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VVDI MB programs W221 remote NEC key v51

Look here: managed to program NEC key v52 from W221 using VVDI MB TOOL


How-to’s with images:



Key file: v51


Writing data


Load key file


Read and write key

Mode: IR

Type: NEC key (original)

Identification key






Read data successfully

Mode: NEC adapter

Type: v03, c06, c08 keyless go

Identification key


Prepare key file




Write data successfully

Mode: OBD

Chassis: w221

Read EIS data


You’ve better write VIN before writing EIS data




Write VIN successfully

Write EIS data



Read EIS data


Read EIS data successfully

EIS is normal

NOT activated


Load original EIS data



Save EIS data


Write VIN




Read EIS data




VVDI MB TOOL Tech Support from





VVDI MB Tool Programs A New Key to W211 2009

About: VVDI MB adds a key to ’09 W211


Purpose: Add a key

Mercedes: 2009 E350, W211

Xhorse tool: VVDI MB app


Problem: Just trying to add a key. When I auto detect it asked if I wanted to read password via IR. I said ok, plugged the IR adapter in and during the process my VVDI MB app was removed from my computer not sure how since antivirus stuff is all off. I’m in the process of reinstalling now.



FAQs – Solutions:


Q: Do I need to remove EIS to make a spare for this vehicle?

A: No need remove anything


Q: Do I need remove windows defender

A: You need to uninstall it


Q: I disabled it, uninstall completely?

A: Yeah uninstall it …..disable not enough

just temporaly

first god rule for key programmers ….no antivirus or firewalls


Q: Got error: current EIS doesn’t support reading password via IR



A: you will never get a key pass by ir oon those

key pass by ir its cars from 2001 to 2004 tops

do it by server calculation


Q: I saved eis data, now im on to data acquisition. the message down bottom confused me, saying cant read pw

A: Mate you are making it too complicated …

do server calculation…make sure you select right ezs and make sure that elv unlocks when vvdi ask you if iots lock or unlocked

server calculation you will get key pass for sure, if you have one token


Q: Is elv unlock? is the elv the steering lock?

A: Yes. mate no offense …but at least you gotta read the manual first otherwise you will get in trouble soon. Download VVDI MB Tool manual though





VVDI MB Tool exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS

 Vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 update info about W204 esl:

Exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized)


Note: vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 download


For users with the vvdi mb bga tool:

As for w204 Faulty ESL unlock and renew all works fine + when rematching to EIS there is no need to Get Erase Pass or Renew EIS any more since the latest update (v2.1.6),just get Key Pass and paste it to the EIS dump close go to ESL use Load Vvdi ESL Data + tick Auto Clear TP + Write all set to go.


detailed screen shot in the post below

Vvdi mb tool 2.1.6 update info about W204 esl