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How to activate MB Star Diagnosis Smart TAN Code software

Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 or Super MB Star C3 Dell/External HDD comes with a series of software DAS/Xentry/EPC/WIS etc and Smart TAN Code software. 


The function of the Smart TAN code is to open special function in DAS program with all Smart cars 450/451/452/454.


Smart TAN Code software allows you to create:

Teach in keys

Softouch Codes

Steering Wheel Gearshift Codes

Cruise Control Codes

Equipment Codes

Brabus Performance Tuning Codes

Print and share the log file etc.


If you need to use the DAS program special functions for Smart cars, you need to order the 

Item No: SS27 DAS SMART Calculator with CD and USB key to activate the Smart TAN Code software. This generator will give you full Tan Code access to ALL new and old versions of DAS. The Smart code generator now is available in for €12 free shipping. 


How to use the DAS Smart TAN Code calculator?/How to activate the Smart TAN Code software?

1) Insert the CD into PC 

2) Insert the USB dongle to PC via USB port 

3) Open the software 

4) Entering ID will give you the TAN codes (format:2EBR-T175-D5TS)

5) Then enter the code to using special functions




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Solution for Hyundai ix35 indicator lights on driver’s side all time is on

This post starts with the problem that Hyundai ix35 indicator lights on driver’s side all time is on, then the advised solution is followed in the following parts. 


Car model and year: 

hyundai ix35 tucson 2011 year,2.0i gasoline,manual transmission



I have problem with indicator lights on drivers side(rear and on drivers mirror),all time is on .When lock vehicle,that two indicators stay enabled and can't turn off.


Hyundai diagnostic tool I use:

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool for Kia & Hyundai V15 from 


Got wiring diagram to follow:



By following this picture, I tried to do:

To this box on connector i/p F,on pin number 4,comes white wire with constant 12 volt supply.When i cut this wire,left rear and left mirror flasher turn off.Can you please check from where comes that wire,from what module?On photos that you posted i see that from bcm comes only can bus wires,not voltage wires.BCM is too dificult to remove and i think some other module choose problem with rear flashers.


I see i/p F here: connector marked F on junction fuse box.To this connector on pin 4 comes white wire with constantly 12v supply and choose to RL flasher and mirror flasher stay allways on and front left not working.When i cut this wire,left front flasher start working normaly but rear left and left mirror stop working.Problem is in that wire but i dont know from where comes.Need to know from what module that wire comes.


Meanwhile, I tried to download GDS and it is too big. 


Then I got picture on connections/ location:



Advised solution:

I got advised solution "am sure 99% problem with junction box,

Here this problem appear when someone try to install something to the car like xenon, camera ...etc. "


This is photo pin 8 in grey connector


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ElsaWin 4.0 Free Keygen and installation step-by-step

ELSAWIN 4.0 is offered with full information on repair basically on new automobiles VAG group VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda 1986-2011 and electric schemes 1992-2009. 


Language: English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish etc

O/S: Win2000, WinNT, WinXP



Free download ElsaWin 4.0 Keygen + Installation instructions:!OxExkCxR!Cr7WGSLZzk0P_1HLf5_Y5Q



We are not responsible for the damage. It is free keygen. If you need software CD and free activation service, please order Item SS39 ELSAWIN 4.0 for Audi-VW-SKODA-SEAT. Send your order number and code information (format link: 9CB7AC74) to If you’d like to install free one, then continue…


Pre-Install requirements: Need to have installed before you start

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe SVG Viewer


Quick Summary: A simple breakdown of what needs to be done.

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader if not installed.

Install Adobe SVG Viewer if not installed.


If system has ElsaWin already installed then use the update Disk.

If the system does not have ElsaWin installed then load the ElsaWin 4.00 Setup CD which is a full install not an upgrade install disk.


When the program is installed you need to install the Data disks to the system.

After the Data disks have been installed we need to create the User accounts to logon to the system.


ElsaWin V4.0 Installation instructions:

Step 1: Mount the ISO called ElsaWin 4.00 Setup CD.iso for a clean install

(or install the ElsaWin 4.00 Update CD.iso if you already have ElsaWin 3.x installed)

Run Elsa_40_Voll_Setup.exe from the ISO Image.


Step 2: Choose Install Language.

Step 3: Install ElsaWin setup and press Next.


Step 4: Fill in User Information


Step 5: Registration Confirmation

Press Yes.


Step 6: ElsaWin setup selection choice, change if you need the other parts.


Step 7: Language Selection

If you want to have ALL the DATA then you MUST choose English & German.

If you do not do this then you may find that the data is not complete, e.g. Red Book (HST2) may be missing!

NOTE: You must also tick all the additional language(s) that you need to use with your program!

So if you require French language then you will need to have English, German & French to get full data.



Step 8: Choose Destination Location


Step 9: Select Program Folder

Again I leave this alone.


Step 10: Start Copying Files

Press Next to begin


Step 11: Information. ElsaWin is being installed 


Step 12: Code Request

Copy the Temporary Code


Step 13: Load ELSA_Keygen.exe


Step 14: Add the Provisional Code to the ELSA KeyGen/Releaser, then press Get Code.


Step 15: Copy then Paste the Final Code this code into the Permanent Code part


Step 16: Code is good; you will see this as it loads up the system.


Step 17: The program has now installed correctly!


Step 18: Click Finish to close ElsaWin software


Reboot computer to make sure ElsaWin is well loaded 

Step 19: Mount the ISO Image for the Car Brand.(s)

BEFORE LOADING ELSAWIN!!!  Please install at least 1 brand.

Choose Disk 1 of the ISO (VW has 3 Disks to install, the setup is on Disk 1)


Step 19-1: Progress…


Step 19-2: Now it is asking for the CD 2.

Remove the first disk and add the second one and press OK to continue


Step 19-3: Car Brand has been successfully installed.

Now for the other Car Brands you will need to repeat Step 19.

When all the Car Brands have been installed you will need to go to Step 20:


Step 20: We create a user account as the default Admin account is in German language.

Username: admin

Password: admin


Step 21: Press SERVICE MENU, then Press USER ADD


Step 21-1: Choose detail that you wish to add. Choose a name you like, it does not matter, e.g Fred


Step 21-2: He does not have to be an Administrator, but choose a Language.

I use English – United Kingdom.  Choose a Language that works for you.

NOTE: If you added in more languages (Step 7) then create one or more users with the extra language(s)

So if you choose to add French, Japanese & Russian then you make 3 Users here and you set the language different for each name.


Step 21-3: Assign a password for the user. Like “Fred” again you choose one you like.


Step 21-4: You must choose a Distributer and Dealer Number.


Step 21-5: Summary

All ok?  Press Next if you are happy.


Step 21-6: Create the user.

Press Create


Step 21-7: New User was setup successfully. 


Step 21-8: Now Administration Service should have the user(s) created.


Step 22: Load ElsaWin from your Desktop

Login to ElsaWin with your normal user account, not with an admin account!


Step 23: Read warning that pops up

Scroll to bottom and press OK to make program work.


Step 24: Now we need test that it is all working.


Step 25: Now we have to input some vehicle details before we can use any data.


Step 26: Fill out all vehicle details but not the VIN Chassis No!


Step 27: Now select any item to view a wiring diagram in this example.


Step 28: Before you can see any diagrams you will need to accept this Adobe SVG license.


Step 29: Now this is what you should see when you have done all the steps correctly.


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