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Detail BMW ICOM Firmware Update Guide with Pictures

The text here displays a detail instruction on updating BMW ICOM firmware. BMW ICOM diagnostic system with different ApplicationImage and BootImage shares the same update procedure. 


First all of, download Firmware bin file for ICOM A2/ ICOM A emulator 


Download ICOM ApplicationImage 01.37.00 bin

ICOM BootImage 01.23.01bin

How to update ICOM A or A2 firmware, pdf document free download


BMW ICOM Firmware Update Instruction:

1 First step is to make sure the LAN adapter is set to DHCP and is enabled, follow this way:


Click Start on the desktop to open Network Connection, then click control panel. In the search box, type adapter. Then click View network connection under Network and Sharing Center. 


Right-click the connection your want to change, click Properties, enter the administrator password or confirmation 


Click the Networking tab. Under This connection uses following items, click either Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6). 


The Network Connection Properties Dialog Box 


----To get IP settings automatically using DHCP, select “Obtain an IP address automatically”, click OK

----To get a DNS server address automatically using DHCP, select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”, click OK


2. Connect BMW ICOM hardware with vehicle using UTP cable in the package.  Power up ICOM A2 with 12 V adaptor or connect it with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket. 4 LED indicators should be on. 


3. Check that the network adapter has an IP like 169.254…


4. Browse to the web:

User name: root

Password: NZY11502


5. Select Channel menu and click only once on the button available there 


6. Go to firmware update and update with ICOM BootImage bin and then ICOM ApplicationImage bin, do not reboot between parts. 


Select ICOM-BootImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to "SYSTEM",

click "Send the file" and wait 


Click on Yes and wait 


Click “Update Firmware” button 


Click the APPLICATION option and browse for ICOM-ApplicationImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, click on “Send the file” button and wait 


Click Yes and wait 


7. Reboot ICOM



8. After at least 2 minutes press on Home button and go to Update Firmware and check to see the firmware versions for boot is xx-xx-xx and application is xx-xx-xx. 





1)There are 2 firmware update files, first install the small file and choose “SYSTEM” correspondingly. Then install larger file, select “APPLICATION” instead.

2) The firmware file and method fits for BMW ICOM A1, ICOMA2 and ICOM.

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How to update and activate TM100 key programmer

TM100 is a universal auto key programmer that is able to cover, read, write and generate the latest transponders used in the latest vehicle immobilizer technologies. Following are the instructions on TM100 software activation, update and authorization online. 


1) Activating TM100 key programmer 

Open software CD 

Click Help Tab 

Click About 


After well communicating with TM100, the system will run an online activation. The system will display how many days remaining 


2) Updating TM100 Key pro 

Press Close button, you will be able to check the TM100 key pro hardware and software version information 


Click 【Update Software】button 

Downloading new software from server and it will take several minutes, please wait 

After that the system will display a windows prompting “File was downloaded successfully, please save your work”, click YES to update 

Update is processing 

Back to software main menu 

Click Help tab 

Click About to check the software that has been upgraded 


3) TM100 online authorization

Click Tool tab on the main menu 

Select 【Install New Modules】option 


TM100 is rebooting 

Licensed modules were installed successfully 

Ready to carry out function, read pin codes, key learn, etc 

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Toyota Rav4 2013 Key, how to read these ImmoBox case

I try on toyota rav4 year 2014 X100+ key programmer with option G chip reset and add H chip without problem after 20 min for reset immo. 


But, someone has already programmed the key to this Toyota Rav4 2013. It uses the chip H someone how to read these ImmoBox case?

ImmoBox case-1.jpg

ImmoBox case-2.jpg

I ordered new immo box yesterday because no answer and I should deliver the car.

I have avdi but dont have yhe function TN005 but I think even x-100 or ck-100 key pro can add it if its new box. There is no chip 56r on the location ic4 it came empty.


Finally, I solve my problem before getting the new immo i put the immo of a rav4 2010 G-type and connect the ring of the old model also by wiring to the immo cuz ring of 2013 cant read the g type key and i did reset 5 and 13 and them start the car.

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