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4GB or 16MB SD card image for Ktag 7.020?

This test report from kitnoos2002 about there are problems in the 16MB image version and which SD card image you should have for Ktag firmware 7.020.



In detail...

4GB SD image OK


08/01/2018 with size 3,76 Go (4 041 211 904 octets)

CRC32 : 11F61C9D

16MB SD image NOT OK


25/01/2018 with size 15,2 Mo (16 000 000 octets)

CRC32 : 8D607675

Example : Euro SD image __VS__ svvag2000 16MB SD image


EURO 4GB SD image:

EURO 4GB SD image:


16MB SD image;

16MB SD image;



(Tested on Samsung Evo with CID 035344535330344780399b1368010300)

So I advise you not to use the 16MB image because there are bugs in it.

Use the 4GB version instead, or use the Euro version.

Edit to update:

I generated another SD card image with an easier CID, based on the 4GB SD card image.

1) You just need to change your SD card CID to : 123456789ABCDEF123456789ABCDEF00

(For Samsung evo SD card : With "evoplus_cid" or "mmc32" under Linux or Android, with super user privileges).

(For China SD card : With the specific Chinese software).

2) Write this SD card image to your SD card with "ImageUSB" or "Win32 Disk Imager"

4GB SDcard 7.020 for CID 123456789ABCDEF123456789ABCDEF00:!Gptm1QRK!LkjMo_RBcPzDbr-2zUCz9vFlhb59mP...





Ktag firmware 7.020 read Toyota 76FXXX ECU

K-tag firmware 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 car list adds NBD 76F00XX Toyota ECU support.

This is v2.23 ktag fw 7.020 reading Toyota 76F00XX



ktag v7.020 price: 349-389

ktag-fw-7.020-new-ecu-38 ktag-fw-7.020-new-ecu-39 ktag-fw-7.020-new-ecu-40

Ktag fw 7.020 car list:


Ktag 7.020 green PCB:


Ktag v7.020 blue PCB:


Ktag firmware 7.020 version 1 or version 2:


ktag firmware 7.020 test report & car list:


Ktag fw 7.020 reviews: