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Renault CAN CLIP V166 Free Download

Renault CAN CLIP V166 software is working now? Free download CAN CLIP V166 for Renault on Mega and try on your own risk:
So can you use CLIP V166 safely?
NO! Have better not.
Can clip v166 download links are shared individually in some communities like forum.
No tested by professionals yet. but our engineers are testing now… wait for the result if you wanna the newest CLIP software.
For sake of SECURITY, go for a tested version of Renault can clip diagnostic software. Here you go…
Post: Renault Can CLIP V165 Test Report
 Renault Can CLIP V165 (1)


 Renault Can CLIP V165 (2)
Source: Renault Can CLIP V165 software
Note: CLIP V165 is a crack version, tested to work 100% with renault can clip diagnostic interface china clone:
Four versions available: cheapest, best-quality, good quality, most populous
Renault CLIP buying guide:
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It’s necessary to get the details if you wanna buy a working renault can clip diagnostic tool from china.


New Genius Windows 7 XP Videos

Here, you will get the step-by-step instruction on

how to install New Genius software clone on Windows XP/ Windows 7 system,

how to use K-touch read write ECU data,

how to reset New Genius TF card when TF files fail to work


How to Install New Genius Software on Windows 7:

How to Install New Genius K Touch on Windows XP :

How to use New Genius clone to Read and Write K Touch Data:

How to reset New Genius TF card when TF files fail to work:



you can read / program the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2. It is able to work without connection to a computer during the critical phases of reading and writing of the ECU, ensuring the process is executed in complete safety. As a completely independent tool, the risks of working with a PC can be avoided, risks such as stalling, Windows crashes, power failure etc…


clone New Genius review…here you go

have tested it ok to read/write ECU on vehicles:

2014 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 125hp auto

2013 Mitsubishi ASX/Outlander Sport 2.0 4B11 CVT

2014 Chevrolet Orlando 1.8 Petrol Auto

2015 Mitsubishi Montero Sport/Pajero Sport 2.5DiD 178hp auto

Opel Zafira , Combo , Meriva Denso

Mercedes EDC16C2 ID



Download software of Renault pin codes reading

First, download software of Renault pin codes reading:!WU5mlA4Y!McYhbOM5Up0ThZGDllsa6vdnj55SAm...

Developed by a diy user

Crack; No password; Unknown security


it can calculate the radio code, pin/in code (immo) and the crc code.



Second, get renault-com bluetooth software:

Tested! a good replacement of renualt can clip diagnostic interface


it can work perfectly when diagnose, program new keys and program ECUs. Also special functions can be performed, incl. Service reset, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) self-test, Airbag programming, Injector programming, Power Steering calibration, ECU replacement, Car configurations

renault-com-key-programming-1 renault-com-key-programming-2 renault-com-key-programming-3



Second, download renault can clip v165 diagnostic software:

Free but NOT tested:!zlBGDS4Y!BYP27QHEDfBkmZ2f9dY7j7RcDaZBCF...

Tested to work 100%:

Working renault can clip v165 diagnostic tool:


it can work no issues in basic obdii diagnosis and ecu re-programming

renault-clip-diagnostic-ecu-reprogramming renault-clip-diagnostic-ecu-reprogramming