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Tacho PRO 2008 Mileage Correction For BMW 3series E90 E91

BMW 3series E90 E91 change mileage with Tacho PRO 2008 only three steps, here you are:

Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw 3 E90 E91 1

Use the board M35080 and clip smd8

Adjustment is done in 3 steps:

1. eeprom in instrument

2. CAS programming with BMW CAS connector

3. ErrorScan

Remove the instrument and open it

Look for the 8-pin chip M35080

( remove this chip)

connect the clip with port M35080.

Connect the clip to the chip M35080 (red to pin 1).

Select in theTacho Universal BMW -> 3er/X3->E90/91 ->M35080 clip

TheTacho Universal showns you the original km.

Save the data!!!

Go back to the menue BMW ->3er/X3-> E90/91-> 35080-0 (erase) and wait until

Tacho Universal displays „OK“

Select BMW -> 3er/X3-> E90/91 M35080 clip

Load the original data you saved before and write it completely to the chip

Error message „data not equal“ can be ignored

Select BMW -> 3er/X3-> E90/91 M35080 clip and program the new km.

Do not install the instrument back yet! Before that, the CAS must be programmed to


Please follow the instructions carefully!!!

If the chip is 35080 V6 you must replace it by a new. This is new not

erasable generation.


Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw 3 E90 E91 2 Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw 3 E90 E91 3

2. CAS with the BMW CAS connector

Tacho Pro 2008 Bmw 3 E90 E91 4

Connect the cluster connector from car to port A. (Pin1 to red)


Before you pull a fuse,

remove the key and store it away from the car!

While programming, do not open or close any doors or touch any buttons!!!

Remove the small fuse. The fusebox is on the passengers side behind the

glovebox. See picture.

Important: the small fuse stays removed during the complete process.

Connect the Can Dongle with the BMW CAS cable and the cluster connector in the


Select BMW -> 3er/X3 > E90/91 -> Cas Prog

Follow exactly the instructions in Diga-Display, like „light on/off“

When it asks to „remove fuse“, the big fuse must be removed

i fit asks you to put it back, put back the big fuse

after programming is finished, put back the small fuse



Connect the connector shown to the OBD2

connector and select the menue „Errorscan“.

Wait until the main menues returns.

This can take about 5 minutes!




How to update headlights on 2014 C220 cdi w205?

My car is 2014 C220 cdi w205 and I live in Croatia but the car is from Germany. The answer I got is it is possible to update headlights. After upgrading successfully, the headlights will turn on slowly when I unlock my car like this.



To this



How to update headlights on C class W205, sedan?


Expensive method:

Just fyi those headlights go for about $1000 each...


Much cheaper method:

they do but can be had second hand much cheaper.

Also the dealer charges $1900 for light package so if you got your car for a good deal you can still come out ahead. I am pursuing an oem upgrade right now, and I can tell you it is not going to be difficult. It isnt plug and play, but it is fairly straight forward. If you have static LED it is even easier especially for USA version.

I havent 100% confirmed yet but due to USA headlight restrictions on the ILS system, the level sensors on front and rear may not even be needed. Just headlights, a few wires added to current connector, camera in windshield.

My car luckily came with windshield that had camera space built in. For some, they would need to change windshield to get auto brights feature. But they could still install ILS to get lights and look.


To install static LED headlights or ILS light? How to install?

the amount of work to upgrade is essentially the same. the only difference is front level sensor connection and camera in windshield. If you already have spot for camera in windshield then I would do ILS. if you don't have spot in windshield for camera then static is fine.


buy harness from here



install rear level sensors and wires.
change headlight switch
install static headlights.
code IC, front sam, headlights, ignition module and they should work.
a lot of connections are same as ILS, so if you have windshield I would recommend doing ILS if you are already putting in all this work.


Follow one question: If you wanted to upgrade from static LED to ILS, you would just need the ILS headlamps along with the motor modules, correct? And then just plug the headlamps in and have the dealership code in the ILS...

