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MB sdconnect C4 update firmware in mux

This document provides simple step-by-step instructions for updating the kernel software (operating system) on your Star Diagnosis SDconnect multiplexer.

The kernel update of the SDconnect is similar to a regular software update via the Star Diagnosis system.

FYI, most people buy sdconnect C4 plus one used Dell D630 with pre-installed software and authorized files. Details: 


Step 1 Introduction 

Step 2 Connecting the SDconnect to the Star Diagnosis system.

Step 3 SDnetControl 

Step 4 Software update

Step 5 Completing the installation 

Step 6 Checking the installed software


Step 1 Introduction

1)Check battery if needed (only if related message is shown in the display)

When working on the vehicle or using an external power supply, the message "! Batteries cannot be charged!" may sometimes appear on the SDconnect display:

This may be related to tarnishing, crystal formation, or corrosion on the battery contacts or leaking batteries: 

leaking batteries-01.jpg

Since the external power supply is extremely important for the update process, the batteries should be checked for the above-mentioned indications by removing the side panel on the SDconnect (see details on how to install batteries at ).

If the batteries are contaminated, you can do the following:

- Clean or polish the battery contacts and re-check the battery function.

- Exchange the batteries if necessary (see SDconnect manual, chapter 2.3.2, for notes on batteries)

After checking the batteries, you can continue with the next step.

2)Closing the Xentry Diagnostics/Xentry DAS diagnostics application

When accessing a vehicle in Xentry Diagnostics or Xentry DAS, the following message appears:

Update SDconnect-02.jpg

Please exit the diagnostic application Xentry Diagnostics or Xentry DAS correctly and follow the next steps.


Step 2 Connecting the SDconnect to the Star Diagnosis system

Connect the SDconnect to the Star Diagnosis system with the green cable.

The SDconnect will be automatically selected and appear in the deskband on the Star Diagnosis


update SDconnect-03.jpg

Step 3 SDnetControl

Start SDnetControl by clicking the deskband

1)Go to the "Connections" tab.

2)  Check whether automatic selection via the cable connection is active:

SDnect control-04.jpg

2)Go to the "Configuration" tab, and confirm the warning with "Yes":

Update SDconnect-05.jpg

Step 4 Software update

Go to the "MUX" tab in SDnetControl.

Click on the "Software update" button.

update mux-06.jpg

The "SDconnect Toolkit Administration" program will start.

1)Go to the "Software update" tab in the SDconnect Toolkit.

2)Your SDconnect is already selected on the left-hand side.

3)Select the "Software update" packet under "Files for software update".

4)Click "Start" to start the process.

SDconnect-software update-07.jpg

The update process will start. This takes approx. 4 minutes.


Step 5 Completing the installation

Confirm the successful completion of the update.

After a successful update, a message indicating the successful update completion appears.

Confirm the message by clicking "OK".

confirm update-08.jpg

Update not successful

If the update was not successful, the message "The software update was aborted. Please repeat theupdate process" will appear.

Confirm this message by clicking "OK". Check the SDconnect batteries if necessary and repeat the update process.

update SDconnect not successful-09.jpg

Step 6 Checking the installed software

Go to the "Information" tab in SDconnect Toolkit

Select your SDconnect on the left-hand side.

Check the information under "Software versions" at the right:

The versions of the Linux OS and the CommandServer must be at least 2:0:xxxxxx.

check installed software-10.jpg

The SDconnect software update is complete. The green cable can be removed.

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Free BMW Scanner Pa-soft V1.4.0 on Win 7 32-bit step-by-step

Some users had issue on installing BMW Scanner V1.4.0 PA-SOFT software driver on Win 7 64bit, but no problem on Win 7 32-bit. Following is the step-by-step instruction to install or update the BMW Scanner USB driver for Windows 7 32-bit.


Pre-installation download:

Free download BMW scanner V1.4.0 Pa-soft


If the driver is not compatible with Windows 7 or you have not logged in as "Administrator", latest win 7 driver can be downloaded here: 

The USB driver can be installed for win7 32 bits without any issue. But for Win7 64-bit, you need to download the latest driver from


BMW scanner 1.4.0 USB driver on Win 7 32-bit instruction:

1) Remember where the folder/the program is installed. This will help to tell Win 7 O/S to locate the USB driver. For example: I:3 in 1bmwscan140abmw 140 driver. 


2). Click Window "Start" button and chose "Control Panel" GUI button


3) Select "System" and then "Device Manager" GUI button


4) Select "Universal Serial Bus controller”


5) Select the USB device that is labeled as "BMW Scanner"


6) Right click to invoke sub menu of the "BMW Scanner"

Select "Update Driver Software"


7) Select "Browse My Computer for Driver Software"


8)Click "Browse" and locate where the software folder is located. And tick "Includes subfolders" as well. 


9) Locate “BMW V1.4.0 Drivers” folder and press the "OK" button.


10) Check the folder is correct and click on the "NEXT" button to install the USB driver.


11) When the system will display “The best driver software for your device is up to date” message, the BMW scanner driver is well installed on Win 7, 


12) Right click on the BMW Scanner and select "Properties" to confirm "The driver is working properly". Please ensure that you MUST have "administrator right" to install the USB driver.

13) Plug the BMW v1.4.0 scanner cable with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket. The label should be facing to the door with the LED light turn ON.


If your BMW model has 22-pin diagnostic socket, you properly need another BMW 20-pin to OBD2 16-Pin Connector.

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(Attention) Original XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline wireless connection

Dear original Xtool PS2 GDS Gasoline diagnostic tool old user,

As known, Xtool PS2 GDS Gasoline supplied by adds one new blue adapter used for communicating via wireless, therefore if you are accustomed to the wired connection way, you are advised to connect Xtool PS2 wireless to the vehicles in this way.

Original XTOOL PS2 connect.jpg

Note:If the WIFI icon on the screen is not ×, then it mean the machine is under wireless communication. After you connect the machine like it, then it will communicate automatically.


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