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Which tool can do Toyota prius 2005 dash odomter correction?

 Car model and year: Toyota prius 2005y dash

Purpose: Read and write KM

Toyota Prius 2005 KM reading & writing, digiprog has problem, orange 5 ,Carprog, digimaster 3 are all ok, go on reading for instruction.

Tool to test:

  1. digiprog 3: Failed

Using soldering points as it is showing in manual. After reading I got wrong mileage 1114095km...original mileage is 275 000km. but after writing that km which you need, dash shows everything ok in car.

toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-01 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-02

orange 5 programmer + nyo : success

I read it with orange 5 programmer without any problems. Calculated with nyo, as landruiser 93c66. Attached 100% working pinout reading in circuit, maybe someone would be useful this post in the future



  1. Carprog full firmware V8.21 : success

Carprog is ok for tis dash--prius 93c66

Change KM Toyota Prius 2006 93C66 for example:

Remove unit from car. Open it and find internal 93C66 EEPROM memory inside.

Use the Carprog A4, A5 or A6(due to situation) EEPROM adapter and change mileage.

In most cases need to remove EEPROM from the board.

Open carprog full software

Select Dashboard->Toyota->Prius->Prius Yazakj 93C66 v0.4

toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-06 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-07 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-08 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-09

Manually enter mileage you desired



Press Write KM

toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-11 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-12

Write KM success.


  1. Yanhua digimaster 3 : success

I recommend Yanhua digimaster 3, it works for Prius 93c66.

Method: it needs to dismantle the dashboard and read the data.

Look at this image: digimaster 3 for prius



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2012 Discovery 4 OBD km change with OBDSTAR X300M

Topic: 2012 Discovery 4 OBD km change


The car: 2012 Land Rover Discovery 4


The original km: 153503


The final km: 149999


The odometer correction tool:



The odometer correction process:

select the function in X300M:

vehicles - cluster calibrate


obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-3 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-4

select the sw and vehicle:

sw: land rover 30.73


obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-5 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-6 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-7

vehicle: discovery 4


Obdstar starts to do change mileages



km range: 0-700000

generally maximum error does not exceed 206km


Pls input the mileage for adjustment

obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-11 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-12 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-13

km will be changed to 150000

obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-14 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-18

The result: odometer correction success!


The new km is displayed on the dashboard


Peugeot 2008 2017 Mileage Change Via OBD?

Have one 2017 Peugeot 2008 for odometer correction, I thought I tried to do this obd as its a mobile job at customer house not in workshop. I thought it has the valeo no 3 bsi with eeprom 95320.

Tools I have are:

fvdi 2018

Blue digiprog 3 clone

Green obdstar h108 psa

obdstar x300m


Working tools and method advice:

  1. SMOK UHDS with the PSA Module will do it.

In real: expensive and don't have.


  1. xtool bsi obd and clocks by epprom adapter only tested


  1. I do that model with UPA programmer, in any order but when I connect modules back, I always connect bsi first and then dash.


I dont trust in obd2 tools


  1. You can read eeprom by digiprog and export dump to PC if your tool ftdi based ,

Otherwise Post screenshot of area's 0x3a0 and 0x3b0 so we will provide you bytes where need to change

Bsi should be corrected with same value as well , it should be Valeo Bsi with eeprom 95256

Good luck