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2015 Original Xhorse VVDI PRO VVDI 2 VVDI II

Original Xhorse VVDI 2 or VVDI PRO—the second generation VVDI (VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) is available in


VVDI2 inherited all VVDI features& functions. What’s more, VVDI 2 newly developed some advanced features that make it a more powerful OBD tool. 


VVDI2=VVDI options + BMW Multi Tool options+Porsche options+J2534(free)+ Tango(free)+Remote control generation(free).....more other function.


VVDI 2/VVDI PRO Top features:

1) Including all VVDI functions, improved and more stable

2) More vehicle coverage, multi Immo functions

3) New added plug-in function and reserved connectors to include all VVDI functions

4) VVDI PROG includes all the VVDI functions, The function of Tango, Remote control generation and chip identification is improved, And also the coil’s stability has been enhanced.

5) Do not need to connect VVDI Pro with computer to identify chip or detect remote frequently.

6) Add more vehicle models

VVDI supports diagnostic function only for VAG groups, But VVDI PROG has achieved multi brand vehicle diagnosis and supports part of vehicle immo programming function and software online upgrade.


VVDI PROG can replace lots of customized devices. Users do not need to purchase specific OBD tool for specific vehicle makes which will save you a lot.


7) Plug-in function, reserved connectors 

VVDI 2 can act as a multifunction programmer to connect plug-ins, and read & write IC and CPU data.

Can read and write Benz IR key, Can program key for old and new Mercedes–Benz, Can connect BMW plug to realize OBD function, And meanwhile reserve some connectors for further uses.

The core function is to detect the remote control frequency;

Automatically identify chip type

Support multi-function on VW vehicles


Key programmer

Remote control programmer

J2534 compatible adapter


VVDI II Functions:

1.Detect key frequency, automatically identify chip type

The test result can show on the main unit display, no need to connect computer


2. Support VAG vehicle diagnostic function

Read & write Immo4/Immo5 system

Learn key

Program BCM remote

K-Line instrument immobilizer box

Correct odometer

Program control unit

Unlock Immo1/Immo2 firmware protection

Support data manipulation tools


3.Support OBD functions on BMW vehicles.

Correct odometer

Generate key

Unlock Key

Fix CAS4 EEPROM key programmer

Generate specialized chips

Immobilizer data processing tool

Other key tools

Generate remote control


4. Pass-thru J2534 Function

With built-in switch matrix, it supports third-party diagnostic software including: ODIS, Toyota TIS techstream etc. To perform VVDI2 diagnostic function, third-party diagnostic software should be compatible with J2534 function.


VVDI2 example in action:

VVDI Program Porsche key


VVDI PRO key programmer program Audi key



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FAQ Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface and PTT 1.02/PTT2.03

Frequently asked questions, most concerned questions and customer feedbacks of the Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface and Premium Tech Tool software (PTT 1.02/ PTT 2.03) are gathered below to lead to a better understanding of the device. 


Basic information: 

Software version: PTT1.12/2.40, Windows XP ONLY 

Software version: PTT2.03/3.02, 7 32-bit system ONLY

Language:  Multi-Language 


Support truck makes: Volvo, Renault, UD and Mack Truck



About software:

Q: Can I use PTT2.03 new software with Volvo VCADS interface?

A: No, PTT2.03 works with Volvo Vocom 88890300 interface ONLY. 


Q: What is difference between VOLVO VOCOM PTT1.02 and PTT2.03?

A: 1) ptt1.12 software mainly can work on Volvo vehicles till 2012 and euro 5. It comes with the package. It is provided for free. No need activation.

2) ptt2.03 software works on Volvo vehicles till 2015 and euro 6. This one is not free, if you need this one, you need to pay 230USD to purchase. It needs installation and activation by remote control. This software cannot be installed on VMWARE. After you buy it, we will contact factory to install the software for you.

Vocom interface Firmware supports all kinds of Volvo vehicles from old to latest. No need update in the future.


Q: Can I install both dev2tool 0.4.2 and Volvo VOCOM PTT 2.03/3.02 software on the same computer?

A: Sorry, PTT 2.03 is not compatible with dev2tool 0.4.2. So they can not be installed on same computer. But if you using PTT 1.02, it works. 

(NOTE: Dev2tool 0.4.2 Version for Volvo with Unlimited Keygen: This one used for Parameter Programming for Volvo vehicles.)


