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How to use Xprog 5.84, 5.74, 5.70 read Freescale MC68HC908GR16(0M76Z)

To read Freescale MC68HC908GR16(0M76Z) can be easily done by using any of Xprog 5.84Xprog 5.74,Xprog 5.70 etc.

Open Xprog software (5.70, 5.74, 5.84) , click on "Read Security Bytes".

You can see the indicator flashes during the process.

xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-01 xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-02 xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-03


No need to enter any "Security Bytes Name", just click on "OK".



Click on "Options", then "Environment".



Select "Device", then "Manual" and then input "C3F4C412C413C414", then "OK".



Click on "Read".

Brand: Freescale.

Type: MCU

Device: MC68HC908GR16(0M76Z)

Security bytes: C3G4C412C413C414 - ok

xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-07 xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-08 xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-09 xprog-5-84-read-freescale-mc68hc908gr16-0m76z-010






VVDI-Prog PSA ME 7.4.5 Pinout ST10F275

VVDI Prog is confirmed to work with PSA ECU ME 7.4.5.

Here is the pin out Pinout:


Citroen, Peugeot ECU with ST10F275

Worked with VVDI Prog 4.7.6, cable V2, V3 no problem

Not necessary to modify v2 to v3

Just open and rework all solder joints when receive any tool

Use tin wire 63/37, V2, V3 reworked


How to update Kess v3.099 to Kess v5.028

Kess v2 version 3.099 to 5.028 update tutorial – This topic is for information and educational purpose only.

(Big thanks to kitnoos2002 )


Pics from Russian KESS 5.028.

Kess V2 5.028 Adds 53 New Protocols + Updated 257 Protocols


Kess 5.028 from 16pin.
I reworked the SD card on a genuine Sandisk Ultra.





Here are high resolution pictures from 16pin KESS 5.028

For now I only changed the SD card.


PCB is good.

I have already changed SD card with a Sandisk.
I will change some transistors PD with A6C.
I will change all China capacitors with Panasonic capacitors.
I think buzzer is useless but I have a spare buzzer muRata here.


Kess 5.028 PCB naked VS reworked : 


Examples of genuine parts VS Kess clone parts : 


I advise to rework it like all China Kess.
For now it work well with all protocols tested, like Kess v2 5.017.
I have not tested Virtual Read.

Some people have suddenly had their SD card corrupted, so I would recommend to make a backup of the original SD card before using the Kess.

You can make a backup with the software “ImageUSB”

If at insertion the computer ask to format the SD card, don’t format it !!!


Note that, 16pin just updates Chinese Kess v3.099 to v5.028 but they are not reworked.



I continue to make my interface more reliable with Ksuite 2.47 that I modded to start with Kess v25.028 (or Kess v2 5.017).
Works perfectly and without USB dongle.

The benefits are many checksums and bugs corrected.


5.028 + Ksuite 2.34 don’t support unlock PCR 2.1 through OBD
But 5.028 + Ksuite 2.47 maybe support unlock PCR 2.1 through OBD

(I have not personally tested unlock PCR 2.1 through OBD).


4.036 good china clone is confirmed to be able to to unlock PCR 2.1
5.017 + Ksuite 2.47 should have good luck with PCR 2.1 unlock


Kess v2 unlocks PCR 2.1 details:


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