Additional 24C02 memory

The new version of Julie contains a memory that you previously needed to get yourself. Adding this memory directly into the emulator is too important not to devote more attention to it…

julie car emulator-02


4) External memory. Inside the emulator.

No more complicated procedures, tiresome soldering of memory legs or adapter into the emulator.

From now on, 24C02 memory is built directly into Julie Emulator!

If a certain program requires using this memory, simply unsolder it, program it according to our instructions and solder it back in its place.


5) LED Version Indicator

We have noticed, that our customers quite often do not know which version of Julie Emulator they have, therefore not knowing if their emulator has the latest programs.

From now on, you can check your Julie Emulator version by simply connecting it to power supply.

V96 JULIE CAR Emulator clone is better than the silver version.

Here is the silver version of JULIE Emulator

julie car emulator-03


Part 2: V96 JULIE CAR Emulator clone user manual car list

1.IMMO replacing

    • Free download:

    JULIE CAR Emulator IMMO OFF User manual2.ESL /ELV replacing

        • Free download:

        3.AirBag (Seat Occupancy Sensor)

            • Free download:

        JULIE CAR Emulator airbag user manual

        Free download: JULIE CAR Emulator tacho user manualAlso universal Julie user manual

        Part 3: V96 JULIE CAR Emulator clone car list 

            1. 1. IMMO replacing car list

        Julie Emulator enables you to turn off or replace original immobilizer signal in thousands of popular ECUs and cars.


        IMMO OFF what does it mean?

        To make the terminology easier, we have decided that all programs dedicated to immo are called IMMO OFF programs. Although the majority of programs do not actually remove immobiliser permanently, but replace it, the effect remains the same – as long as Julie Emulator is connected to the ECU, the immobilizer is turned off.


        Latest IMMO OFF solutions

        MM 8GMF.A4 | ALFA ROMEO

        Visteon DCU 102 | Citroen / Peugeot

        MM IAW 5SF8 | Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia


        Hottest IMMO OFF solutions

        Simos PCR2.1 | VAG group

        Simos PPD1.2 | VAG group

        Siemens SIM32 | Citroen & Peugeot


        All immo OFF solutions by brand:

        Alfa Romeo



























        • 2. ESL /ELV replacing car list
        • With Julie Emulator you can also replace the Electronic Steering Wheel Lock signalin some of the most popular Mercedes and Renault models.It happens quite often that the ESL becomes damaged or blocked. Now you don’t have toreplace it with a new, expensive module. All you need is Julie Emulator.ESL/ELV replacement solutions by brand




          Megane II & III

          Clio III & IV


          Laguna II & III

          Espace IV

          Scenic II & III









          Sprinter W906

          Vito 639

          1. 3. AirBag (Seat Occupancy Sensor)

          Julie Emulator also lets you diagnose a popular problem with the passenger
          seat occupancy sensor. All you need to do is connect Julie Emulator to
          the passenger’s seat occupancy plug – if the passenger’s seat occupancy
          sensor was damaged, the error on the dashboard will no longer show up.
          Easy and affordable!


          Seat Occupancy Sensor solutions by brand:

          1) BMW:

          2007 – 2010 year


          Series 1 (E81)

          Series 3 (E90, E92, E93)

          Series 5 (E60, E63, E64)

          Series 7 (E65)

          Series X (E70, E71)


          2003 – 2007 year


          Series 1 (E87)

          Series 3 (E90)

          Series 5 (E60, E63)

          Series 7 (E65)


          1997 – 2003 year


          Series 3 (E36, E46)

          Series 5 (E39)

          Series 7 (E38)

          Series 8 (E31)

          Series X (E53)


          2) Fiat




          3) Ford

          Mondeo II


          4) Mazda





          6 (GG1)



          5) Mercedes






















































          6) Mini

          Cooper (2002 – 2005)


          7) Opel

          Astra G

          Corsa C

          Meriva A

          Omega B FL

          Vectra C


          Zafira A

          4. Tacho

          The last function of Julie is related to the instrument cluster on the dashboard.
          Julie can simulate the signal from the car, which will help you determine if
          the instrument cluster is working correctly before installing it into the car.Tacho solutions by brand:




        Audi Q7

        Audi A6



        C4 Picasso



        EMF Display



        Kangoo III

        Scenic II & III

        Espace IV



        Passat B6



How to update Diatronik SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS OBD Tool

Q: Please can you tell me how to update Diatronik SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS OBD Tool ?

