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VAG VVDI V3.5.3 Update Error: Update programmer failed

Symptom description:
Original XHORSE VVDI VAG interface 3.5.2 prompt that “You must update your programmer to use this software. Do you want to update your programmer?”. Click Tak (Yes) to update VVDI VAG. But when updating vag programmer, error appears- “Update programmer failed.”

VVDI VAG interface-1.jpg

VVDI VAG interface-2.jpg

VVDI VAG interface-3.jpg
How to update VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface 3.5.3?
Operating System: Win7 or Windows XP
Note: This version need the newest firmware support

-how to update VVDI firmware to the newest:
1. Use the update tool "Commander Immo Plus" (please contact us to send you)
2. Give us the serial number
3. We send you update file by email.
4. After receiving the software, import it into "commanderupdate v1.3" to update hardware.

- how to update software VVDI vag 3.5.3:
VVDI 3.5.3 software free download:

Tips on updating VAG VVDI Diagnostic Tool:
 If your VVDI is not from obdexpress, but you also want to update yours. You need pay 20USD for each update.

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How to install XPROG Box 5.51 USB Key

Tips of the instruction on how to install XPROG box ECU programmer 5.51 USB key.

Language :English only
O/S requirement: Windows XP better

Video guide:

Step-by-step instruction:
Extract files “xp5.51 install”, “vcredist2008”, “AdbderRdr1100_zh_CN”, “drivers” on Desktop.
And then delete the zip files.

Open “xp5.51 install”.
Click Install.
Xp5.51 installation success.

Open “AdbderRdr1100_zh_CN”.
Click Install.
Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) installation success.
Click Finish.

Open “vcredist2008”.
Click Next.
Tick on “I agree...” and click Install.
Waiting for 1-2 minutes.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable installation success.
Click Finish.

Delete files “xp5.51 install”, “vcredist2008”, “AdbderRdr1100_zh_CN”.

Open Computer Management.
Select Device Manager>>Human Interface Devices>>USB Human Interface Device. Click on Minimize icon.

Found New Hardware Wizard: click “Install...(Advanced)” and Next.
Cancel tick on “Search removable media” and tick on “Include this location in the search”.
Click Browse, and select Desktop/drivers/win_2k_xp_2k3.
Click Next.
The software for XPROG-box programmer installation completes.
Click Finish.

Found New Hardware Wizard: click “Install...(Advanced)” and Next.
Click Next.
The software for USB Serial Port installation completes.
Click Finish.

Back to Computer Management.
Select Device Manager>>Ports (COM & LPT)>>XPROG-box programmer (COM4).
Close computer management.

Open xp5.51.
select the language and click OK.

Click Accept.

Select Options>>Environment...

Select COM4: XPROG-box programmer -USB, and click OK.

Click Device.
Select Type: Dashboards, Subtype: BMW, Device: E56-M35080.

Click New.

Click Read.

Click Save and name “m35080”.
Then close all the interfaces.


To get XPROG 5.51, please go to

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Xentry_SD4 2015.09 VMware Player: The operation on file... failed

This is analysis of VMware error The operation on file
“F:Xentry_SD4_2015.09DAS-000001-s013.vmck” failed.

Tried to install SD C4 XENTRY 2015.09 in VMware player, but it prompt as follows:

“The operation on file “F:Xentry_SD4_2015.09DAS-000001-s013.vmck” failed.

If the file resides on a remote file system, make sure that the network connection and the server where this disk resides are functioning properly. If the file resides on removable media, reattach the media.

Select Retry to attempt the operation again.

Select Cancel to end this session.

Select Continue to forward the error to the guest operation system”

Xentry_SD4 2015.09 VMware Player-1.png

Xentry_SD4 2015.09 VMware Player-2.png

Possible reasons and optional solution:
The user had used it in another computer and did not close it.
The Win 7 system doesn’t support this, or the software of VMware player cannot run. Try to use VMware:
The VMware is broken, ask the seller for a new one.

With the long-time test by Star diagnostic technicians, Windows XP will be the most ideal operation for star mux, including MB STAR C3 and SDconnect C4. Also, it will be better to spare a laptop to install Mercedes software for diagnosis or programming. No need a brand new PC. Second hand PC(Dell D630) is just okay.

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