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How to install, activate and crack Scania SDP3 v2.39.1 on Windows 7 32 bit

Scania VCI3 SDP3 software update to v2.39.1, here, shares some tips of Scania SDP3 v2.39.1,incl:how to install, activate and crack Scania SDP3 v2.39.1 on Windows 7 32 bit ...



you should have functional SDP3 v2.39.1 software for Scania VCI 3: (password: 5g4dh4)

or (no pass)

(This software does not need shipping, after your order, our engineers will help install and activate by TeamViewer.

Scania SDP3 V2.39.1 Confirmed:

Check and adjustment
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units

operating system:

SDP3 2.39 works well on Windows 7 32 bit


(confirmed by pros at

Video demo:


then you will have all files for installation


Step 1: install Adobe Reader


Step 2: install Microsoft .NET



Step 3: install sdp 3 v2.39 application



Step 4: run prerequisites (sdp 3 patch) as an administrator

scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-7 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-8

PC restarts

Step 5: run x32 Windows command script


(install the driver software anyway)

Step 6: activate sdp3 2.39 with hardware id

copy hw id for activation


then will get an activation file


merge - success


copy SCOMM_SSK.dat and SCOMM_SSK_HL.dall


open SDP3 Properties - open file location - copy and replace files


Step 7: crack SDP3 software

scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-16 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-17

PC restarts

Step 8: select a setup language in SDP3 configurator


Step 9: run SDP 3 and update Scania VCI

scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-19 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-20 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-21 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-22 scania-sdp3-2.93.1-windows7-install-24

Now, Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.39 is ready for use!




Download and install VIDA 2015A for Volvo 1999-2017 diagnosis

VIDA 2015A is verified working with clone Volvo dice interface, covers Volvo vehicles from 1999 year to 2017 year, and a part to 2019 year. Here engineer would like to share the free link of VIDA 2015A software and VIDA 2015A software installation guide.


VIDA 2015A software Free download:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvL...

Security : 100% Yes

free-download-vida-2015a-01 free-download-vida-2015a-02


  1. only with the special dongle then VIDA 2015A can work !

VIDA 2015A software plus the special dongle source


Here is one tested Volvo dice interface running VIDA 2015A:



  1. 1. Vida 2015A update some car models until 2018 / 2019, most to 2017 year.

free-download-vida-2015a-05 free-download-vida-2015a-06


  1. Language available: English, hinese


What is VIDA 2015A for?

If VIDA 2014D lists 2015 and 2015A cars.2015A introduced Drive-E cars.2014D will not do anything for 2016 cars like the XC90 because they introduced Ethernet as a connection option in the car. You won't be able to get away with sticking DICE on a 2016 carry over model either that still uses an OBD2 interface. Only subscriptions to VIDA 2015 which is all online will help you.


"VIDA 2015 is 100% internet based, which means you will always have the most current information at your fingertips."Should be"VIDA 2015 is 100% the end of hacks, and might be the end of shadetree Volvo diagnosis, depending on how high we price it."

 Volvo VIDA 2015A released notes:


Welcome to the new VIDA. Several years of development have been put into this new workshop application. We have incorporated feedback from our users, as well as made changes to accommodate our future vehicles. VIDA 2015 has an extensive HELP section which can be reached at any time simply by hitting the "F1" button on your keyboard.

VIDA 2015 is 100% internet based, which means you will always have the most current information at your fingertips. Changes and corrections can be applied with a much shorter lead time.

Volvo Standard Time (VST) information is integrated into VIDA.

Starting with XC90, fault tracing will be displayed and shown in a ranked order.

Wiring Diagrams will be an integrated part of the repair process.

So install VIDA 2015 and explore the great changes and improvements of this new workshop application.



How to setup VIDA 2015A for Volvo dice?


  1. It requires windows 7 professional 32bit or 64 bit operating system
  2. It needs to be Internet Explorer 9 or newer
  3. Computer memory needs over 2G RAM
  4. C:// must have 40GB space
  5. Software must install on C://
  6. It must be NTFS format


User Name: admin or 1


VIDA 2015A installation guide:

Link 1:!QBBXUKqR!tppkQSAg_9QSapNLXC3kVTJSAlJPvL...

Download to watch Video guide.







After that, you can enjoy Vida 2015A to perform the following Volvo Vida Dice capabilities:

1. Administration - General information, design and function

2. Standard components, service materials and consumables. General information (among other things, control modules, SRS, general safety)

3. service and maintenance

4. Engine with mounting and equipment

5. Electrical system

6. Power transmission

7. Brakes

8. Suspension and steering

9. Springs, shock absorbers and wheels

10. Body and interior - among other things, diagnostics, design and function, repair and spare part information

11. Other - special vehicles, e.g., ambulances, police cars. Components that deviate from standard.






CG100 programmer corrects mileage on Chevrolet Malibu XL 2018 24C32 perfectly

Chevrolet Malibu XL 2018 with BCM No. 13514637 and module chip 24C32. Used CG100 programmer to read and write mileage successfully. This post share the whole procedure with lots images.


Car model: Chevrolet Malibu

Year: 2018

BCM number: 13514637

Module chip: 24C32




Part 1: Check the specific car info.


Part 2: Record the current mileage value.

cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-05 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-06


Part 3: Power off the vehicle, remove the BCM module and disassemble it.

cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-07 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-11 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-9 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-10 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-11


Part 4: Confirm the BCM storage chip.

cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-12 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-13


Part 5: Open CG100 programmer, enter the corresponding software.

cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-14 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-15 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-16


Part 6: Dismantle the chip 24C32, power on the CG100 programmer, follow the software instructions to operate, if any problem, please contact at email for help.

cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-17 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-18 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-19 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-20 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-21 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-22 cg100-correct-mileage-on-chevrolet-malibu-xl-2018-24c32-23


Part 7: Weld the chip 24C32 back to the BCM, install the BCM back to the car, start the car, it display 7372KM, the mileage correction succeed.



Chevrolet Malibu XL 2018 24C32 odometer  correction  with CG100 programmer ,done!