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Diagnose Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci with Consult III or Multidiag Actia J2534?

Car model and year: Nissan 2007 x-trail 2.0 dci



I especially try to diagnose effectively, clear the defects, possibly handle this damn Fap ....

I am looking for a tool do, for example, resets after "organ" change like egr valves on Nissan. Is it able to perform tests?


Tool to consider:

Multidiag Actia J2534

Consult III could see on €118 and €225

Advice: if you just want to make an xtrail take the consult III.


Comes one question: on this site, we find two interfaces consult one at €118 and the other $225 without I can distinguish the differences in features. Is there a big difference between the two?



yes it will be much more effective on Nissan than a multi-brand!

already between the one at €118 and €225 there is a difference is that the most expensive has Bluetooth and not the other. the most expensive comes with a suitcase the other is a carton, after there may be the quality of the components used which is different!

but otherwise the 2 will do the same thing except that the $118 has to be connected to the pc by a USB cord

So, you are supposed to go to one of these two interfaces Nissan consult III.





Free download: Nissan Consult 3 (Plus) v81 v75 v73 v72 v65 software

Free download Consult 3 (Plus) v81 v75 v73 v72 v65 software + license + immo NATS (GEN) for Nissan diagnostics, reprogramming and key programming.


consult3+ v71 full pack +ECUblank +ecu conf.+manualOPM!LZURVSaA!Cdc07obdoqoXIpgLh0Upsq0zqVbcYF...


Consult 3 license!nMNRXA4C!X83irpCpbhAtXFCE0TPnuzLijOp6pZ...


Consult 3 immo solution – immobilizer unlock (Unknown security)!OdFmURCA!tyv-3tXTt-3csrTvvaiK6CisnC1qLV...


Consult 3 plus Nissan immo solution (tested!)


Consult 3 plus GTR immo solution (tested!)


Consult 3 reprogramming solution (tested!)


Nissan NATS GEN!XA0yiCjI!Gs8XvD3ScXSbY1LOWots5iC4B3UukY...


Consult 3 v72 (Unknown security)!QRoFjJbT!XzdDluU9ZseXYhJEDafbWP8L-4CVdL...

Consult 3 v72.60 (Unknown security)!IU5hUZxb!gVUVuxHJQ5l6rCSwp9uZH2gt58eeoJ...

Consult 3 v73.20 (Unknown security)!lRYXzY7Y!nzvohE6OAFBdVzbLfK_JvAWGLx5Eln...

Consult 3 plus v65 (100% tested!)!SNoHnDza!3SyKYvVyKkp218uj2ht40q0lI50ttE...


Nissan Consult 3 Plus V71.11.00+Update 71.20.00 (No pass; unknown security)!24QiyTrL!nUD0I72KrCxVuQHxFpnnJrojayWKx2...


Consult 3 plus v75 (100% tested!)!WYYmiQ6J!QDCblZBomUBfEkTUEHd9ZCHWzV0cUK...

Conslut 3 plus v81.10 (Unknown security)!xAxiBYgZ!mnw79KLg-mriA2YoESoz1ZQWeeSuf9...

Consult 3 v81.11 v81.40 v81.50 (Unknown security)!dZ4gmajQ!977arAOoZrIlic575puaDqyidwil-N...  

Source: (Many many many thanks to gpdriver)

Ps. Any password required, pls go


Consult 3 images:




Nissan Consult 4/Consult 3 Plus Software download for NEW & OLD Nissan

Tips and guides: How to do new & old Nissan diagnostic, key adding and ECU programming


For new Nissan (2010-2017):

Consult 3 PLUS running software v65.12


For old Nissan (-2010):

Consult 3 or Consult 4 running software v09.21


Nissan Consult 3 PLUS software download free:


Nissan Consult 4 software free download:


FYI, here we’re talking about China clone interface for Nissan diagnostic and programming.


Consult 3, Consult 3 PLUS, Consult 4 share the same functions and features. All are confirmed to work perfectly in OBD2 diagnosis, key programming (when all keys are lost) and ECU programming.


They only differ in software versions and model year supported. The difference can be found at the beginning.


Nissan Consult 3 supports Bluetooth connection though. You’re not advised to connect to the Consult 3 clone via Bluetooth because Bluetooth can not work well actually.