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How to get Volvo VIDA Subscription?

Volvo VIDA Dice 2015A from China does work as it claimed, but the dash aint working as it should, I believe the CEM is in lock mode, that means I need to purchase a Volvo subscription, but I faced the problem that I have tried, and the nearest Volvo dealership says it is cannot sell me a VIDA subscription without being an authorized repairer.


Then I was recommended to start from this website:



It worked great, the car is out of the garage now. The problem is when the windows and dash werent working, the software version was not the same in the CEM and IPC.

so, I just bought a new complete set of IPC and CEM. took me a long time to do this as customer was very stubborn.

But he is now enjoying his ride.




What are Features of Volvo Vida Dice

Primarily based in European, there are actually the most seasoned and certified professionals to repair your cars, who repair loads of cars per year. Their workshop is equipped with up-to-date tools e.g. Volvo Vida Dice, they're capable to provide professional service to you.

Take 1 of their most highly effective VOLVO diagnostic tools as an example, it supplies excellent functions for the vehicle repair. It supports general information and facts (amongst other issues, control modules, SRS, general safety) as well as service and maintenance. And it provides diagnostics on engine with mounting and equipment, electrical method, energy transmission, brakes and steering and so forth. it really is also compatible with particular autos, e.g., ambulances, police vehicles.

Certainly, if you would like to make a security trip, it is very advantage to produce a standard maintenance. In line with upkeep, you could come across hidden problems of the automobile, and solve them. It can help to stop accidents on the road. Additionally, it may assist to improve the functionality of the vehicle, as an example, enhance the engine performance, save oil waste. Fantastic repair with obd2 tools or in the workshop even assists to extend the service life of the lovely auto.