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FORD IDS V114.06 MAZDA IDS 114.04 Native Installation

  1. Higher version at higher price

FORD IDS V114.06 +(Online+Offline) Calibration Native Install with Remote Support

IDS Release Level IDS-114.06

MAZDA IDS 114.04


fırst not work same pc

price each soft 107 euro

2x 107 euro =214 euro both price 210 euro

ford-ids-v114-06-mazda-ids -114-04-01

ford-ids-v114-06-mazda-ids -114-04-02


  1. Working version at cheaper price

Ford IDS V114.03: 82.99 euro (at a lower price when they have anniversary sale)


Mazda IDS version depends on the VCM2 hardware

VCM2 (sp239-b) & fly SVDI FVDI for Ford Mazda (sp313): Mazda IDS v114.0


Native installation not vmware or other virtual software.
you can use it unlimited time.
installation and activation via team viewer only.
support online programming function also included calibration file.
also included incode calculator for old model key programming or module installation new series need a dealer account.
works on all vcm1-vcm2- original or clone.......
* Automatic vehicle recognition
* Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
* Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
* Guided Fault Finding
* New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
* Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
* Program New Keys (for additional fee)
* Injector Coding
* Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
* DPF Regeneration
* Brake Bleeding
* Steering Angle Resets
* All Other Offline and online Dealer Functions


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Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key Using Tips

How do you know if Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key is suitable?

Please follow the steps below to collect information and provide the Lonsdor with feedback for confirmation.


  1. Currently Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key only supports ID8A chips, and does not support 4D.


  1. To collect the P4 data of the original car key, identify the original car key in the identification & copy option, it will display the key information as shown below.



  1. Some Toyota original keys’ frequency is fluctuating, that is, by pressing the remote control twice, the frequency will change. Therefore, when collecting information, you need to recognize the remote control frequency twice and record the frequency twice. It can be tested in the remote frequency option (if you are worried about the operation error, you can identify the frequency multiple times and take a stable value to record)




  1. Remove the case of the original car key, record the PCBA board number, or take a photo to record, as shown in below:




Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key is designed for Toyota/Lexus, but it is not suitable for all of models under these brand. Please note.

At present, Lonsdor smart key is applied to three types of smart keys. Including FT01-0020 and FT01-2110:

PCBA board: FT01-0020-P4 [00 00 88 88], Frequency: [314.35/315.10] Three button [lock, unlock, trunk]


PCBA board: FT01-2110-P4 [00 00 A8 A8], Frequency: [314.35/315.10] Three button [lock, unlock, trunk]


PCBA board: FT01-2110-P4 [00 00 A8 A8], Frequency: [312.09/314.35.10] Four

button [lock, unlock, trunk, search]

Interested in Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key?

Look here: If you purchase Lonsdor K518ISE + LKE +KPRPG, or you buy buy Lonsdor K518ISE + SKE (5 colors) +KPRPG, you will get 2pcs of Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key 2110 for free.

Valid: September 3, 2019 to September 30, 2019.

NOTE: Lonsdor FT01 Series Smart Key is not sold alone, but as a free gift so far.

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