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Xprog 5.70/5.60 read Infineon XC2336A-56F80L-AA New Ford Ka

Finally, i did xc2336A-56F-80L processor perfectly with a Xprog programmer. And here is my write-up. Wish it helps.


For XC2336A-56F80L-AA from NEW FORD KA


You need to buy Infineon authorization.

It’s only available in Xprog box 5.70 and Xprog 5.60

xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-1 xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-2 xprog-read-ford-ka-XC2336A-56F-3


To read use 3 wires from 10 pads connections (tatyanka privetik) and other wires directly to pins.


You must select XC2336A-72 in Xprog, is the same , only flash1 changes the size.


How to use Xproge 5.70 to read W211 EZS

This is the W211 EZS

3k91d mc68hc912dg128a



Using Xprog 5.70 programmer for it



And this is the pinout ezs w211 with xprog-box v5.70

Red= vcc

black = GND

purpel = bkgd

yellow = reset

and coaxial