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Xtool PS201 handheld Heavy duty CAN OBDII CODE READER for DIYers

Xtool PS201 heavy duty code reader is special designed for heavy duty vehicles which is CAN or OBDII compliant made 1996-up, Xtool PS201 works with both gasoline and diesel engine, it is the first original handheld (LCD screen: 160*160) heavy duty scanner and therefore very suitable for both professional technicians and DIYers.

Xtool PS201 code reader outlook:
There is a Nylon bag and packed with one PS201 Main unit, one 6+9PIN Extension cable, one OBDII connector, one card reader, one user manual and one Standard carton BOX. This bag only weights 1.2KG, which is so easy to take.

xtool ps201 package.jpg
Xtool PS201 features that beat other similar truck scanners:
1. High Quality Material ABS, Comfortable & Durable
2. ARM Chip, High Speed
3. Cover the gasoline truck models with EOBD/CANBUS port made 1996-up, as well as the diesel truck models with OBDII port.
4. Handheld: working without connecting with computer, display test results on the screen.
5. Plug and Play: No need any setting, plug and play. The basic function is satisfactory to most technicians; it keeps away from oil stains
6. Who can use Xtool PS201, it is small and easy to use, therefore it suitable for professional technicians and DIYers/ beginners.
7. Software Updating Online at
8. Class 4 - Class 8 truck coverage featuring "Automatic Protocol Search".
9. HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN, Engine, Transmission/ABS coverage and more!
10. Only €208 + shipping cost, which is affordable.

Xtool PS201 reader compatible electronic control systems:
Engine, Transmission and ABS

XTOOL PS201 scanner function:
1) Live vehicle data:
- Engine speed
- Engine ECU temperature
- Percent acceleration pedal position
- Engine intercooler temperature
- Engine coolant temperature
- Battery volts
- Alternator volts
- Ambient air temperature
- Air inlet temperature

2) Diagnostic function
- Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
- Global OBD II - All 9 Modes.
- Fast Global OBD II Quick Test
Support multiple Global OBD II trouble code requests, generic codes (mode 3), pending codes (mode 7), enhanced codes, and GM DTC status.
* On-screen definitions of diagnostic trouble codes.
* Set measurement units in SAE English/Metric.

XTOOL PS201 truck scanner vehicle coverage and protocol in details:
* Passenger cars and commercial vehicles
* Tow trucks, recreational vehicles, cement trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, buses, step vans, municipal vehicles, refrigerated trucks, and conventional trucks
* Heavy-Duty Standard compliant construction, marine, agriculture, and other industrial diesel power plant configurations
Compatible protocol:
OBD II: ISO 14230, ISO15765, SAE J1850
HD OBD II: SAE J1939 CAN, SAE J1708/J587

Select [Diagnose] and press [ENTER] button, PS201 includes OBDII and HD OBD II.

On light duty vehicles, it is with an OBD 16Pin connector, select OBD II.
On medium duty vehicles, it is with an OBD 16Pin connector, select OBD II.
On heavy duty vehicles:
On vehicles with an OBD-16 pin connector, select between J1708/J1587 or J1939 protocol.
On vehicles with a 9 pin connector, select between J1708/J1587 or J1939 protocol.
On vehicles with a 6 pin connector, only support J1708/J1587 protocol.
On vehicles with an 8 pin connector, only support J1708/J1587 protocol.
On vehicles with an R-16 pin connector, only support J1939 protocol

For more details, please refer to user manual:

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OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter update to OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC adapter

OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC adapter is newly tested working fine and released at

OBDSTAR engineer successfully added 2 pieces of PIC adapters and one cable based on old OBDSTAR EEPROM adapter, the PIC adapter working with OBDstar X100 pro/ Chinese X-300PRO is designed to read write CPU data on a part of car computer, and EEPROM is to read out password from EEPROM chip and restore data.

OBDSTAR EEPROM PIC adapter-1.jpg
EEPROM: read out password from EEPROM chip and restore data.
PIC: read write CPU data on a part of car computer

This post content mainly includes 2 parts:
Part 1: about PIC adapter
Part 2: EEPROM adapter coverage

PIC adapter is currently tested working with FAW models (05-26-2016 update):
FAW Wei Chi V5 (PIC): initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil
FAW N5 (FREESCALE): initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil
FAW N7 (FREESCALE): initialize CPU data for immobilizer coil
More car manufactures are under development.