The answer is: it depends where you are located.

for USA model, I am currently researching, but from what I have found, I don't think US models use the level sensors. they just use the camera and other inputs from steering column. And their level is based on a prefixed setting that is user adjustable like many have mentioned in threads.

Essentially, you upgrade headlights and control modules on the head light. Run 1 extra sam wire per unit. Run extra power per unit and put in camera in windshield (may need new windhsield depending on car you have) and then code and you'd be done.


Another question: If you have halogen lights, is it possible to upgrade to LED?

it's possible.
just takes a lot more work than static led to ILS. All new wiring. and need to code.


You simply cannot upgrade to static or ILS lights without coding:

Headlights no longer just take 12v and ground to work.

The ils and static led have control modules in them (microprocessors computers etc), thus everything is operated by the peripheral can bus network. Once power is distributed through the bus (2 ground and 1 power connector for static and 2 gorund and 2 power for ILS), the control modules light the led lights. The halogen lights are simply old school and run by putting power to them. There are dc to dc converters built in and all is handled at the headlight depending on can signal and front sam inputs.

You simply cannot upgrade to static or ILS lights without coding. I use the term coding loosely because the code is already there in your ecu and modules. You just must enable and disable certain strings. sometimes minor writing is needed, but for this you are adjusting lines of code to enable them to do what you want. All you need is a Star diag system sdconnece c4 or ecom with vediamo to do it.


Google and you will research there are a lot of tools online for sale for reasonable prices.

For me, customer service is nice.


How to code?

the coding is something that a dealer can do.

but unless they can add to your vedoc to get code from Daimler, they must hard code through vediamo or dts monaco. they will most likely charge a pretty penny to do this. and keep in mind this is only if you install all the hardware. but if they cant get it in a reasonable amount of time or if you did something wrong, you will most likely get turned away and be out a lot of money.

if you are USA based, I have almost verified, that we do not use the level sensors for our headlights. so wiring is much easier. the kabel daviko harness is probably your best bet still but you will not need all the wires as he says.

I would buy a clone mb sdconnect c4 from and pay someone to code it. mhha auto has a lot of people on there and info. Once I do mine I'd be willing to help you out as well. but i haven't done it yet so not ready to commit. but i have laid the road map out and its not too bad. the halogen to any of the led is much more involved.


DTS Monaco & Vediamo "learn coding" guide:
DTS Monaco 8 Faq FULL SCAN June 2019
Vediamo Faq FULL SCAN June 2019
free to share and re-share
Learn how to code yourself!ox5CkQCD!i5eU15TPCxvZ1sTKKm8MTRT6XFYkGn...


DTS Monaco How To 2019.pdf (88.4MB, 210pages)

Vediamo How To 2019.pdf (27.9MB, 172pages)

The two manuals are the property of all forum users that kindly provided information in threads over the last 2 year and now kindly shared back to users who need a little hand to startup using this great tool.

Thanks to @ pmercury (





Benz W213 2018: How To Enable Engineering mode / Mirrorlink?

Car model and year: Benz W213 2018



Android Auto is totally unusable

google maps/waze are crap offline and they don't have any lane assist.



To enable Mirrorlink


What to do?

First the dealer must activate engineering mode using Xentry. Then Mirrorlink can be turned on from the engineering menu. Dealers are reluctant to enable engineering mode.


Then, how the dealer activates Mirrorlink?

Google and find this:

Purpose: Enable Mirrorlink from Engineering Mode on Mercedes E-Class w213 2017

(Credit to Geir Karsten Moen)

Mercedes W213 MirrorLink Activation


Attach some images below:

w213-2017-enable-engineering-mode-mirrorlink-01 w213-2017-enable-engineering-mode-mirrorlink-02 w213-2017-enable-engineering-mode-mirrorlink-03 w213-2017-enable-engineering-mode-mirrorlink-04 w213-2017-enable-engineering-mode-mirrorlink-05




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