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2015r3 TCS CDP PRO with BMW & Mercedes solutions

Here are some solutions of TCS CDP (cdp pro) running on BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.


The reason that some CDP PRO cannot work with BMW or Mercedes-Benz:

The OKI chip is only for cars that support the PWM/VPWM protocol like Ford. BMW didn't use the PWM/VPWM protocol. The info that the TCS CDP does not work with BMW and Mercedes is bullshit.


The essential reason is located in problem with the m6636:

The problem with the m6636 is in the CDP pro not in cdp+. replace the 2 diodes and check if it works. the 2 diodes is for bmw and maybe mercedes, honda and others.


Solution of CDP PRO with BMW cars:

the 2 diodes are D701 and D703. back the pcb. And replace it with 1n4148.  I have replaced these two diodes and gained the communication with BMW cars which users could not communicate with before. So, well DONE


Solution of TCS CDP with BMW cars:
You have to know that the components for TCS CDP interface, removed from old devices like tv´s, radio´s etc. check all solder Joints of all components (especially relays), so I have fixed the problem. I use the same interface for all BMW cars and it works without problems.



If solutions above doesn’t work also, spend a little money to buy a new TCS CDP unit tested ok.

tcs-cdp-pro-bluetooth-bmw-2 tcs-cdp-pro-bluetooth-bmw-3

This CDP PRO with 2015r3 software works without issues on BMW 3 series e90:

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