A: Diatronik key update help. Here you go.


  1. After the first run utility screen will appear where you select to Start new dongle remote update session:
  2. how-to-update-Diatronik-SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS-OBD-Tool-1
  3. On the next page displayed is the generated update request (number-question) is a sequence of hexadecimal characters containing information about your key:


The update query can be stored in a file (button [To file]), copied with the button [To clipboard] or sent as email to developer ([mail]).

Archive the text file with results using your GCT serial # as file name and email it to developer. The update program can be closed at this stage. Wait for response email from the developer.

  1. Data updates are transmitted in encrypted form and can only be used once
  2. When generating the update data and during firmware update the key performs a series of checks on key options (ID, Shared code, and some others). This excludes the possibility of substitution of the key.

You must then run the client update utility again and select “Resume previously started remote update session”, then click [Next] button.



The screen will display the wizard page that contains the input field and display dump updates. Enter the dump received via email using one of the buttons: [Paste] or [Browse…]:


After inserting the dump and pressing [Next] button the operation for updating the key memory with new data. Then last screen will display the outcome of the operation:



Next steps are only needed when the update key is in fact the firmware or image template. If the update was performed based on data of the image file, then step 3 is the final stage of the upgrade.


In the process of updating the key memory client utility will generate the final code-confirmation containing information about the updates (successfull/unsuccessfull). Code-confirmation is to be saved (button [To file]) or copied  [To clipboard], renamed using your serial # as file name and sent to developer of the application by any convenient way (email, PM, Skype: moe03071 ).


Youtube video (Russian)


Crdits to Moe who share all above with us.


Genuine vs Clone Nexiq USB Link 2

I have the original Nexiq USB Link 2 and the clone.  Nexiq USB Link 2 genuine and the clone, any difference? 

Many talks about differences of Nexiq the original and clone. I have the original Nexiq USB Link 2 and the clone. Here share something with you all. Hope it helps.



Lets start with the most simple way to tell the difference, and that is the packaging. This not only includes what the product looks like, but the included accessories as well. Throughout this post, we will be posting side-by-side images, with the genuine Nexiq USB Link 2 on the left, and the china clone USB Link 2 on the right. As you see from the pictures below, the genuine USB Link 2 comes in a nice, hard plastic case. The image on the right is from the China clone, which comes with no case at all. The cables and adapter have been stuffed in the box.


We also then take the contents out to compare. The original device, again shown on the left, comes with the adapter (with all the stickers attached), 6/9-pin long cable, a special USB cable (Which we will discuss more on this later), along with some paperwork. The USB Link 2 clone adapter comes with a HUGE assortment of cables, covering pretty much everything. It also has loose stickers to place on the tool, along with a 3-disc DVD set


In summary, the genuine USB Link 2 will come in a hard plastic case and will only come with the USB Cable and 6/9 pin cable. The fake and clone adapters from China and beyond will come with a large assortment of cables, along with multiple DVD discs.


So far, not a huge deal. You can save $400, and not just get a cheap plastic box, right? Well, there are many more differences, so lets start with the cables and the connector on the Nexiq USB Link 2. Again, the image on the left is what the bottom connector looks like on the genuine adapter. The image on the right is the china clone.


In summary, the genuine USB Link 2 will come with a 26-pin male connector for the cables, while the clone USB Link 2 will come with a 15-pin male connector. Remember, Nexiq put an authentication chip in each cable, so how possibly can these clones be doing this? The answer is that the china clone adapters are simply Nexiq USB Link original circuit boards placed in USB Link 2 cases. We will continue to prove this point as we move on.


