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Multi-language Diagnostic tool ---WAS multi diag truck

The most recent edition of WAS MULTI-DI@G TRCUK major obligation truck diagnostic scanner resource which happens to be specialized to design and style to the diagnosis of diesel motor electronic handle solutions.

This car Diagnostic Tools the advanced modular pattern technology which is certainly capable of diagnosing and learning a variety of domestic, European, United States, Japanese and South Korean gasoline, diesel power system quickly and easily and is the most comprehensive testing system and testing models automotive fault diagnostic computer of world.

The multi diag truck provides multi-language platform to meet different customer demands. Products with integrated structural model, to achieve 12V, 24V power supply automotive changeover. Single-track working mode and super large touch screen operation, exquisite look and so on, these special designs make you feel cozy and freely. I am sure it will satisfy for you. You can try to use it.