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Why choose Launch X431 IV for technicians?

Auto technician or mechanic work is usually dealing with plenty of complex electronic computers, specific parts, replacement of on or more parts as assemblies. With the massive work, they need to have useful obd2 tools for assist them finding the reasons causing the problem, the parts issues and the method to repair them.
Apart from repairs, basic vehicle maintenance is a fundamental job for a technician nowadays. While maintenance is aiming at regular maintenance, repairs should be done accurately and quickly. Therefore, it is pretty important to have an obd2 tool like Launch X431 IV for technicians.
Why Launch X-431 IV is an excellent Automotive Diagnostic system for giving hand to technicians in diagnosing. The reason is the great features and powerful functions of Launch X431 IV, including compact smart box, main unit, printer, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, and universal 16PIN connectors and so on. All its great functions and features make it the first choice for technicians.