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VCM2 clone (Vxdiag Vcx Nano)/ IDS version/ Driver Questions & Answers

I have both a vcx and a decent vcm2 clone, both from I purchased the vcx first thinking I could get by with it and was sadly mistaken.


If you never intend to do anything other than read codes and live data then the vcx will do however I was never able to get it to reprogram anything or connect to ANY north american diesel trucks.


My vcm2 functions flawlessly including updating it and adding wireless to it with a pair of the proper wifi dongles.


Keep in mind when purchasing a vcm2 that there are look alike ones out there that are vcx nanos in vcm2 clothing. (I made that mistake as well lol) Buy it from someone who shows photos of the inside. the fake vcm2 will have a single pcb with one main chip and not allot else going on. A good vcm2 has a second pcb on a riser with two noticeable capacitors on it and both boards a nearly covered with components.


Look here: good VCM2 with 2 boards:


Which IDS software version for VCM2 clone SP177-C1?


If you want a VCM2 SP177-C1, IDS V100 software will come with the unit.

But if you have a VCM2 clone already and the unit is HQ clone (same as units in ), you have luck with the latest IDS version 04-2018

The newest IDS compatible with VCM2 SP177C1 is version IDS 109:



Need install driver myself?


For vcm2 clone you can install vcm manager or ids and it will install drivers automatically.



For Vxdiag Vcx Nano Ford clone in vcm2 case use vx manager which will install drivers too.




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Which tool supports VW/Audi Component Protection?

This is for those looking for a tool for VW/Audi Component Protection…


There are three (or more) options of VW/Audi Component Protection.

It can be done with FVDI2 commander, Auro IM6000 and ODIS service and the like.




Option 1: FVDI2 VAG:

Car list: AUDI A4/A5/A6/A8/Q5/Q7 component protection



Instrument CAN:

Reading security code (PIN) and component protection by OBDII – VW CRAFTER

Component Protection Manager:

Component Protection Manager – adaptation of spare part (used electronic control units) and programming component protection of Audi A6/Q7/Allroad/A4/A5/Q5


Option 2: Auro OtoSys IM600






Option 3: ODIS service

With online diagnosis system (ODIS), you can also remove component protection is to take





What is VW/Audi Component Protection?

Component protection is VWAG’s (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini) way of eliminating vehicle or component theft by keeping track of each individual component and which vehicle it’s assigned too from the assembly line.


When a component protected module is fitted to its non-original vehicle, many, if not all of its functions will be limited. This is to try and prevent the use of stolen parts in the second-hand market. If a VWAG vehicle is reported stolen, a flag will be raised with their database for the vehicle’s VIN and the internal serial number/coding of each module fitted to said vehicle, such as an Engine or transmission ECU, Infotainment/Radio unit or AC/Heater control panel) making it impossible for these parts to be used on another vehicle. This will raise an error within our diagnosis system (connected to VWAG’s servers) when trying to remove the component protection and not allow the technician to proceed, alerting VWAG to the use of stolen parts.


Component protection also applies to any brand-new parts purchased and fitted. It would need to be removed before the technician could proceed with and coding, adaptions, or basic settings or said component.



How to install Ford IDS 109 software for VCM II


How to install Ford IDS 109 software:

1- Install the ids 86 before changing the date to 1 07 2015

(hold the date 1/7/2015 ,, until you finish step 5

every time you restart your computer, check the date, if it is  on 1/7/2015)

2- install patch ( choice option 2 )

3- Make a backup of your windows system (I recommend, this is optional)

4- Open the program with the interface connected ,,( choose NON DEALER,when open program for first time ) , keep vcm turn on,on the computer.

5 - create a restore point,,,then turn off vcm of the computer

6 - Okay, now install the new version,  v109.01, before installing, changing the date of your computer, to the current day

7- After installing, go back to the restore point, which you created in step 5, activate this restore point, and then open the program

8- Finally, install FordExtendProgram  (click right mouse button click on, run as administrator)


Done, will work in the new version


Note, here’s solution of VCM II IDS software update error

Error message in update IDS 109:

Error message in update IDS 109



VCM II - IDS software version mismatch (update IDS)

The software version on the VCM II is newer than the IDS software version.

Select Tick to install the latest version of the IDS software.

Select X to cancel and then roll back the VCM II to an earlier level of software.



se ha producido un problema al actualizar el software vcm ii

es nece sario realizar un restablecimiento de fabrica de vcm ii

pulse el icono de confirmacion para realizar el restablcimiento

pulse x para cancelar


There was a problem updating the vcm ii software

It is necessary to carry out a factory restoration of vcm ii

press the confirmation icon to perform the reset

press x to cancel



Update VCM II firmware, using the tutorial:


Edit to add a note:

Ford IDS 109 Tech Support - Remote Installation