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Where to buy Ford VCM2/VCMII IDS clone with A quality PCB

Yes, this question was asked many times in forums and search engines, including me. Until I got the answer from one of the mnhauto member who post a correct clone A quality PCB board, did I realize what Ford VCMII unit should I get. 


I loaded the attachment to help you look a bit more closely. 


Of course, I shot him a PM and he recommended the seller And I am appreciated that he guided me what exactly item no VCM2 should I go for: SP177-C1 or SP177-C. Then I went for their site. The difference between these two is that SP177-C1 comes with WIFI card, but SP177-C needs to buy WIFI card additionally. To be honest, I do not really interested in WIFI stuff, what matter is good communication with the device. So I decided to buy VCM 2 SP177-C for it is a bit cheaper than SP177-C1 (saved me 40 euro). 


Ford VCM2 A quality clone Hardware: 

The VCMii kit took 7 days from the time I ordered it until it was at my front door. The package comes with a VCM2 main unit, OBD2 cable and USB cable well packed in a plastic box. 


I first took some package screenshots. What I really care was how the VCM firmware PCB board is built. So I disassemble the main unit with the help of a screwdriver. The PCB board inside are displayed below:







The VCM2 I purchased looks good on the PCB and no lose connections from what I can see. I have seen some other image around the internet that shows PCB’s that do not look that great. I don't need to be doing a file transfer such as a module programming and increase the already present chance of a connection dropout. Well, I happy I have got a good clone VCM2 diagnostic scanner


Ford IDS Software:

My clone VCM2 CD came with three versions of IDS, V86, V91 and V94. I like trying latest things so loaded V94 IDS on old Dell Win XP laptop. Software is a little bit difficult to install, the 3 day trial message implied the installation done completely. If IDS is well loaded, it works like a charm. 


I am driving a Ford Focus hatchback 2013 and an German made Ford S-Max 2.2TDCI 2011. The V94 VCM2 IDS seems to be working great, read my vehicle ecu, cleared DTC codes. I even updated 8 modules on my 2013 Focus after downloading the calibration files with no crashes or errors (the calibration files were provided by the dealer). 


And finally, if you have WIFI clone and want to keep it, use the version you used Ford_VCM_II_Software_Setup_v2.1.119.3, if you have good quality none wifi version you can use v2.1.119.13 if you have wifi and don't bother about it.


I have another friend who newly purchased Mazda VCM2 diagnostic kit at the same dealer. And he put this way: “VCM2 for Mazda I can answer 100% yes, programming works too.” 


Anyways it was a good investment.

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2015.6 BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P Rheingold language setting

WIFI BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system (Item No SP168) comes with latest 2015.06V ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P 500GB Expert Mode software HDD. Following is a quick 2015.6 BMW ICOM Rheingold language setting guide within 2 minutes.


Software Version: 2015.6

Application version: 01.37.00

Boot version: 01.23.01

ISTA-D: 3.48.20



Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. 

Diagnose, programming and TIS diagram circuit all have these languages.


2015.6 BMW ICOM software HDD language setting:

After well install software HDD, launch BWM ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P software program, ISTA-D-DE option marked red below must be selected.


Press on OK button to continue when ICOM software prompt “Please wait while ISTA-D is starting…” message


The new 2015.06 ICOM Rheingold software default language is German 



BWM ICOM software with default German language will carry out faster running speed. If you did not tick ISTA-D-DE option and directly set the language to you need at the ICOM software initial interface. The software will run at a rather slow speed as much as 30 minutes. 


Then select Setting icon tab and select the language you need, i.e British English. In this way, BMW ICOM software will run faster (within 2 minutes).


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Mercedes Online/Offline SCN coding which Star tool HDD

Mercedes Benz online and offline SCN coding service are available in But the MB Star diagnosis Online and Offline coding software cannot fit all software HDD. 


Which year Star diagnostic software HDD is possible to open online or offline coding function?

1) Mercedes Benz MB STAR diagnosis software HDD/hard drive before 2013, support both Online and Offline SCN coding 

2) Star diagnosis software during 2013 and 2014.07 support offline SCN coding only, cannot support online SCN coding 

3) 2014.07 to 2015.01 software HDD support neither online nor offline SCN coding 

4) 2015.05V current newest software supports online programming only 



Online SCN Coding software is compatible with SD Connect Compact 4 multiplexers. 

DAS Offline SCN coding is compatible with MB SD Connect C4 diagnostic system only. 


Only after open online/offline scn coding function, can the programming menu display 



How to order and use the software, please check instructions on our webpage.

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