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Audi A3 Error Code Clear with MAXIIM IM608/Auro IM600

Confirmed!Auro IM600 or Autel Maxiim IM608 Can clear  Audi A3 error code via OBD, with one-key clear, Only takes 2 minutes

Here is the step-by-step guide of Audi A3 Car Error Code Removal with MAXIIM IM608/Auro IM600

First, connect Autel IM608 to the vehicle, enter menu select Diagnostic  function then select “AUDI


Accept their disclaimer, then diagnostic program loading, wait a moment ...

Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-1 Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-1

Automatic selection: Device can read automatic VIN number by
OBD after that device will select the car's system.
Manual selection: If u know car mark, Model and years information u can use this option
System selection: If u know car system, u can select directly car system than
you can read all DTC code
Note: The first automatic selection should be preferred.

Here select "Automatic selection" to read VIN

Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-5 Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-6

Read the vehicle info:

Vehicle type: Audi A3 2013>

Vehicle yeas:2015(F)

Then press "YES" to continue

Note: Sometimes it may be necessary to choose according to the vehicle feature.
Select"Saloon, 4-door"

Select"CLHA 1.61 TDI/77KW"


Note:The initial word of the vehicle engine number, the other parts is motor
indicates information.

Diagnosis -automatic selection by can see the all error codes with scan



Select"Auto scan"

then communication status..Wait a moment

Error and Number Errors as below:


After the code is read out, press "Quick eraser" to clear,only 1 minute


after the code error clean,press"ESC" to exit and back to the diagnotic menu interface

Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-14 Audi-A3-Car-Error-Code-Removal-with-IM608-16
Done! Audi A3 2015(F) Error Code clear via IM608/IM600 is OK!