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Digiprog3/Xprog/Carprog read&write Audi A4 eeprom HC12 mileage

Topic :how to use Digiprog3/Xprog/Carprog read&write Audi A4 eeprom HC12 mileage

Here you are:


copy the immo information from a cluster to another

make the mileage follow with the immo information



Audi a4 2001


Optional devices:

Digiprog3, or ecu programmers like Xprog, Carprog, UPA-USB programmer


Original cluster:

The Jaeger cluster barely works

audi-a4-2001-cluster audi-a4-2001-cluster-1 audi-a4-2001-cluster-2


read the pin code from both the Instrument and adapt it to the vehicle


What to do on pin 21 and 22 on the chip:


- With ECU programmers:

Eprom.set type,mcu,hc12,read,save.

eprom,set type,mcu,hc12,file,load,write.

Buy yourself Xprog-M programmer, Carprog, UPA-USB.

Pin 21 and 22 jumper after programming or wait 10 minutes.


- with Digiprog3:


Eprom,set type,mcu,hc12,read,save.

eprom,set type,mcu,hc12,file,load,write.



Eeprom HC12 read and write to the other counter:



(Write down the exact ALWAYS old / incorrect Mileage)

The diagnostic port is in the driver's footwell. Turn the ignition

on a vehicle. Connect plug ST16 the diagnostic port and the



Select the program: cars / trucks - AUDI - MM 4 / 99- DIAG.

The DIGI PROG II shows you the old / incorrect Mileage.

Enter the new / correct Mileage and confirm this.

Should be then after programming on the speedometer 999999 KM give

The old / wrong KM value again so that the speedometer again the old /

false indicates KM. Now you build the speedometer and break it to the

see board. Solder the green and black wire to the same color marked

Arrows at. Now connect the blue and the green plug with

the speedometer and plug ST41 with the DIGI PROG (picture on the following page.)

Now select the program: cars / trucks - AUDI - MM 4/99 HC12.

The DIGI PROG shows you the old / incorrect Mileage. Enter the

new / correct Mileage and confirm this with the hook.

Now shows you the DigiProg II 5 min wait. Remove the connection

between the DigiProg and the speedometer, wait 5 minutes and build the speedometer

again. Alternatively, for 5 min. Wait, you can also like in the image on the

next page shows the pins 21 and 22 bridges.


Here necessarily the board from any power supply (Digiprog,

external power supply, etc.), Pin 21 + 22 bridge, and then you can use the tachometer

Immediately reinstall.


OBDexpress disclaimer:


Thanks for all tech support from members’ share at

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