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Autel MaxiSYS MS908P manual: change a language

This tutorial of how to change Aute MS908P default language step-by-step.



Aute MS908P language oprions:








item no. hksp187:  Default language is English


item no. hksp187-g: Default language is Spanish




Aute MS908P cost of language change: $100


If you need other languages. please send the serial number to the vendor when you get the parcel. The Autel company will help authorize the language you need. After you update it on official website, you will change the machine language to the one.




How to change Autel MS908P language, from Spanish to English?




Though the Android Tablet ,Double check System setting —- language —-English


(the default language  here is English)


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (1)




The language of Diagnostic need to change.


To change the language from Spanish to English.




Click on Maxisys.


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (2


Click on “Settings”.


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (3


Click on “ Language”


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (4


Select the language you want. Here: select “ English”


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (5




Then you can see that the setup language is in English now.


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (6


After changing the language, maybe the system is blank here (Maxisys—Diagnostic).


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (7


Please go to Update and select vehicles software and reload them.


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (8


AUTEL-MaxiSYS-Elite-MS908P-change-lanague (9





Done! Autel MS908P language setup success!




Mb Star C4 Xentry Dev mode delete ABC dash warning

I was playing around with my MB Star C4 and Xentry 2016 developer mode

and I might have found a alternative to delete the ABC warning lights without a module.

Tested on 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL600 Base Coupe 215.376 5.5L V12

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO CONVERT TO COIL-OVER and remove ABC suspension forever

So, here is what I found, someone can test it but you have to have DAS Xentry with developer mode.

I can’t test it as I already have the module installed and no time right now

If nobody can test it, I will do it one of these days

follow this:

Go to Control unit


Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (1



Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (2



->CGW(cental gateway)


Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (3



->development data


Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (4


->control unit adaptations

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (5

->control unit adaptations (variant coding)

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (6

->globale variantencodierung

Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (2

->nicht vorhanden


Mb-Star-C4-Xentry-Dev-mode-delete-ABC-dash-warning (8


(giving a 1000 thx to pmercury in the mbworld)



DAS Internal error: (3.91)-3.11 (customer solution)

Today I connect to car W211 (DAS) with 12.2016, I get this Error.

System error

Internal error: (3.91)-3.11 You must contact the user help desk.



I resolve Megacar 3.91 issue. I get 20+ PM for help everyday and I helped them all.

Thanks bud for showing a good attitude to 12_2016. I do not understand why some releasing a fix with conditional $$. Little bit of ingenuity, 12_2016 works flawless. I am the first one put 2 torrent for 12_2016 and one 09_2016.

I probably fixed 50+ 3.91 error in this forum and other various forum for free. Like a superstar said, you gotta understand the system.

I am a car fanatic. Having a e55, R350, Brabus 7.3s (30 made), Alpina B10- biturbo (317 made), Lotus Esprit twin turbo (97 car per year). Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (735hp), Two Ferrari 360 modena 445 hp), Mini, M3, M5, 330ix, Acura TSX 6spd tuned wit nitro and twin turbo to 400+, JAG XJS, Range Rover and a FOOOken Prius.

I had all CN Sw for all my car and one day got decided to do own my own. Started with Xdos 07_2016. go no where. All the superstar want me to read and learn. How the hell you wanted me to learn, when I do not know where to start. Only Pesona helped me here. I mean he spoon feed me to get me started.
I have tactical advantage. I use 15+ laptop an many different HDD.

I have mastered XDOS, ISTA, PIWIS, TIS, Xentry PT, HDS, VIDA, JLR SDD, FVDI, Nissan Consult, Autocom, WOW, VCDS, ODIS, Ferrari Leonardo, FORD/Mazda IDS, GM, Actia various calibration and correction tools.

I can install fresh win7/XDOS with SSD + 8GB in about 3.5 hrs complete.I may release the 3.91 fix or total step by step for 12_2016 in HONOR of Star Master “Pesona”. He taught me to share and gain.