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Buick 2008 GL8 Firstland Service Programming System (SPS) with J2534 Vxdiag

Confirmed: J2534 Vxdiag Nano can perform online Service Programming System (SPS) on many GM /Opel car models, like Buick 2008 Passenger car GL8 Firstland (C) 3.0L V6 LZC. This article is available with the whole procedure.


Car info:

Buick 2008

Passenger car

GL8 Firstland

(C) 3.0L V6 LZC



ECM: Engine Control Module - Programming (Pass -Thru Only)

TCM: Transmission Control Module

PSDM: Power Sliding Door Module - Programming

CCP: Climate Control Panel - programming


Purpose: Reprogram (Normal not VCI)



J2534 Vxdiag Interface

Login ACDelco for subscription of Service Programming System (SPS)




Login ACDelco TDS.

Click on "Service and Programming Information".

Choose " Service Programming Only" and click on "Access your subscription".



Click on "OK".



Click on "Service Programming System (SPS)".



Click on "Start SPS" and it will automatically launch Java 6.



Skip software installation of Tech2 J2534 Driver.



Select "J2534 VXDIAG" - "Reprogram ECU", then "Next".

NOTE :As for reprogramming with J2534 MDI or with Tech2, the procedure is the same.



Read messages "Connect J2534 device to vehicle and PC".


Select Buick car info.

Confirm car VIN.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-9 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-10


Select " ECM: Engine Control Module - Programming (Pass -Thru Only)", then "Normal".

Configuration succeed.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-11 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-12


Click on "Next" and then "OK" to reprogram with the same calibration.



Transfer data.

1). Download from server

2). Load to ECU.

It may take a long time to finish, please ensure the computer not sleep.

3). Programming complete.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-14 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-15


Click on "New", then "Next", select " TCM: Transmission Control Module", then "Normal".

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-16 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-17 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-18 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-19

Read the reprogramming instruction.



Download from the server completed.

Reprogramming completed with J2534 Vxdiag.

j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-21 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-22 j2534-vxdiag-reprogram-buick-2008-23




GM Tech2 make the driving more secure

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Now, the majority of the auto diagnostic equipment within our marketplace presently are all depending on the OBD program and standard. Given that the OBD is the most conventional and efficiency regular and strategy for your car diagnostic equipment, obd2 tool can provide us a fast and exact prognosis info.Applying people applications for yourself vehicle, you certainly will know the value belonging to the car diagnostic resources.

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GM Tech2 for Suzuki

Two or three buddies are beneficial basketball partners, Tom and Jerry. They both of those really enjoy basketball, Suzuki and obd2 tools for repair service and upkeep. Tom mentioned he take pleasure in basketball as a result of he looked soccer gamers often appearance dirty with sand or mud. Jerry is fond of basketball, for he loves to be with colleagues.

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Often, whenever they have enough time, they'll drive their Suzuki swifts for your leisure time throughout. At present, Tom located a car diagnostic tool GM Tech2, and that is an extensive diagnostics for Suzuki. I believe they're going to share far more and even more elements jointly with one another, basketball, auto or fresh important things.