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Free download Ksuite, iprog+, ktm bench, MPPS, ktmflash, carprog ,xprog

Topic: Free download the hottest China Clone ECU programmers software i.e Ksuite for KESS V2 /Ktag, iprog+, ktm bench, MPPS, ktmflash, carprog , xprog etc.


Firstly, this poster express his big thanks to engineer’s contribution.


Here we go:

Ksuite 2.47 free download:  

Password: Laura168

Activation: No need

Compatible with Kess v2 master and Ktag master


Working xprog 5.84 free download (full authorization, No loss):

Password: No need

Compatible with this best Xprog hardware


iprog+ V76 free download:

Password: no need

Compatible with this iprog+ programmer


KTM Bench software free download:

Password: No need

Tokens: No limitation

100% works with KTM Bench hardware


KTM Flash 1.94 free download:

KTM Flash 1.95 free download:

Both software is compatible with KTMflash ECU programmer.


MPPS V18 Software Patch+ Installer free download:


MPPS V18 Software Automatic Installer for WIN7 32bit free download:


MPPS V18 Software Automatic Installer for WIN7 64bit Free download:

(The above 3 links source are tested working fine! No dead link. No pass.)

Carprog software 10.93 free download:

No pass

Compatible with Carprog Clone


Carprog full V10.05 free download:

Carprog full V9.31 download

Crack version + Offline version

Password: No need

Activation: No need


Carprog full V8.21 online version free download:


No password

Need activation

Comes with all 21 pieces of adapters and much more authorization than any other lower version of carprog.


Works with WINDOWS XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

Features in:

  1. Can perform airbag reset function well
  2. new Audi dash support, support newer airbags
  3. Including much more authorization


To be upgrading…