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Yanhua Mini ACDP: How to set the board on the cas 4?

Using Yanhua Mini ACDP, how to set the board on the cas 4 so that the pins align and also how to lock the board into the cas?


Just follow this video to do in step by step:


As you can see, yanhua mini acdp adds a new CAS4 key in the way of ICP instead of cutting line, remove components, lift pins etc.



1) Yanhua Mini ACDP package (mux, OBP+ICP, BDM01, 20 pin cable, CAS4 adapter, BAV-KEY adapter)

2) Working key

3) Key blank

yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-01 yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-02


Words and images:

Dismantle CAS4 from the car

The CAS is located under the steering wheel


Dismantle the CAS module



Part 1: Connection

Setup the copper pillar

Find the location hole D1-D4

yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-05 yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-06

Enlarge drawing.

yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-07 yanhua-mini-acdp-set-the-board-on-cas4-08


Setup the interface board.



Skills: Aim for D1-D4.





Vertical press down the interface board.


Lock the board with copper pillar.


Clamp the board with PCB lock.


Connect the ICP + OBP adapter, BDM01 adapter, CAS4 board and ACDP host.


Power on ACDP.



Part 2: Mini ACDP operation on Mobile phone

Open "Mini ACDP".


Click on "BMW".


Cas4 /CAS4+



The second option (Select according to CPU model).








Read the note.


Automatic pin detection.

If the detection fails, please check and clean up the test points.




Decrypting chip, please wait..




Check the VIN number.



Automatically upload and backup data.




The CAS4 PCB is processed


Automatic enter the "Add key" function.



Connect BAV-key adapter and put it into the blank key.


Please check the blank key ID.



Please select the CAS data you want.


Check the VIN number.



Choose any blank key number.



Take out the blank key and put in the working key.



Reading ISN code.


Check ISN code and VIN number.



Put in the blank key again.


Key programming...and succeed soon.

Please learn the new key on car according to prompt.


Job is done.


YANHUA ACDP adds CAS4 key in the way of ICP perfectly.



Yanhua Mini ACDP On BMW Mini Cooper key programming: 100% Work!

Confirmed: BMW Mini Cooper remote programming can be done by Yanhua Mini ACDP programmer.

If it is CAS3, ACDP can do via OBD, if it is CAS3+, ACDP can do only after dismantling the CAS3+ and program new key using interface board.


Method 1: ACDP program remote on Mini Cooper using the interface board


Method 2: ACDP program remote on Mini Cooper via OBD

Obd port: located in the driver side, on the left


Connection: Mini ACDP is connected to the car, through OBD

Yanhua-ACDP-CAS3-add-key-2 Yanhua-ACDP-CAS3-add-key-3

The test:

Insert the key

Run Mini ACDP application on the mobile

Run BMW module programming


Select CAS3/CAS3+


OBD mode

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-6


Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-7

Step 1: read CAS data

Step 2: generate a dealer key/program a key

Step 3: write new key data into CAS

Step 1: read CAS data

ACDP is gonna to read CAS data

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-8

Pop-up: Take out the key and wait for 5 min.

If the key without ignition-start function, take the key outside the car, 3m away

Read immo data successfully

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-9

File (CAS3_ORGKEYxxxx.bin) has been backup.

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-10

Upload bin file

Save the immo data to generate a dealer key

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-11


Step 2: generate a dealer key/program a key

Yanhua ACDP is gonna to add a new key

Check the connection of BAV adapter

Prepare a blank key

Choose the correct bin file with immo data

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-12

Here select Key 5 to program

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-13

Note: Gray number is used for the original key

The black numbers are available for calculation

Pop-up: It’s one of keys available. If you enable a new key, the original key will not work anymore.

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-14

Select a method to generate a dealer key

Here: add a new key with a working key

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-15

Check if the key is a smart one or not. If yes, you have to choose Key 1-3

Here: it’s not a smart key

Go to add a new key

Insert the blank key to program

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-16


ACDP successfully programmed a new key

The generated CAS data includes the new key info.

Pls go to write new data into CAS

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-17

File is backup

Upload file (will be written into CAS...DLRKEY...bin)


Step 3: write new key data into CAS

Insert the original key before you’re gonna to write data into CAS

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-18

Go to update key data

Select the correct bin file

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-19

Select a method to generate a dealer key

Here: add a new key with a working key

Updating new immo data

(writing the key data into CAS)

Immo data is updated successfully.

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-20

Backup data

Please install the CAS into the car and try the new key to start.

Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-21 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-22

The ELV is faulty; you should synchronize it

 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-23

Go to special function, synchronize CAS and ELV

 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-24

Synchronize CAS and ELV successfully

 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-25

Backup data

Insert the new key again to start

 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-26

The dashboard works well, without fault codes

 Yanhua ACDP CAS3 add key-27




Programing BDC without soldering with Yanhua ACDP MINI BMW

Yanhua ACDP MINI BMW key programmer supports CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC by OBD without soldering/welding.







Here we show how to install BDC:



Video demo:Yanhua Mini ACDP connect to BMW FEM BDM without soldering


BDC Diagram

How to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP when program BMW BDC:


Location of EEPROM/RES


BDC electric bridge installation guide:

1. Twist two M4*16+6 copper pillars

2. Aim at the four probes roughly.

3. Aim at the pad of reset pin accurately.

4. Press the electric bridge plate and lock the copper pillar.




Puncture IC Socket Installation guide:

1. Insert direction as per the picture.

2. Before inserting and pulling out the socket, please upward loosen the nut to retract the probes into the mold in order to protect the probes.


BDC electric bridge connection guide:

Connect the offline OBD adapter with the reset pin of BDC electric bridge by using the double-head terminal cable.