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OBDSTAR Mileage Correction Test Reports Yes & No List (April - August, 2019)

Good news!OBDSTAR X300M price drops to 209eur with shipping free! And in June, OBDSTAR X300M has new updates including【V30.15】Increased Camry 2018 cluster calibration【V30.83】Great Wall Haval H6Great Wall Haval H8 cluster calibration.


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obdstar x300m

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OBDSTAR X300M can do for its price (reviews)

Credits to all DK forum posters' real test.


  1. OBDSTAR X300M
    Citroen Jumper 2014
    Read and show km ok
    Write new km ok.
    2 sec and job done!......


  1. 2016 GOLF - X300M 2min
    Had to remove battery from key activate ignition.


3.Obdstar 300 pro3. Peugeot Bipper 2009 1.4 hdi (BSI FIAT) choose Fiat Fiorino.

Show km OK

changed km - OK

All operation - 1min


  1. X300M
    Mazda 6 (2010) 
    Read and show km ok (have sulution read backup)
    Write new value ok
    1 min job.


  1. polo 2014-10 MQB 20seconds all ok


  1. Opel corsa d obd star dp 300
    km ok
    pin code ok

This dash in this car have protected eeprom.Work with this only in bench!!!...............

Impossible set this dash obd2 away!

it's Corsa E.


7 . BENZ W205 early 2015 - X300M/Blocker 10seconds All Good


  1. Scoda Superb 2017.
    Read and show km ok.
    Write new km ok. ......before (Read/safe backup data) and then set km.
    5 min and job done.


  1. Very good team jeep compass in 3 minutes.


  1. X300M
    Scoda Rapid 2016.
    Read km ok
    Write km ok.
    2 min and job done!.....


  1. Skoda Octavia VRS MQB 2015 done using X300m, no problems


  1. 1 X300M
    Porsche panamera 2011.
    Read km ok (with backup )
    Write new km ok.
    3 min and job done.


  1. Audi S3 (8V) 2015 MQB done no problem in a few minutes


  1. 2010 Audi S4 (B8) done with X300m in 20 minutes, used Q5 2008-2012 from the menu


  1. success using X300m on a mk7 ford transit (2011), work well with green dash.


  1. Range Rover Sport 2017- (full LCD)... X300 DP and X300 DP Plus works


  1. Ford ranger 2010 with obdstar x100 pro, same as Mazda BT50 2010 -works 100%.


  1. 6/2015 Subaru Outback - Success 25sec
    11/2015 Subaru Outback - Success 35sec
    2012 Fiat Ducato - Success - 43 sec


  1. done a 2015 Kuga with x300m


  1. 2010 VW Transporter dash via obd 2 is possible with X300M.


  1. 2008 Citroen C5, Obdstar supports color dashboard and Ambiente dashboard


  1. X300M can make Ford kuga 2011 with mc9s12xh256 read and writw km direct obd .


  1. Peugeot 508 year 2011 dash eeprom seems ok but Continental bsi failed....


  1. done a 2010 VW Transporter Dsg NEC 24c32with x300m - read -save -write safely


  1. Obdstar H110
    VW Passat CC 2012 lcd color.
    Read/write eep ok.
    Read/write km ok.


  1. 2012 Chevrolet Trailblazer will X300M or X100Pro work on this dash via obd.

it worked up to mid 2016 year



  1. I have obdstar key master DP it work good in :
    ford fiesta 2016 dash
    ford focus 2014 dash
    308 Peugeot bsi and dash
    Mercedes W211 dash


  1. Mercedes 2013y. W212. Ok. only dash without can filter.


OBDSTAR Mileage Correction Failure and How to Do?

  1. X300m can't do 2017 Audi Q5.


  1. tried jeep renegade 2019. communication breakdown. support can not help

Need: FCA 12 +8 adapter.

FCA Connector-01 obdFemale-02 FCA Schematic-03


  1. 2015 XF Jag - no communication x300m
    Super DSP3 - 2 min


  1. Land Rover Full LCD ...OK...
    Grand Cherokee 2015 ...OKGMC Denali not OK, Read the correct mileage, Asking of internet connection, input new Value Mileage and hours, displayed Adjusment complete, but the old mileage still displayed, ending on opening BCM and adjust by UPA.

The reply from obdstar is: GMC Denali 2018 2019 is not supported yet.

Cherokee-04 Cherokee1-05 Cherokee1-05


  1. tried X300M on the transit 95320 via obd messed up dash showing 999999km ...

Finally, desolder 95320 chip read and send dump will fix.


  1. Fiat 500X TFT 2019 failed.






2012 Discovery 4 OBD km change with OBDSTAR X300M

Topic: 2012 Discovery 4 OBD km change


The car: 2012 Land Rover Discovery 4


The original km: 153503


The final km: 149999


The odometer correction tool:



The odometer correction process:

select the function in X300M:

vehicles - cluster calibrate


obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-3 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-4

select the sw and vehicle:

sw: land rover 30.73


obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-5 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-6 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-7

vehicle: discovery 4


Obdstar starts to do change mileages



km range: 0-700000

generally maximum error does not exceed 206km


Pls input the mileage for adjustment

obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-11 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-12 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-13

km will be changed to 150000

obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-14 obdstar-x300m-discovery-odometer-correction-18

The result: odometer correction success!


The new km is displayed on the dashboard


Peugeot Citroen BSI mileage correction digimaster iii obdstar X300M OK

Q: which tool can do mileage correction on BSI? Tacho Pro OK or not?
A: sorry sir, for BSI odometer correction, recommends you to use digimasterIII or obdstar x300m or obdstar x300 dp plus.

Here you go:

Images mean a lot:

  1. Yanhua digimaster 3 is confirmed to correct odometer for Peugeot Citroen BSI by working together with OBP adapter because all BSI are 8feet IC.


yanhua-d3-bsi-01 yanhua-d3-bsi-02 yanhua-d3-bsi-03 yanhua-d3-bsi-04 yanhua-d3-bsi-05

  1. Confirmed: obdstar X300M and OBDSTAR DP Plus are ok for Peugeot Citroen BSI odometer correction. They have the same menu for BSI.

JC BSI2004-H0X









JC BSI2004-H0X






[caption id="attachment_20973" align="alignnone" width="450"]x300m-bsi-06 Images: obdstar X300M menu for BSI odometer correction[/caption][caption id="attachment_20974" align="alignnone" width="450"]x300m-bsi-06 Images: obdstar X300M menu for BSI odometer correction[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_20971" align="alignnone" width="600"]obdstar-dp-plus-bsi-07 Images: OBDSTAR DP Plus menu for BSI odometer correction[/caption][caption id="attachment_20972" align="alignnone" width="600"]obdstar-dp-plus-bsi-08 Images: OBDSTAR DP Plus menu for BSI odometer correction[/caption]

Operation guide: OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS change mileage on Peugeot BSI 2004 HO5

And Youtube video: