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VVDI–Prog V1.1 work well and available at

Good news, VVDI-Prog V1.1 is tested working well, and is available at


VVDI PROG circuit board-06-2.jpg

VVDI Prog Brief Introduction 

1.1 Main Feature

1)The built-in update software allows user to update VVDIProg firmware timely.

2)High-speed USB communication interface enable the software automatically connect.

3)Smart operation mode: the possible causes of error will be listed

4)Reserve ports: for future update.

5)The self-test function enable you check if the machine works well.

6)Can supply power via USB cable, the software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed. 

vvdi pro-software-03-3.jpg

PCB board comparison: VVDI –Prog Vs Orange





VVDI -Prog Supported chip list on EEPROM, MCU and ECU




2.2 MCU



2.3 ECU



1.2 Parts List

Parts List.jpg

1.3 Adapters Detailed Description

1.3.1 16pin locking socket 

Read the common EEPROOM, note: please insert the chip by following the below picture. 

16pin locking socket-8.jpg

1.3.2 MCU Reflash cable

Used to program MCU on board 

MCU reflash cable-9.jpg

1.3.3 ECU Reflash cable

Used to program ECU

ecu reflash cable-10.jpg

1.3.4  MC9S12 Reflash cable 

Used to program MC9S12 series chip

MC9S12 Reflash cable-11.jpg

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HQ Op-com 1.59 USB CAN interface with PIC18F458 chip

Op-com USB interface new firmware 1.59 (V5) for Opel and Vauxhall diagnosis, what’s new?


1) It connects to the car during 2013-2014.

2) Fixed bug

3) It works much better, faster without jamming or logout.


Op com diagnostic software: 08/2010 (2010V)

Firmware: opcom V1.59



HQ Opcom 1.59 firmware PCB with PIC18F458



Any DIY firmware update is invalid on our OP-COM cables. You need to purchase new Opcom 1.59 interface (Item No: SP205 only). 

But the Op-com 2010V software can be downloaded free here:

2010V op com software supports English only. If you need German version, then choose opcom 2009V


Operating system: Win XP only 


Software video installation guide:

How to install op-com 2010V Hardware V1.59 CAN OBD2 for Opel


Customer feedback/review:

1) Opcom V1.60 is known to be buggy for Vectra-C so better to use v1.59 anyway

2) Op-com V1.59, Vectra C tested and its working like a charm 

3) opcom v5 (1.59) hardware is the best cable. China clone V5 the one with real PIC18F458 works with 08/2010 china.

4) 150-200 Euros for an EU clone which is a disgrace (they neither made the original software, nor hardware, nor license hack, they just pick up the profit by selling for ridiculous amount somebody else's work). I would rather to spend 20 bucks worth v5 from China. It works. 



Opcom Vehicle model reference:

Agila-A (2003-2007), Agila-B (2007 - or later) 

Ampera (2011 - or later) 

Antara (2007- and newer) 

Astra-F (1992-2002), Astra-G (1998 -2009), Astra-H (2004-2009), Astra-J (2010 - and later) 

Calibra (1990-1997) 

Cambo (2001-2003) 

Captiva (2009 - or later), Captiva MAXX (2009 - and later) 

C-Combo (2001-2009) 

Corsa-B (1994-2003), Corsa-C (2001-2009), Corsa-D (2009 - or later) 

Insignia (2008 - or later) 

Frontera (1996-1999), Frontera -B (1999-2004) 

GT (2007 - or later) 

Meriva (2002-2010), Meriva-B (2010 - or later) 

Mokka (2012 - or later) 

Monterey (1997-1999) 

Movano (1999-2009) 

Omega -A (1990-1993), Omega-B (1994-2003) 

Signum (2003-200 Sintra (1997-1999) Speedster / VX220 (2001-2009) Tigra (1995-2000), Tigra-B (2005-2009) A-Vectra (1992-1995), Vectra-B (1996-2002), Vectra-C / Signum (2002-2009) Vivaro (2001-2009) Zafira (1999-2005), Zafira-B (2006-2010), Zafira Tourer C (2011 - or later) SAAB 9-3, SAAB 9-5


This is the old vehicle models list, the new models are added.

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Working solution for UPA ERRORS ON MOTOROLA CHIPS HC05

This post begins with UPA ERRORS ON MOTOROLA CHIPS HC05, then followed bad connection pictures, finally I find out working solution and would like to share with all of you.


UPA USA Programmer I got is from China: 


Problem details: 

Right I soldered all 9 wires for hc05b6 as shown in UPA USA manual 

and lifted vdd pin from plate. tried to read but will not read. 


so I ran voltage tests 2 pins came back as bad if I remove the 2 bad wires and rerun test they both come back as ok.


The first bad connection is pin 1 IRQ

The second bad connection is pin 6 PD3 


Is was gonna give up but I found some extra reference to these chips hidden away in upa folder 

The 2 bad connections seem to be the same that are described in the files I found. 


1 was a txt file just containing a few words: CUT PD3, IRQ, TCAP1

as 2 of these seem to be the same as my 2 bad connections. Check screens below.


it’s got me wondering maybe these chips will read ive seen someone else about with same errors on similar chip.

UPA USA Programmer-1.jpg

UPA USA Programmer-2.jpg

UPA USA Programmer-3.jpg

Here is working solution, works with clone UPA well

1. connect all wires as shown on chip pinout diagram.

2.lift PD3 and IRQ pins from board. voltage test in upa program.

it should show connected at the bottom. then read Smile


you may have to lift VDD but maybe not I had lifted it 1st time round and may not have reconnected properly Smile

I did not lift tcap1 or other pins that have been suggested.


it seems the trick is to lift any pins from chip that give bad voltage.

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