The reason to initialize immobilizer coil:
Currently the 4s staff would advice car owners to replace new immobilizer coil the match new keys if key lost, e.g FAW Wei Chi V5 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-52Q40) and FAW N5/N7 (Immobilizer coil model is 89783-TBA00), usually a immobilizer coil is charged $50-$85. If you have OBDSTAR PIC adapter, you will need no new immobilizer coil cost, how? OBDSTAR PIC adapter is able to initialize adapter and then directly match new key without replacing immobilizer coil. PIC adapter can initialize immobilizer coil for unlimited times.

Steps: PIC adapter +OBDstar X-300PRO initialize immo coil on FAW Wei Chi V5
FAW Wei Chi V5 key lost, firstly the immo coil is supposed to initialize, how to do please go on reading following parts:
1. Take part immobilizer coil from ignition , as you see the model is 89783-52Q40

immobilizer coil 89783-52Q40-2.jpg
2. Remove immobilizer coil and plug to the PIC adapter, two optional methods:
(1). direct connection way. Following 3 pictures clearly show how to do:



connect to pic-05.jpg
(2) Remove the chip and welding:
Remove the 14pin chip from immobilizer coil then weld to the NO.2 PIC adapter. (Weld to any one of following 4 welding point is ok).

3. Plug X100 Pro/X300 pro main unit to the adapter and No.2 PIC adapter, then give power supply. Press button to enter menu: Function – EEPROM adapter- PIC/ Freescale – FAW- Wei Chi V5.

4. initializing…, wait till it complete.

5. After complete initialization, take immo coil back to the car; start to make key, please do by following the procedure:
Number keys to match:2
A.Insert a new key into ignition lock to OFF position not ON position, then wait 5 seconds.
B.Insert the second new key into ignition lock to OFF position not turn ON position, then wait 5 seconds
C.Take out the second key from ignition lock. Insert one programmed key into the ignition, quickly turn on and off ignition for 5 times, you can see immo light turn off, done.

6. After done key programming, you need to synchronize engine and immobilizer. Please do as follows: connect X100 pro / X300 PRO to the vehicle, enter X100 pro / X300 pro IMMO remote – FAW Wei Chi V5 – Engine and immobilizer synchronization – type.

7. Complete Synchronization.

EEPROM adapter supported car models + function:
EEPROM adapter is able to read/write/save/restore data on these chips:


EEPROM adapter is able to read out IMMO code on these car models:
(Note: Need to remove EEPROM chip to read out code.)
Beiqi E150, E130
Buick Sail, Hideo new GL8, LaCrosse after 09, Regal after 09 and Ang Kela
Cadillac SLS and SRX
Changan CM8, Yue Xiang, Zhi Xiang and Benben
Chery SIIC Transportation and DIAS
Chevrolet Cruze and TRAX
Citroen Elysee
Dfpv S3
Geely Dorsett /Vision
Great Wall Wingle (diesel)
FAW Haima Automobile 323 and DIAS
Hawtai DIAS
Jiangling Landwind


Original Renault-Volvo PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) with visfeed for free

Multilanguage Original Renault-Volvo PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) is authorized to offer at for only $350 free shipping and with visfeed for free of charge. Besides you are free to receive shipping CD and install software with our engineer full support.

Following parts are all about PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) details, hope it make you feel exciting.

Database: development or standard
PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus (ACPI+) database is development. BTW, for the standard database please refer to PTT 2.04.55 (Item No. SS167-D).

PTT v2.2 Developer Tool Plus(ACPI+) newer options:
Can perform function EURO5/EURO6 Programming
Add new option for filter control unit and parameter group.

You are free to install software:
The software is sent to the end-user by email which avoid CD damaged and the supplier engineer online install software with full support.
The operation system it tested ok including Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Following truck diagnostic devices are verified working fine with:
Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300), Renault Diagnostic Kit (88840133), MACK Diagnostic Kit (RP1210) and UD Diagnostic Kit (RP1210)

Language available:
28 multi-languages available.

ptt v2.2 language.jpg
What function PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can perform:
Generally speaking, PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can perform function including Chassis ID Change, immobilizer ON/OFF, injector programming and speed Limit programming.
E.g. following specific function is what PTT v2.2 Developer Tool can work:
1. Access and program parameters of ANY Level without any restrictions for APCI database;
2. Edit parameter access, policy, presentation settings for APCI Plus database;
3. Change minimum/maximum values of parameters, for example: speed limit;
4. Developer Tool for editing APCI parameters (VERSION2 and older el. system trucks);
5. Developer Tool Plus for editing APCI Plus parameters (VERSION3, VERSION4 el. system trucks);
6. Mack Developer Tool for editing V-MAC I/II/III/ITC parameters

Following 2 pictures display a little part of function:



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