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How to install VAS 5054A ODIS 2.2.3 software for Volkswagen Audi

This post is contained by two parts, the first part list all the available version of ODIS 2.2.3 software for VW Audi works with VAS 5054A, the second part step by step show how to install ODIS 2.2.3. 


All available version of ODIS 2.2.3 software

ODIS 2.2.3 is confirmed working well, and available with both USB flash disk version and the cheaper CD version. 

ODIS V2.23 software stored in USB flash disk version is available for £30.24 free shipping, which nee no active, works with more VAG models.  


ODIS V2.23 software stored in CD is available for £13.29 free shipping, which need active, works with less VAG models  


ODIS V2.23 software + best quality VAS5054A for £87.5+ shipping 


How to install ODIS 2.2.3 with U disk


Part 1: install The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service

1) Insert USB Flash Disk into the computer and open the disk, you will see there are several file folders including "1Patch License", "52%Virtual drives", "PostSetup 6.20.25", "Setup" "VAS 5054A FIRMWARE UPGRADE" and zip file "52%Virtual drives". 


2) Open folder "Setup", right click "ODIS-S v2.3.3-RC360L Setup, select "Run as administrator".


3) When this window pops up, do not click "Cancel", let it automatically install


4) Select language, the available language is multiple choice. 


5) The Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service setup wizard, click "Next" 


6) Click untill you come to "Select the license file", click "Search" and select folder "1Patch License"- "license. txt", click "Open" to confirm, click "Next"




7) Click "Next" to automatically complete installing, then click finish to exit. 


Part 2: Copy and replace "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe"

1) Open folder "1Patch License", copy "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe", then go to the desktop and right click the yellow icon "OffboardDiagLauncher", select "Properties", click "Open File Location", then right click and paste the "OffboardDiagLauncher.exe" to replace the same name application. 


Part 3: Setup the Alcohol 52% 

1) Come to the U disk folder, right click "52%Virtual drives", open "Alcohol52" 


2) Select language, the availalbe language is only: German, English, Spanish, Italian


3) Click Next to setup the Alcohol 52%


4) Click next to agree license agreement, and click "OK" to restart your computer when a window pops up requiring the computer reboot.


5) After the computer reboot, select the install language among English, German, Spanish and Italian. 

6) Click "Next" for the Alcohol 52% Setup Wizard. 

7) Follow the prompt to click next until the the Alcohol 52% Setup Wizard complete, click "Finish".

8) There will be a blue icon named "Alcohol 52%" at the desktop. the Alcohol 52% will automatically open. Applying the Alcohol virtual devices settings, please wait... after the virtual devices appear, in the blank box right click " Add Images..." , open U disk folder, select folder "PostSetup 6.20.25", clickzip folder "PostSetup 6.20.25" and click "Open" to confirm. 




9) Click "Mount on Device"

10) Input ISO files, click "Open folder to view files" 


11) Open "Computer", open "BD-ROM Drive(H:) postsetup", click postsetup- Ddis - Trade-Retail" 



12) Open "Offboard Diagnostic Information System" at the desktop


13) Input Postsetup - Configuration data: firstly select URL directory, the way is to click "Select local directory" - "Computer" - "BD-ROM Drive(H:)postsetup" - "postsetup", then click "Ok". Then input user name "adc" and keyword "abc" in default, then continue.




Part 4: Diagnose

1) Open "Offboard Diagnostic Information System" to diagnose


2) Close "Alcohol 52%" window at bottom left corner

3) Open "BD-ROM Drive(H:)


Part 5: Check if the driver is installed and have good communicate with the computer.

Computer- Computer Management- Device Manager- Softing vehicle Interface - VAS5054, if you can see VAS5054, it means the driver is installed successfully.


Next step is to go on diagnosing. 


Done, hope it helps.

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Free Download 8-in-1 Truck adblue emulator software

8-in-1 Truck Adblueobd Emulator for Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault and Ford software can be downloaded free here: 


Truck model supported:

Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault and Ford 


Truck engine system: 

Euro 4 or Euro 6


Software Operating system:

Windows XP operating system


Software installation video guide:

A-Quality-ADBLUE-Emulator-8-in-1-with-Nox-Sensor-Truck-V3-0-Trucks-MAN-Iveco 2.jpg

How to connect adblue emulator 8-in-1 with truck?

A-Quality-ADBLUE-Emulator-8-in-1-with-Nox-Sensor-Truck-V3-0-Trucks-MAN-Iveco 3.jpg

Check the Pinout cable in our QC Mark and connect the cables with vehicle follow the QC instructions:


Brown- CANL


Black-GND (Han-Ground)



1)RED (+15). To be connected to a 24V source enabled when the engine key is in the ON position. This connection will supply power to the minusble Module when the engine key is on (dashboard on).

