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XTOOL IOBD2 mini Bluetooth scanner reviews

Customer feedback 1:
The service engine soon light came on my BMW X3 and the dealer wanted to charge $144 just for diagnostics. Instead I bought this €24.2 XTOOL IOBD2  adapter and it helped me to identity the issue with the exhaust solenoid and fixed the problem by myself without going to the dealer!

Customer feedback2:

I like XTOOL IOBD2 for two reasons:

It worked perfectly on 2013 Mercedes! I could read the “unrecognizable communication” code from transmission and reset the alert. It saved my wife a $50 trip to the dealership!


And both Android & iOS iOBD2 apps are free for user!

The tool is great! It detected an error code on my 2005 Focus, even my mechanic’s professional scanners could not detect although the CEL was on.


Customer feedback 3:

It allows me to know instant fuel economy, trip fuel consumption… The Live data is nearly real-time. It can even read engine codes and clear them. DTC codes come with full explanation. I use XTOOL iOBD2 mini scanner for below cars

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (1.4-I4) --->OK

2008 Honda Fit S (1.5-I4)--->OK

2006 Lexus GS430 (4.3-V8)--->OK

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4(4.7-V8)--->OK

1996 Ford Mustang GT (4.6-V8)--->OK

Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013--->OK

Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995--->OK


Customer feedback 4:

Its biggest feature is convenient, It is really easy to use! Just plug it into car OBD port, open iobd2 app, pair Bluetooth and I have car info right away. Tested this OK on iPhone 6s Plus Bluetooth 4.0!




Customer feedback 5:

My GMC truck has engine warning light and DEF level indicator associated with the engine software error that my local GMC dealer can’t seem to fix. Finally this little scanner helps me out to monitor and clear the error codes when DEF level indicator threatens to restrict my speed or shut me down.



Customer feedback 6:

My car a 1997 BMW 318i 4-door got check engine light on. I tried this XTOOL iOBD2 scanner to read out 3 Error codes, 2 problems which I knew about and a 3rd one I didn’t know about. Then it cleared the codes and turned off engine light successfully!





XTUNER E3 software installtion guide

How to install XTUNER E3 WIFI OBDII Auto Diagnostic Tool software?How to Activate account?How to download XTUNER E3 software?This user manual helps you to solve all the confusion for these.

Part1: How to install XTUNER E3?

Part2: How to Activate account?

Part3: How to download software?


Running Environment 

  • Hardware Environment:

Windows laptop, PC or PAD

CPU speed: more than 1.0G Hz

Memory: more than 1GB Disk: more than 32 GB

Communication port: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 

  • Software Environment: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Part1: How to install XTUNER E3?

Step1: Download client

Access to official website

Click “Support” option

Download “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx”



Step2: Setup the Client

Unzip “XTUNER-E3 Setup Vx.xx” and run XTUNER-E3 setup.exe



click “Next”



click “Next”



click “Install”.

xtuner-e3-use-guide-5 xtuner-e3-use-guide-6


XTUNER-E3 installed successfully. Click finish button to exit the setup wizard.



Part2: How to Activate Software?

At first, you should keep the network working.




Click “Online store” to get applications



Input the S/N number and password getting from the envelope


The S/N number like this:



Then click “Login”.



You will get this message if the product is not activated, please click “Yes”



Here Need you input your information and click “Activate”.

Note: Your email address must be real in order to get the activated link and the further better service from the manufacturer. The software update reminder and the new product release information will be sent to your email. If you do not receive the activation email, add "" to the white list of your mailbox and try the activation process again. Company name within 250 characters.



Click“Yes” to confirm your information



You should click the link to get the confirmation from the manufacturer.


xtuner-e3-use-guide-16 xtuner-e3-use-guide-17

Part3: How to download the XTUNER E3 software?

After the activation, you should login the online store again, and get the APPs upgrade.

There are three modes for downloading, one by one and one-click. It may take a long time to download all the software, due to your network speed reason.


xtuner-e3-use-guide-18 xtuner-e3-use-guide-19 xtuner-e3-use-guide-20

Above are some tips about Xtuner E3, Hope it helps you, thanks!


Galletto 1260 user guide

Here in this blog, i will show you how to read/ write Peugeot 306 HDI ECU with cheap ECU Tuning Tool Galletto 1260 cable.
Carry out this procedure at your own risk.
The main contents include 3 parts:
Part 1: Setting up the galletto 1260
Part 2: Reading the ECU
Part 3: Flashing the ECU
Car model: Peugeot 306 HDI
ECU Typr: Bosch EDC 15 C2 29f400BT
  1. How to set up the Galletto 1260 tool?The best place to buy the Galletto 1260 ECU Chip tuning tool is OBDexpress. This costs
To use Galletto 1260, you need a stable laptop computer with a fully charged battery. For best results windows XP can be used.
When you receive the tool you must first copy the contents of the disc(will package with the unit) onto your desktop. Next connect the USB cable to the laptop and allow Windows to automatically install the correct driver. The driver used will be an FTDI driver. If it does not install automatically you may have to go in to: Control panel> Performance and maintenance> System > Hardware> Device manager. In this menu you will be able to select the tool and update the driver.
2. How to read the ECU by Galletto 1260?If possible run an extension cable down to your car and connect your charger. Make sure there are no other programs running that could cause the computer to crash.
At first you should Remove the fuse box cover which is beneath the steering wheel. To do this you must turn the clip a quarter turn. Perhaps Need A large flat blade screw driver  to do the job instead you.
– then Connect the Galletto inferface to the car’s diagnostics port and Connect the USB side to the laptop.
-Open the program named ‘NEW_SERIAL’.
-Switch on the ignition key to two clicks (don’t start the engine) until the test lights illuminate
-NEXT Select Peugeot/Citroen, Bosch EDC 15 C2 29f400BT.
-Select ECU data. You will then see a code such as 0281010362. This means that the tool has connected to the ECU successfully.
-Now select read data. You can name and save the ECU data. The file format should be **.bin (e.g. Peugrot-edc-15.bin)
-When reading is complete wait for the message and follow the instructions: Switch off the ignition and then click ok -> Wait ten seconds -> switch on the ignition and click ok.
-Now You should have a copy of your original ECU data file on your laptop.
-This file can be sent over to remap.
3. How to flash the ECU by Galletto 1260 interface?You have to transfer remapped file over tolaptop once you received it. And It is very important for you to check the file size is 512KB, you must also check the consistency of the file using the check sum tool:
-Connect the Galletto inferface to the car’s diagnostics port and Connect the USB side to the laptop.
-Open the program named ‘NEW_SERIAL’.
-Switch on the ignition key to two clicks (don’t start the engine) until the test lights illuminate
-Select Peugeot/Citroen, Bosch EDC 15 C2 29f400BT.
-Select ECU data. You will then see a code such as 0281010362. This means that the tool has connected to the ECU successfully.
-Select ‘Open file’, and then select the new remapped file which you wish to load to the ECU.
-Select download file. This step can not be interrupted, so Make sure there is no other software running and don’t knock the cable etc, it’s best to remain completely still to eliminate any possible risk.
-Afterwards, when the program prompts, switch off the ignition once the lift pump has stopped. Then press ok and wait ten seconds. You will then be prompted to switch it back on. Do as instructed and the process is complete.
Now You can enjoy your remapped ECU!