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Video Feedback:Kess V2 5.017

Finally received my package – Kess V2 firmware 5.017. I bought 15 units for my shop.







Today, i tested one

Made a Youtube video :) maybe it helps




Another place the people have had good luck with as well.



Kess V2 5.017 Review: BMW Siemens MSV80 Good

Fast delivery. Received Kess V2 firmware 5.017 and tested on 2007 BMW 323i with ECUsiemens msv80. satisfied!


Kess 5.017 i have

kess-5.017-bmw-review-1 kess-5.017-bmw-review-2 kess-5.017-bmw-review-3 kess-5.017-bmw-review-5 kess-5.017-bmw-review-6 kess-5.017-bmw-review-7 kess-5.017-bmw-review-8 kess-5.017-bmw-review-9 kess-5.017-bmw-review-10 kess-5.017-bmw-review-11 kess-5.017-bmw-review-4


Kess v2 5.017 on a 2007 BMW 323i 2500 24v N52B25, ECU: siemens msv80. good


kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(1) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(2)



kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(4) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(5) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(6) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(7) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(8) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(9) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(10) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(11) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(12) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(13) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(14) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(15) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(17) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(18 kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(16) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(19)

kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(20) kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(21)kess-5.017-read-write-bmw-msv80-(22

Kess 5.017 Ksuite 2.23 works no issues on 2007 BMW 323i. read & write ok.



Kess V2 5.017 No Wake Up Error

Usually, you have Wake Up Error with old Kess V2, esp. Kess firmware 3.099. But now, new kess v2 programmers hardly ever pop up “Wake Up Error” when reading kess software number.


Kess v2 without Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 5.017 (so far, no)


Kess with Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 4.036 (sometimes)

Kess with Wake Up Error:



Here is an awesome write-up of “Wake Up Error” solutions:


- Here are the files for Kess SD or TF card. Just reformat your card and copy the files onto it.



- Sometimes wake up error doesn't mean your tool has problem, i use Kess original. when the ECU was tuned and locked. it will show wake up error too ...

Please be specific what car, ECU you working with. its difficult to tell whats wrong here ...



- Maybe conflict in drivers if you have other tools on your pc, try to remove other drivers,and reinstall only kess drivers, have work for me one time



- Firstly try installing genuine software 2.20 will be fine, once installed then un-install it! Use your software (no point going past 2.08/2.11) if it still gives wake error try removing battery in vehicle for 30 mins and try again, or in 'tools' slow the read speed down to minimum! if still no joy just take it out and do it on the bench!



* all above are customer solutions (credits to all contributors); no one but yourself should hold responsibility of what you’ll try.


* if all solutions don’t work for you, please go to (credits to professionals working for