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Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic software installation tips

Here is the tips you need to pay attention when you install this software and information about this multi-diag truck diagnostic tool.

Multi-Language: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Serbian, Danish, Finnish, Polish.

Complete activation data is like this
PN - MA006964
FW - 11.3.1
SN - P001670707
Generated password: DD600F5A1233196EFA303929CB1CE929A
Send these information and your order number to After we get these information, We will resend another activation data you need to you. Then you can use the data to activate your multi-diag truck.


What should you pay attention to when you install this Multi-Di@g Truck software?
1) Make sure your computer system time must be the same date as you install the software
please dend the file 'key' to us. Before install the software, check the computer system time, it must be the time of the day, it can’t be changed.

2) Before we send you the activation key, please do not disconnect computer power supply and the device,
and do not let the computer sleep. You cannot close computer till successfully active the software.

3) We will give you the activation key

What is the difference for WAS Multi-Di@g Truck and ialtest Link Code Reader:
1) For european vehicles, they have no difference.
2) For USA vehicles, ialtest Link Code Reader software is newer than WAS Multi-Di@g Truck, so ialtest Link Code Reader can work more newer USA vehicles.
3) WAS Multi-Di@g Truck support more languages than ialtest Link Code Reader

Multi-Di@g Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool software shown:



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Ford VCM error: cable between ids and vcm not detected (SOLVED)

I bought a few days before the diagnosis ford vcm software clone with 75 .. I have a problem in the communication I have installed the software, connected to the vehicle comes with a screen error (cable between ids and vcm not detected) what can be??

have change the IP address to in Control panel/network. Everyone make this mistake. Ford VCM works on LAN.The small black box in the middle of the cable is USB to LAN convertor.You will see in the network adapters that there is Realtek 8185 (or someone other network adapter i forget the name) change the automatic IP to static IP with

And beware Ford VCM can work only on main USB on your Laptop.Try to attach the VCM on every USB and you will see that IP address is change all time. only on one USB, VCM can work.

BEST-quality Ford VCM II clone with wireless card, to better diagnose, do programming, and avoid less troubles:

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Ford km/ mileage correction key programming with a knock-off

Sounds there are so many knock-offs like TOYOTA MINI VCI, MVCI, BMW K+DCAN interface...but no good “One Stop Electronics” cable for Ford cars?

---Reply at obd2express:
We obd2express have a new FORD OBD cable for odometer/mileage correction and key programming also, of high-quality printed circuit board, with easy installation, for most Ford cars. This is better than FORD KM TOOL for USA Ford.

FORD OBD cable-1.jpg
high-quality printed circuit board

high-quality printed circuit board-2.jpg

high-quality printed circuit board-3.jpg
Easy installation
Video guide:!8h1SWQgQ
Go to disk F: FORD OBD TOOL, to copy folder Ford-OBD to Desktop.
Extract .rar files driver and FORD OBD.

Install FORD OBD
Go to extracted folder FORD OBD->FORD OBD->FORD OBD.exe
Select Install....(Advanced) to go on.
Tick on Include this location in the search, click Browse.
Select Desktop/Ford-OBD/driver to go on.
Click Finish for successful installation of software for STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port.
Go to Computer Management.
Select Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT)->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).

Then you can run FORD OBD
Again, open FORD OBD.exe
Prompt: No device found for COM 1. Click OK.
Select Port->STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM4).

And click About for FORD OBD version and hardware ID.

Then do the km change or key programming as you want.

Vehicle coverage
Focus <.2007
Focus 2007+
Focus2 Restyle 2008+
Focus3 2011+
C-Max <.2007
C-Max 2007+
C-Max 2008+
C-Max color
C-Max 2011+
S-Max <.2007
S-Max 2007+
S-Max 2008+
S-Max color
Galaxy 2006+
Galaxy 2007+
Galaxy 2008+
Galaxy color
Mondeo 2007+
Mondeo 2008+
Mondeo 2010+
Mondeo color
Mondeo 2010+
Fiesta 2006+
Fiesta 2008+
Connect 2007+


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