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GM Tech 2 Scanner Program TCM Buick Enclave 2008

Hi, all. Today obdexpress would update tech 2 scanner tested reports, which Tech 2 scan tool was used to program transmission control module (TCM) for my Buick Enclave 2008 with a mileage of 16,000km.

tech 2 used:

Tech 2 scan tool-1.jpg

Pictures about programming TCM:

programming TCM-2.jpg

programming TCM-3.jpg

programming TCM-4.jpg

programming TCM-5.jpg

programming TCM-6.jpg

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Easycoding for BMW and Rolls-Royce V1.4.0.151112 software download

Easycoding for BMW and Rolls-Royce new release V1.4.0.151112 software

Here is the software download link:

With this update, it new add the following:

1. Online Upgrading Module is added.
2. VIN database of BMW is renewed to October of 2015.
3. VO modification function is added .
4. Single system CODING function is added which makes CODING available on new or used ECUs.
5. DEMO function is added.
6. Perfectly solve programming version after 2015.2 can not brush hidden problem.
7. Software presentation capabilities and online upgrades.

Personalization features
Visualization for commonly used BMW personalized settings, simple operation, support the restoration of the original state function, modify security.

Modify the original car VO function.
It needs modify VO when you change low configuration for BMW to higher. Compared with expert version, this one new adds interpretation function for original VO.

Single system design code function
Support code matching function when you replace a new or second-hand ECU. Modified VO system also needs to be coded to take effect.

More information:

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How to ISTA/P error 94201 10007 97020

I just installed full version of ista along with icom emu 3.0.3.
After some trying with the network settings, i finally got the icom to show in ista.

I am trying to get ista to work with my k+dcan-usb cable with my BMW E87 1 series.

I started up ista and and the icom emulator on my windows 8 computer with VMware Workstation 10 and connected the k+dcan cable to my car. It worked and made contact with the car and started reading out different values like my vin number and production date etc.

But suddenly i got a pop-up window with 4 errors..
It says: "An error occurred on execution of the measure."

94201 Technical service initialisation failed (EDIABAS) - IFH-0009: ECU not connected or not responding


10007 (CIP) - Error during initialisation of EDIABAS

94020 Determination of the vehicle context failed

Google and talked with some bmw users on forum. I was told that that this could be because the car had MOST connection but unfortunately i don't have MOST in my car that i know of.

Here is a useful tip i got in a bmw forum, about how to check MOST. Post it for sharing with all.

The best way to find out MOST connection is to 'get your hands dirty'. First you should check for a square shaped cap/cover about 4x4cm size on the plastic cover above the feet pedals. If it is there, then you can get a flat head screw driver and pry it open gently from the inner side(the side that you cannot see easily). Doing so, it will allow you to pull down the MOST interface cover/adapter/connector assembly.

To use the MOST connector, you have to disconnect the 'L' shaped cover from the pointy adapter. To do this you have to first disconnect the MOST connector from the pointy adapter, then pry aside an arrow-head shaped hook on the pointy adapter while pushing it toward the pointy side. The pictures below will make it clear. 

I chose to take off the entire cover above the pedals(using a Torx screw driver set) to see what sort of craziness is going on in there, and also took apart the MOST interface/adapter/connector assembly. Note that if you intend to use an ICOM, then you want to use that pointy adapter connected to the MOST connector so you can insert the pointy portion into the ICOM's 'ICOM B hardware' (MOST-USB-ICOM A interface connector).

1. MOST interface assembly pulled down

1. MOST Interface Assembly Pulled Down.JPG

2. Entire cover pulled down

2. Entire Cover Pulled Down.JPG
3. MOST connector

3. MOST Connector.JPG
4. MOST interface cover & connector adapter

4. MOST Interface Cover & Connector Adapter.JPG

5. MOST Interface Cover & Connector Adapter.JPG
6. MOST interface cover

6. MOST Interface Cover.JPG
7. MOST connector adapter

7. MOST Connector Adapter.JPG
8. MOST connector adapter & connector

8. MOST Connector Adapter & Connector.JPG

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