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Xentry PassThru - Questions and Answers

There are a lot of Xentry PassThru questions frequently asked and answers given by users and folks in Hope it helps.


All PassThru versions works as good and as same as SDconnect C4 units?

- for xentry, i check all diag files are identical with open shell.
- for das, it is not as complete as openshell with sd4. see note above.
passthru limited to obd2 vehicles only, pkw,transp, smart.
- passthru device can't be used with vediamo and dts monaco.



Could you explain this a little more: "install block check keys to daimler server"?

from old crack:


C:Program FilesMercedes-Benzxentryfusokoeclipseplugins
Rename File

now its other version number
also block starkey center
host file:




This is pass thru version is there a other version for diagnose for pass thru device???

so 1 dvd diagnose other dvd for programming?

only 1 dvd mate. Sdflash folder for programming is include in it.
the using of xentry passthru version is like the xentry open shell version only it is using passthru devices.



Xentry Internal Error (3.17)-3.175 "no access authorization code" after xentry diagnose while onlineCOPY C:ProgramDataLicDirlic_key_2.dat to the desktop, rename it to lic_key_2.x4711, and make this file READ ONLYMOVE it back into the directory C:ProgramDataLicDir. make sure the lic_key_2.dat file IS NOT read only while lic_key_2.x4711 file READ ONLY...



DAS license 0 day, how to do?

extract and copy this to dasbin:

DAS license 0 day error fix for passthru.rar


Xentry Passthru Model covered?

Pretty much all can vehicles. Works great with Xentry vehicles. So I would say Xentry Passthru is good for 2006 and up.

Passthru Models are only from EURO5 Vehicles (for Europe)




Tips and guides for DAS/Xentry users: How to use Xentry Passthru

Look here:

Newest DAS/Xentry: 07.2018

Look here:



How to use Xentry/DAS passthru j2534?

What is the AVDI recognized by Xentry? 

Xentry Passthru is different from from regular Xentry openshell. Xentry passthru does not use SDconnect toolkit. When you launch the program it will give you a dropdown where you can choose which J2534 device (can be found at you want to use.



How to use Xentry Passthru?

If you got the Xentry Passthru installed, there is a tool which will do the dirty work for you.

Normally it is not linked or doesnt have desktop shortcut but resides (at least in my installation)

C:Program Files (x86)Mercedes-BenzxentrybinSelectPTDevice

IF you have installed your passthru (would that be AVDI or anything else) with correct drivers, registry entries etc it will just present you with list of options and you select your VCI from dropdown list.

Heard good things about AVDI J2534 compatibility (real thing, don’t know about clones) so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Recently i have tried to use BOSCH KTS560 as passthru and it works perfectly okay.

For curiosity, i did also test the 20-euro MiniVCI that gets normally bundled with Toyota techstream packages. to my surprise it also works albeit slow and sometimes freezes the application. This one can be actually made to work even with old DAS like 2009, 2012….it’s just matter of proper settings in cal.ini and slave.ini


For DAS/Xentry users:

Old thread – but do not run the SetPassThruDAS.exe, as it was written for DAS/Xentry for Windows XP, and not Openshell or Xentry Passthru. All you need to do is install a fresh OS (Windows 7 Enterprise x86 or x64 SP1) ideally on a physical laptop, connect the AVDI device to the USB port and run the SetupInterface_yourserialnumber_PASSTHRU_xxxxxxx.exe and Next through the setup process. If you have a current version of the Passthru software, you will see a grayed out option for installing drivers for DAS that you cannot select, but do not be concerned about that. It will detect the AVDI, and install the appropriate J2534 dll files in the WindowsSystem32 directory. Then continue installing your Passthru software provided on the Blu-ray from Daimler. It will take a while to install, and once it verifies your hardware ID and installs your StartKey, launch Xentry Passthru from the icon it creates, and it will prompt you first thing as to what interface you want to use. You will see Abritus72 AVDI PT (your serial number here) in the drop down box. Select that device, and that is all their is to it. Xentry should automatically communicate with the vehicle.


2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod reset cluster using Das Xentry sdconnect c4

Purpose:do Gas tank mod reset cluster on my 2009 E350.

Tool option:MB SD Connect C4 with dell 6410 laptop(

Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than a dell630.



Here we go:

Found out how to reset cluster: See below part,  it’s towards the end of the post.

Gas Tank Mod (Gallons) ***Need Developer Mode***

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-01Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-011Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-03Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-04Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-05Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-06Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-07Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-08

After you hit F3 it will carry on the coding process (hit “F1” to go back)

so we can reset the ECU so coding can take effect.

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-09Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-010Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-11

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-12



So far I’m loving STAR. I am going to code the car this weekend for Bi-Xenons and then code the card to accept the OEM front LED city lights. I’m doing a e55 bi-xenon retro fit to replace the stock crappy h7 halogen e55 projectors.