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How to use CR508 Common Rail Pressure Tester

CR508 Common Rail Pressure Tester and Simulator not only can test rail pressure functions, but works good at its simulation functions is very useful to simulate oil pressure of high pressure fuel line,conveniently find and search problems on fuel line, fuel pump or sensor etc..


CR508 Common Rail Pressure Tester and Simulator


1 common rail pressure measurement

when the vehicle fuel way is abnormal, please be sure to stop the car and pull the hand brake. the key should be turn off. CR508 simulation measurement switch is moved to automatic measuring gear. car common rail pressure sensor is searched. Bosch rail pressure sensor location is shown in the box of the following figure:

CR508-Common-Rail-Pressure-Tester (1)


rail pressure sensor joint on common rail sensor is removed. corresponding male joints of CR508 (Bosch joint for Bosch sensor, Denso joint for Denso sensor, and Delphi joint for Delphi sensor) are inserted in the sensors as below:

CR508-Common-Rail-Pressure-Tester (2)


corresponding female joints are inserted to joins connected with ECU, which are removed from the sensor. Generally speaking, measurement joints of CR508 are connected in series between original car rail pressure sensor and connector. when the joint is assembled or disassembled, pin direction should be positioned; otherwise, the sensor or plug can be damaged. the dashed line represents connection mode as shown in the following figure;

CR508-Common-Rail-Pressure-Tester (3)

the CR508 power cord is connected to the car battery. the key switch is moved to the ON position for starting the car. then CR508 will automatically boot for measuring common rail pressure. measurement results can be displayed. users can check problems in the fuel way according to measurement results.


Here is the display interface of CR508 Common Rail Pressure Tester



the following failures happen because of abnormal rail pressure:

1) it’s difficult to start engine or the engine cannot be started

2) the engine power is insufficient

3) the engine suffers from climbing weakness

4) the engine power is unstable and fluctuates



2 simulation of common rail pressure

first, CR508 measurement and simulation switch is moved to sensor gear that should be stimulated. there are three gears for selection, namely simulation of Bosch rail pressure sensor, simulation of Denso rail pressure sensor, simulation of Delphi rail pressure sensor. after selecting the corresponding gear, the joint of CR508 corresponding sensor is connected to the car or test platform that should be stimulated. CR508 is electrified.

then correctly stimulated sensor is displayed on the sensor type of the display screen. the stimulated rail pressure is displayed on the measurement results. the rail pressure simulation regulator is rotated for adjusting simulated rail pressure and realizing change of rail pressure