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Digiprog3 For VW Passat 2004 Odometer Correction Via OBD

How-to:change odometer for VW Passat 2004 with Digiprog 3 china clone via OBD

Vehicle: VW Passat 2004

Tool: Digiprog 3

Work: Change mileage from 81km to 1489km

Here is the old mileage:81KM


connect Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD

then the machine starts

select a CAR/TRUCK: VW-PASSAT-PASSATR B5/ B5GP-B5*2004 DIAG-PLUS 16 ,then selet√

DP3 is reading the current mileage

Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-2 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-3 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-4 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-5 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-6 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-7 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-8

enter a new mileage to change

new mileage: 1489km



Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-10 Digiprog3-VW-Passat-2004-odometer-reset-11

the mileage on the dash is also changed!


Digiprog 3 china clone is confirmed to OBD change km for VW PASSAT 2004

Works perfectly!



BMW FEM mileage reset tool: VVDI2 BMW or Yanhua mini ACDP ?

Two BMW FEM mileage reset tools are using and verified working fine. They are VVDI2 BMW and Yanhua mini ACDP and FEM Authorization.


Purpose: To reset mileage for F30 2014 FEM


Tool option:

  1. Expensive one:

it's very simple.

buying Xhorse vvdi2 for Odometer correction is quite expansive but for the FEM work this is one of the best and safest way so it's worth to buy it.

and after that set 0 KM in FEM and change in cluster desire new KM

use vvdi 2 and follow the instruction for FEM.


Since Xhorse VVDI2 V4.3.0, it can reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually).



For procedure, google and you will find articles.


  1. Cheap one:

I can recommend to buy Yanhua mini ACDP and FEM Authorization

its a bit cheaper than VVDI2+Auth and never had any ISSUE doing FEM/BDC Mileage reset.


How to use Yanhua mini ACDP to reset BMW FEM odometer?

bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-1bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-02bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-03bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-04bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-05bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-06bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-07 bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-08bmw-fem-mileage-reset-via-yanhua-acdp-09




2010 BMW X1 Change Mileage With CG PRO

Topic: How to use CG PRO do  odometer  reset for 2010 BMW X1

Here you are:

Car Model:BMW X1 (imported version)

Year: 2010 model

Instrument tray table: 35080

Guard against theft:CAS3-0L15Y

Device: CGPRO

Operation: mileage repair

CG Operating tutorial:

1. View specific models


2. Record the original mileage.


3. The vehicle power off, remove the instrument module, view the style, determine the storage chip.

2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-3 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-4 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-5 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-6 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-7 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-8 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-9


4. Remove the CAS module, view the style, and determine the storage chip

2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-10 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-11 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-12 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-13 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-14 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-15

5. Open the special CG PRO software

and enter the corresponding operation interface. First, clean the instrument chip, place it into the adapter and repair it into the target mileage.


6. Clean the glue on CAS module, use DB25 adapter wiring, and repair it into target mileage.

2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-17 2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-18

7. The instrument panel and CAS have been processed and loaded. Some will appear fault code, clear code can;

Some will display English, using CGDI will be the instrument code.


2010-bmw-x1-mileage-repair-with-cg-pro-202010 BMW X1 odometer correction with CG Pro 9S12 programmer,Successful!