Q: Can I install PTT2.013 software on Virtual Machine (VMware)?

A: No, PTT 2.03 can only be installed on Win 7 32-bit O/S, no VMware. 


Q: Premium Tech Tool 2.03.85 asks for activation number, how can I get it?

A: 1) If your software is from us, please give me your order number, we provide one time free activation.

2) If your software is not from us, we will charge 230USD to active it. 


Q: Hello, do you have installation guide for software?

A: The software CD in the packages contains software installation guide. 


Q: Can you send the PTT2.03 software online? 

A: Sorry, the software is too large, we have to send it by CD. Our factory would help you activate it via remote control. If you do not know how to install it, we can help you install it as well.


About function 

Q: Will this Volvo Vocom interface program Renault ECU?

A: The Vocom interface and PTT software cannot program ECU, only for diagnosis purpose. But if you order Volvo IMMO TOOL, it will do. 

(VOLVO IMMO TOOL: This software price is 135USD, not included in the parcel. If you need this software, you can buy it from us. This one is used for ECU programming. If you want to program ECU, besides this software, you need to have the flash file for yourself. This one is for offline programming.)


Q: ptt 2.23 support online as well as offline after activation? Need I to pay for this?

A: This PTT 2.23 software supports both online and offline after activation. You only need to pay the software price. No need to pay any extra money. This price includes all fees.


Q: Will this equipment work on the newest Renault truck Euro 6 Dti? Using the ptt2.03 software?

A: Our engineer has tested Volvo Euro 6 using PTT2.03. But we have not tested Renault truck Euro 6, we are not 100% sure. 


Q: Thanks, your engineer help me install the software ready, i have one more question to ask, my car is a little far away from my pc, can I drop the internet and take my pc to diagnose?

A: Yes, you can direct run diagnosis without internet connection. 


Q: Volvo vcads and volvo vocom both can test Volvo vehicles, which one software is newer? which can diagnose newer models, such as 2014 and 2015??

A:  If you need to work on newer volvo vehicles like 2014 and 2015, please choose VOLVO VOCOM and buy PTT2.03/3.02 software.


Q: Is your Volvo VOCOM clone or original? 

A: Our Vocom interface is HQ clone, original VOCOM will charge 1500$ up. 


About update 

Q: When you will release new software? How frequently new software release within one year?

A: PTT2.03/3.02. is the latest software up to now. For software comes with the parcel which we provide for free, usually will have 1-2 update each year.


Q: Can i update this tool? How to do it, do you have instruction or video about it? thanks

A: You can upgrade it online. There is operation instruction in package CD. 


Q: Does this come with 18 months of free updates please?

A: This one is free update online.


Customer review:

1. Take tried using the product for about 3 weeks. It was reliable quality. Really good.

2. I get this volvo scanner, i install the software on an old xp laptop, diagnose via cable works smoothly for volvo 2006, 2009 i tested in the past two days.

3. I believe this is the best Chinese made tool in the world. 

4. Diagnose via cable works smoothly for my Volvo euro 5, excellent tool.

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How to turn the lamp outage off with Ford VCMⅡIDS diagnostic tool

For 2008-2010 model years, the function of the turn signal flasher was incorporated into the software of the Smart Power Distribution Junction Box (SPDJB or SJB). The SJB is configured to provide lamp-outage indication on all F250/350/450/550. 


For proper function of LED lighting installed by Final Stage Manufacturers of incomplete or modified vehicles, the SJB must be reconfigured to turn off the lamp-out indication.



Ford VCM2 IDS OBD2 diagnostic tool 

A laptop running Windows XP operating system 


1) Install Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic software. There is a software video instruction on obd2express webpage. 

2) Connect Ford VCM II diagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD port 

3) Come to the main Module reprogramming menu. Select GEM/SJB - make sure the GEM/SJB is at the latest calibration level. Update if the system required.

4) Select “Programming Parameters” in the IDS Toolbox

5) Select “Exterior Lightening” and click the Tick in the lower right of the screen

6) Click the tick on the popup message box

7) Select “Stop and tail lamp outage configuration”

8) Select “Lamp outage turned off”

9) Click the tick in the bottom left of the screen.


The lamp outage feature should be reprogrammed and turned off now.

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