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Nissan Consult 4/Consult 3 Plus Software download for NEW & OLD Nissan

Tips and guides: How to do new & old Nissan diagnostic, key adding and ECU programming


For new Nissan (2010-2017):

Consult 3 PLUS running software v65.12


For old Nissan (-2010):

Consult 3 or Consult 4 running software v09.21


Nissan Consult 3 PLUS software download free:


Nissan Consult 4 software free download:


FYI, here we’re talking about China clone interface for Nissan diagnostic and programming.


Consult 3, Consult 3 PLUS, Consult 4 share the same functions and features. All are confirmed to work perfectly in OBD2 diagnosis, key programming (when all keys are lost) and ECU programming.


They only differ in software versions and model year supported. The difference can be found at the beginning.


Nissan Consult 3 supports Bluetooth connection though. You’re not advised to connect to the Consult 3 clone via Bluetooth because Bluetooth can not work well actually.



(Solved) Nissan Consult 3 Plus NOT Connect to PC

This is for those with a Nissan consult 3 plus interface not connected to the PC.

Usually when users power it up, only the red power led comes on and nothing more.



attach a photo…and help on how to resolve this problem, from



Suggestion from experienced users:


1: close anti-virus program & disconnect internet connecton

Anti virus program oder firewall/auto protect activ

This software may disturb/block the vi- recognitoin routine of c3+.

in my case (using a passthru device) i disconnected the internet connection, deactivated the auto protect function and after starting c3+ again, the led became green….

I think to remember , you have to connect the original vi to the car and the laptop, both. Only connection to the laptop is not enough for c3+ to recognize the original vi.


2: check usb circuit on pcb and usb sockets on pc

If you have basic knowledge of checking the pcb and components internally, check the usb circuit etc. and have a try on another laptop to eliminate faulty usb sockets on pc


3: check wiressolder breaks, etc.

Use a multimeter and check for broken wires between obd plug and pcb , check for solder breaks on pcb where plugs and connections are soldered to, basic fault finding, check for pcb damage like scorch marks or discoloration and components for signs of stress or damage, use a high power magnifier.


4: check continuity

Then its a case of deeper fault finding using things like scope, function generator etc, check continuity with cable plugged into the interface in case one of the contacts is bad then follow connections as far as you can on pcb to check for breaks on the board.



(Solved) Nissan Consult 3 Plus reprogramming option was disabled (Gray)

Topic: Nissan Consult 3 Plus reprogramming option was disabled (Gray)


Trouble: I tried to reprogram the ABS module for a 2009 Nissan Murano but reprogramming option was disabled (Gray). any body knows how to activate it? I’m using Nissan Consult 3 plus from the site i confirm this tool can be used for reprogramming, but not know how to


Reply: you need to edit the file DiagnoticTool.ini to enable reprogramming and also IMMO. Or if you have money to waste buy the reprogramming card and the NATS card. Add the following line to the DiagnosticTool.ini file






also make sure system management access_mode is set to 1. That should give you full access. That's not to say that it will work if you do not have the correct calibration file in the reprogramming folder on the C drive.


good luck


Feedback: Thanks it worked