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How to solve BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 “Hardware faulty”

Some customer met the some issue on BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 in recent days.”Hardware faulty” occurs when they open the BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 software.

Issue diasplay:



Here is a wrong connect way,please do not imitate:

Install the software and then connect the USB cable to open the software


Correct solution:

Step 1. Intall the software then connect to the device

Step 2. Intall  the driver
Step 3. Open the software



(solved) Vocom + Tech Tool view DTCs of MACK truck

I'm have a MACK to read faults, but unluckily I failed to diagnose (view DTC's) or use any off the other features of my Tech Tool 2.04.87. PTT says the software is incompatible and that version on the control unit(s) is not supported by Tech Tool.

Here is my version info:

Product: Tech Tool
Version: 2.04.87
Database: Standard

Last updated: APCI (-A) 11/8/2016 12:19:36 PM
Last updated: APCI+ (-A) 9/14/2016 1:56:29 PM

Every time I go to view DTC's I get these errors :
it says: the version of software installed in the engine and vehicle electronic control units are incompatible. Electrical faults will present in one or both modules. Upgrade the software in one or both modules to correct the problem.


then i Click OK and get this one:

Software on the control unit(s) below is not supported by Tech Tool.

Please update Tech Tool and try again.

144 144


Then ask obd2express for help.. solved my issue

I am advised to update the firmware of 88890300 Vocom Interface. Just follow the screen message to do that. Then tech tool works like a charm.

BIG thanks to


Condor key cutting machine & Internet is necessary for VVDI2?

Usually, Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer can work great alone. But in some situations, vvdi2 functions are limited because of Condor key cutting machine (Condor xc-007, iKeycutter condor mini, condor xc-002, etc.)


"The following functions need Internet support and require authorize for CONDOR Automatic Key Cutting Machine:


Calculate OBD data online,


Other ECU's work good.




Xhorse VVDI2:

VVDI2 = VVDI options + BMW Multi Tool options + Porsche options + J2534(free) + Tango(free) + Remote control generation(free)…..more other function





VVDI2 manual: