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What is the reason to take different smoke

One particular day, my colleague and that i had been search for obd2 tools for my auto from kingdom, we have see the black smoke from her cars’ when her brother had been driving. Suddenty, i asked her brother, what is the reason to get the black smoke, white smoke,blue smoke in the automotive?

Her brother explained to me, Note the engine exhaust combination is simply too thick black smoke primary to incomplete combustion. Once the air filter far too filthy, bad spark plugs, ignition coil failure, etcetera., it can lead to the motor black smoke.And white fume exhaust pipe injector harmful be aware or fall of oil for making section of the gasoline fails to burn off; gasoline in water; cylinder head and cylinder liner have invisible cracks within the cylinder head gasket harm to drinking water; device temperature is too lower. Could very well be settled by the following approaches: clear or swap gasoline injector, adjustment of fuel injection strain; get rid of the tank and also the oil line inside of the h2o; will not pay for low priced low-quality oil; alternative cylinder head gasket, cylinder cover, cylinder head. Also,renault diagnostic tool also more often than not can be used towards instrument,you can examine the explanation with them.

When the oil ran into the combustion chamber on the open house and oil entering the combustion chamber to take part in combustion,with the gap will just take blue smoke .Utilizing the Car Diagnostic Tools take a look at explanation will save you alot more time.