One thing that people may like about the China USB Link is that it comes with a wide assortment of cables — 8 different ones. The original only comes with the standard 6 & 9 pin cable, which is used on commercial trucks. The first thing we notice, is that the part numbers are on labels from the China device. Upon inspection of these cables, we find these are all cables for the Nexiq USB Link original, NOT the new USB Link 2. This further proves the point that the China adapter is just an original USB Link in disguise


The other issue is that the included 6/9 pin cable from the China clone is NOT the new green 9-pin that has been used in all model 2016 model year trucks. This means that this cable will not physically connect to any trucks built in 2016 or newer. Even if you had the correct cable, we have serious doubts that this China clone is cable of handling the new 500k bus speeds that use this green connector.


In summary, the USB Link 2 clone from China comes with more cables, yet they are cables for the original USB Link. The included 9-pin from China also will not fit or work on 2016 model year and newer trucks.


The USB connection port is also different on China knock-off versus the genuine USB Link 2. With the USB Link 2, there is a fancy clip on the USB cable to prevent it from being detached from the adapter. On the clone tool, we find that it is a “regular” USB cable connector, like you would find on a printer or larger USB device. On the USB Link 2 clone we received, this cable was actually very difficult to push in, and the plastic cracked a little when we did. Yet again, another reason to stay away from this tool and prove that it is a fake/clone.

The other important item to note is that on the clone/fake adapter, you will see that there is a hole in the bottom. On the genuine adapter, this is an actual button that you would push.



Now that we’ve explored all of the components, lets take a look at the actual circuit board inside the adapters. Again, we have the genuine adapter on the left and the China clone on the right. Without being a computer engineer, you can see the differences in the boards right away. The clone adapter is actually 2 circuit boards, with wiring in between, while the original is a solid, once piece circuit board. The clone version also contains no Bluetooth chip, so it is USB only.

the genuine PCBNexiq-USB-Link-2-Bluetooth-genuine-pcb

the clone PCB



We also thought it a good idea to show you the adapters side-by-side. In the first view of the front, you can see some noticeable differences. The sticker on the front, while the same size, has the order of the LED lights and also the size of the icons different. Both adapters will show the Bluetooth Logo, however the China version does not have Bluetooth built into it. The genuine adapter also shows an icon for an iPad and iPhone.

On the back side of the adapter, the sticker is a completely different size and much smaller on the USB Link 2 clone. There is also far less information, including the fact that is says “Made in China”, while the original does not.




In summary, we highly suggest staying away from the USB Link 2 clone adapters. Using a USB Link 2 clone will cause you nothing but problems, and just isn’t worth the hassle of saving a couple dollars. There are plenty of other RP1210 adapters that are priced less then a Nexiq USB Link 2, and are also made by legit manufacturers in the USA. The following is a list of things you can look for if you are thinking about purchasing one:

  • It doesn’t come in a black plastic case
  • It comes with more then just the 6/9 pin “long” cable
  • The connector on the bottom is a 15-pin female
  • The 9-pin connector isn’t green
  • The USB cable doesn’t “clamp” into the Nexiq USB Link 2
  • There is a hole at the bottom of the tool where the cable plugs in
  • The sticker on the front looks different then it should

Of course If you are a DIYer, the clone is OK for you. But you should have a HQ Nexiq clone. For cheap craps, forget it. You’ll get what you pay for. 100% certain.


Be careful to buy a Nexiq clone off


I have had several people having issues with all the lights blink and they can not connect any more, you can not get warranty on Chinese clones so you are out of luck. Also Chinese clones are made with much lower quality than the real Nexiq.

I have had so many support issues that ended up being bad Chinese Nexiq adapters that I warn customers that if they have a Chinese adapter, they are on their own, I don’t support them and Nexiq won’t warranty them. Be Very careful who you buy a Nexiq off of. TRVideo is a supplier of the real Nexiq and has great support so that is the only source I recommend (Truck Parts Today)
I have used it to program a new chip. Success.

nexiq-usb-link-program-a-new-chip (1) nexiq-usb-link-program-a-new-chip (2)