2)BLACK (GND 0V). To be connected to an earth/gound.

3)GREY (+20). To be connected to a 24V supply always available to the Existing adblue system (F4 protection fuse and the adblue system).

4)WHITE(CAN H). To be connected to CAN H of the system.

5)  BROWN (CAN L). To be connected to CAN L of the system. The connections must be made under the box of the connectors located under the protection cover of the radiator (passenger side). The conductor of the ground of the adblue has the number 0000, but it is possible to use another ground conductor found by a multimeter.

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DIY Citroen C5 HDI diagnose & tuning

I often find old C5 Phase 1 in degraded engine cool in recent days, but it rolls 70 in the ribs on the motorway, I tighten the buttocks a little!


I love my C5 2.2 hdi exclusive. I bought it used with 125000 km and now total 270,000 km. This is really a great car and I will never give it up. 


The easiest thing to get the problem fixed would be go to the local dealer shop and they asked euro 1000, I should leave and try do it myself at half of that price. 


I ordered a clone Fgtech Galetto v54 and I bought a Lexia 3 cable with old LEXIA V25, PP2000 and Diagbox soft. I prepare my pipe (for screw FAP), a few tools and here I started. 


After receiving my Galetto, I plug my PC 2 (a Win 7 and the other under XP without battery ... a bit like the second but stable 220V). First concern, can not find drivers! I contact the dealer, and got the free driver software download link. It worked on another Win XP laptop. 


I found that it is safe if follow this way:

- Take a XP laptop rather than Virtuabox, Win 7, Virtual machine etc)

- Turn the laptop screen saver

- Put the computer on AC

- Put the battery charger 'to avoid the mode "Energy Saving" (I noticed that the transition to Lexia had shot my battery though as new). In this way, galleto will not break my ECU.


Then I turn to my lexia 3 interface.I run software Lexia with good installation tutorial on google but a little time-consuming. I had not seen it in ages (can be on my old cassette TRS80 model). I run some manipulation on the C5 and I found the error codes. LEXIA soft helped erased the fault. It works for everything except for the mini level of fuel additive.


I have to leave for 1500 km with my car in this state. I hope the engine will hold.

Otherwise, on my return, I'll try the following procedure!


1) Reading ECU Fgtech Galetto v54 master 

2) Modify it with ECUSAFE (I think my model is the basis of the version 2.0.0)

3) Upload the modified carto

4) Diagnose with the LEXIA (this is where I need to find the right path in the soft menus) to transfer the additive Calculos the computer (BSI)

5) Physical Défapage

6) still on this way…..i am lost 


So I have to turn to forum to help. The moderator suggested getting MPPS V16 (clone) instead of galletto. He said the mpps is much safer and provides a generic mode. 


Anyway I went ahead with MPPS and ECUsafe: 

--extraction of mapping with MPPS: OK

--Change with ECUSAFE: OK 

--writing with MPPS : as a bit of a fever at that time (this is my first time ...) and OK 

I've done this before yesterday and I drove with the car to see if everything was ok. So: 

1) more anomaly "minimum additive diesel" 

2) at a steady speed, the problem "ESP / ASR deactivated", "Pollution Problem" returned That leaves me a LEXIA phase pass that I do not control the all. So if you can help me find the right manipulation to achieve on LEXIA, I could then move on to the mechanics DEFFAPAGE phase.


Okay so I went in the LEXIA and selected the vehicle after I entered in diagnosis menu, tested by functions and power train. Then I remember I was able to enter the bsi then in telescoping presents options either GO additive (our friend the Ceria or Eolys) I could set off  then engine with FAP also encoded missing so I retest all this tomorrow by making a small twenty km.


FAP and some other parameter recorded on my lexia software. I have made ​​the global test, I entered all functions with default, read all the faults and deleted all faults. Restarted with a global test and still have a defect on the injection: a circuit pre-post heating relay (P0380 code). Could this be the cause of pb "anomaly anti pollution"? 





Next day, I drove a little and tried to start the engine degraded to see new defects. Because that FAP, I'd kick him out! And next week, I have 800 km to go! (2 * 400) and it's really scary driving on Highway with the mill in degraded mode (especially with those who ride to 130 speed control see on the left ...) 



Another day, I have the C5 diagnosed and recorded the parameter again. 



This time I found the pre-post heating problem and all problems additive level and that's it! for now ... for abs, I admit to not having looked and my computer does not have a battery so I'm forced to take an extension cord and go in the street ... not really practical at night! 


I confirm I have already read information lexia reported! But I thought this was mostly due to the effect of "chimney" vacuum FAP (more exhaust resistance) 


Well, I have to make a 20 km to find a defect and move to LEXIA!

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