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IDS program used ECU for Ford Focus 1,8 Flexifuel 2009 FoMoCo ECU ESU411 7M5112A650AAD


Is it possible to do Immo off or make this type of ECU virgin?


This info for the car:

Ford Focus 1,8 Flexifuel 



ECU type: ESU411 

Partnumber: 7M5112A650AAD





You don’t need a virgin. You can program even a used ECU with VCM IDS without any problem, only need outcode for programming. 


Where to get VCM IDS plus outcode for programming?

Recommend, VCM IDS plus outcode package sale for €317+shipping, at:

VCM IDS plus outcode for programming-4.jpg

Q: How to use Ford Outcode / Incode calculator?

A: When you place an order from us, we ship you a WS Dongle(USB Key), at the same time, we send you a software driver (or you are free to download it from the product page "Related Download Files"). After receiving the WS Dongle(USB Key, you connect WS Dongle(USB Key) with your computer USB com port and then run the software driver, once finish setup, it’s ready to calculate the incode with outcode.


The following 3 pictures display how to use Incode calculator:




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MPPS v16 clone EDC17 and EDC16 test outcome

I use MPPS V16 China clone and is fine. The MPPS clone can be an accurate copy of original precisely exact same capabilities and no loader. I have tested several BOSCH EDC16 and EDC17 ECUs. I’m here inform you of the outcome. 


No problem to write EDC16C34. EDC16 is in the safe zone as far as it is in the list. MPPS does BMW EDC16 including checksums very well. I doubted the capacity to read/write EDC17 as many mpps users do at the very beginning. 


MPPS V16 is extremely good, uses loader to run each and every time. No direct run from desktop shortcut like earlier versions. The first study was creating EDC17 on an A3 2.0tdi cba/clb, succeeded through obd assistance some UDS program by no means I trouble with this. Then successfully read EDC17CP14 on a Golf 2.0 CR 2011. 


I have written more edc17 with mpps clone. I calculated checksum with software race of dimensioned sport or with crcfix of magpro is perfect. 


After tuning file needs recalculated checksum with WinOLS that can write in car... (ECU). 


As it turned out, MPPS clone is really good on reading EDC16 on BMW and EDC17 on VAG group. 


Successfully reading Bosch edc17 cp14 Passat TDI CR DPF 140hp 2009.5 model year, picture is taken below:




Read and wrote tens of times edc17 with MPPS v16 clone, good results. For anyone who is interested in MPPS V16 vehicle assistance, here is a complete list of auto models that MPPS 16 (which is now MPPS V16.1.02 instead) can perform

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Fgtech Galletto read BMW M3 Siemens MSS54 via BDM

Here is the instruction to read this ECU from BMW M3 Siemens MSS54 with FgTech Galletto V54 ECU Programmer by BDM. 


I need to read BMW M3 Siemens MSS54. I did not see in FgTech Galletto BDM support that ecu MSS54! There is only MS45. But I have checked the BDM MC32xxx pdf Page 13 for BMW MSS52, not say MSS54 but hardware appear to be the same. I loaded the pdf attachment below. 


I had problem to identify pin number 1 on left/right flash. Thus I made some research and worked it out.


This is the pinout to read the ECU given by a Galletto expert.


The procedure to identify the pin 1#:


As promised, BDM 32xxx pdf can download free here:



Page 13 shows how to place the Siemens/Marelli BDM head on MSS52.

Page 12 shows how to place the very same Siemens/Marelli BDM head on a Trionic 8 + BDM pad 1 indication.

Page 7 shows how to find pin1


So I finally identify pin number 1 and successfully flashed BMW M3 with FGtech by BDM.




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