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Flyobd2 FVDI2 VAG Commander reviews

I bought Flyobd FVDI generation 2 for VAG group vehicles. The only improvement they did was on vag group and that improvement did affect other software.  The rest = 0 or bad.

Hmm… Maybe i can also say nothing new on on VAG. it’s v24 also. Only this time it can process info over the Internet and it function same as avdi v24 but does not support JC cluster and cannot read immo data for Audi from 2009 up , and also when trying to get cs for key coding after processing data over internet it shows 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
What i did on VAG vehicles with this Fvdi2 vag commander:


– Brand/Model of car : VW Caravelle
– Year of car : 2001
– Feature in relation : transponder programming from dump
– Version of FVDI : Tagkey Tool 6.2
– Result : Error (4pcs. PCF7935 damaged)
Dump recognized good, pin readed correctly. Problem solved programming prepared PCF7935 to VW id44 via OBD.


– Brand/Model of car : Skoda Roomster
– Year of car : 2006
– Feature in relation : pin read and key programming
– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0
– Result : OK


– Brand/Model of car : golf 6 TDI 2012
– Feature in relation : with CS (component protection ) , pin read and key programming
– Result : ok
– Brand/Model of car : VW Passat 3C 2.0tdi
– Year of car : 2007
– Feature in relation : learning key
– Version of FVDI : OLD 18
– Result :ok


– Brand/Model of car : VAG
– Year of car : 1998-2002
– Feature in relation : pin read from EDC15
– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0
– Result : Error (can’t connected)


– Brand/Model of car : Audi A4
– Year of car : 2003
– Feature in relation : pin read and key programming cluster RB4 crypto
– Version of FVDI : VAG 24.0
– Result : Error
After read pin, eeprom content in RB4 faulty. Car don’t recognized original key. Solved by write content saved after first read.


– Brand/Model of car :Seat Leon 1PA

– Year of car : 2011
– Version of FVDI : fvdi 21
– Feature in relation :add new key
– Result : successfully
I would only suggest fly company to focus more on individual software like vag group and deliver like Xhorse VVDI2 than try to do many and only anger and frustrate customers



Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface WiFi Setting Steps

Item number SH65 is Volvo 88890300 Vocom Truck Diagnostic  WIFI version.Here we make  a introdution of how to set wifi  for volvo 88890300 vocom step by step .


Connect Volvo Vocom with computer via USB cable.

Start PPT software

Click on [Menu] and click [Settings]



Click [Communication unit configuration]->[configuration]

And choose [USB+Directly to Communication unit]

volvo-88890300-vocom-wifi-2jpg volvo-88890300-vocom-wifi-3

Click [Direct]->[Restore default values]->OK-> [Apply]

volvo-88890300-vocom-wifi-5 volvo-88890300-vocom-wifi-4


Click OK then Disconnect USB cable.



Go to [Settings]->[Comm.unit Selection]->[Communication unit 8889300 ….Nickname], then click OK


Set up success!Now you can use signal get wireless signal.


Renault CLIP Software V162 Download – 100% working fine

CAN CLIP V162 Renault diagnostic software free download here. The expert at has been tested successfully on Megane I and TWINGO PHASE 2 cars.


Renault CAN CLIP V162 free download:!rVFwAQwZ!EEHQuLMV08jPwydGpz8scw (without patch)

If you want Renault CLIP.iso tested ok, refer to


Renault can clip windows 7 64 bit:

On Win 7 x64 system, some make it, some fail.

But Renault CLIP V162 has been tested without issues on Windows XP


Renault clip tool available:

there are mainly two kinds of China CAN CLIP, but only the new Renault CAN Clip diagnostic interface works ok with clip 162 software.


Vehicles tested with Renault can clip v162:

MEGANE I: CAN CLIP v162 for Renault works ok



install-renault-clip-v162-12 install-renault-clip-v162-13 install-renault-clip-v162-14 install-renault-clip-v162-15

TWINGO PHASE 2: CLIP V162 works fine also

install-renault-clip-v162-16 install-renault-clip-v162-17 install-renault-clip-v162-18 install-renault-clip-v162-19 install-renault-clip-v162-20