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Free download XENTRY 12/2019 Torrent XDOS 19.12.5

The author searched the forums and sites looking for free source of XENTRY 12/2019 XDOS 19.12.5. Finally, hard work pays off.


Free source 1: XENTRY 12/2019 Torrent!cQYjRAob!c4C9T-38Y_i6rnCM8-4nehbL9L2dem...

No password

Not tested widely.


Free source 2: XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell & PassThrue & Kit & VCI Patcher Premium Edition 5.7


The contributor is @ Glintweb (member of

He offers paid Patcher 5.7 and his support, aiming to help the user to install Full XENTRY Diagnostics from Version 2015 to Last version (12/2019)

Tested working source of XENTRY 09/2019:

SSD version: 09/2019 Xentry DAS Software 256G

incl. HHT-WIN, Latest V8.14 DTS Monaco & Vediamo


HDD version: 09/2019 Xentry DAS Software 256G

With V8.14 DTS Monaco, HHT-WIN & Vediamo


Both are compatible with the best Benz diagnostic tools: MB SD C4 Plus & Benz ecom.


What is MB SD C4 Plus?

It is the best sdconnect C4 2019.

Look at this image which conclude all its unique features also its internal board:

Sdconnect C4 Plus 00


No tested working XENTRY 12/2019?

No, is testing, soon it will be okay and available.

Please wait several days.


Here attach 4 images of XENTRY 12/2019 software:

Xentry 2019 12 01

Xentry 2019 12 02 Xentry 2019 12 03Xentry 2019 12 04







Free download Renault Can Clip v191: Security + No Pass

Confirmed: Renault Can Clip 191 is tested working no problem by engineer.


Year / Release Date: 2019

OS: Windows 7, 10 x32

Language: Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Russian and other)

The program for the diagnosis of electronic systems of cars Renault, Dacia and Samsung. Working with scanner Renault CAN Clip (SP19-ASP19-CSP19-DSP259).

Renault Can Clip 189



Renault Can Clip 191 on Mega

Size: 2.70GB

Password: No need


Download Renault Can Clip Registration file:

Credits to one user of MHH forum.


Renault Can Clip V188:


Credits to MHH member.

Win7 8 10 Ok

Compatible with Renault CAN Clip (SP19-D) only


New ZOE and Captur II Ok

Renault Can Clip V188 0 3





How to Solve K-Suite Install error "Cannot open/create C:Ksuite247Ksuite.exe file"? engineer offer the solution to K-Suite Install error "Cannot open/create C:Ksuite247Ksuite.exe file".

K Suite Cannot Open 01

Possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Uninstall / Exit the antivirus software.


  1. The software was destroyed during the installation process. If so, please reinstall the software. We also uploaded the free software for you to download.


Ksuite 2.47 free download:!8QgwSboa!XLUqAJBt6ISsL4ijpdxZ68emHJa8EM...


Password: laura168


Active: No need


OS: XP, WIN7 32bit, Win8 (Win10 may have error)


Ksuite 2.47 win7 installation guide:



Better disable the network connection. 

Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

The above ksuite 2.47 software is tested working fine with all Kess V2 master 2.47 incl.

SE137-C1SE137-B, SE137-C2SE137-F, SE137-CSE137-B1SE137-C3

Kess V2 Master 2 47 02Kess V2 Master 2 47 03


Good luck.