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New arrival European software for XPROG 5.55 ATMEGA64 Repair Chip

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M ECU Programmer from V5.0/V5.3/V5.45/V5.50 to V5.55 Full Authorization (Including CAS4) with stable European software is available at


New features of the XPROG 5.55 ATMEGA64 Repair Chip
1. European solution on XPROG-M software, tested for all versions, very reliable.
2. Supports any XPROG-M Version update, all can be updated to latest V5.55
3. Supports ALL authorizations (including CAS4).

How to use the xprog update chip:
First, Our update chip and software suitable for any version XPROG-M Hardware. Our package only include update chip and software, not include XPROG-M hardware.
Second, we ship the update chip and software from European directly by post service.
Third, after you receive the update chip, solder new Atmega64 MCU to your xprog. Overwrite all files and folders from Xprog_Preinstalled,to your native Xprog install. Usualy C:Program FilesELDBXprogor C:Program Files(X86)ELDBXprog.
You can now start and Run Xprog. If you want to use this version on brand new PC, please install Xprog 5.0 and Adobe acrobat reader prior to files copy.

XPROG-M V5.55 Software Display:










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VVDI MB Tool 2.0.4 Add Mercedes BGA Key Step by Step

OBDEXPRESS technicians has successfully added BGA keys of Benz W166, 197, 212, 218, 246, with Mercedes key programmer- vvdi mb bga tool 2.0.4. Here is the instruction for you.

Tool used:
Original VVDI MB tool

Successfully added BGA key includes:
Mercedes Benz W166, 197, 212, 218, 246

Step-by-step procedure to add bga key:

Step 1 Read EIS data
Connect VVDI MB BGA Tool to the laptop.
Go to EIS Tools. And click Read EIS data.

Reading data success.

Step 2 Password Calculation
Go to Password Calculation.
Select the Chassis: W166, 197, 212, 218, 246 and Mode: OBD
And click Data Acquisition.

Do follow the prompt on the screen.
Insert the working key to EIS, and then click OK to go on.

Insert working key to Device IR Reader, and click OK.
Insert the working key to EIS, and then click OK.
Insert working key to Device IR Reader, and click OK.
Processing data acquisition... (5 minute needed)
Insert the working key to EIS, and then click OK.
Insert working key to Device IR Reader, and click OK.
Data reading success.
Save data.

Step 3 Upload data to send acquisition data
Acquisition finished. Click OK.
Upload the saved data with Upload Data for password.

Upload success. Click OK.

Step 4 Queue result to get result
Queue number 1, require 1 minute to finish. Click OK.

Find correct password. Click Copy.

Password was copied to clip board.

Step 5 Paste password and save EIS data
Go to EIS Tools.
Click Read EIS data.
Click Paste to get key password.

Click Save EIS data.
Click OK to save HC05 format file.

Step 6 Prepare key file
Go to Prepare Key File.
Click Load EIS file.

Select the file to load, and click Prepare Key File.
Prepare Key File...
Save key file.
Preparing keys...
All key files

Step 7 Read and Write Key
Go to Read Write Key.
Click Identification key.
Reading data success.
Again, click Identification key.
Reading data success.

Click Load key file to get it. (here: key8_F7CCD165_used_051)
Click Write.
Writing data success.

Click Identification key.
Reading data success.

Add BGA key success.

Other successful case about vvdi mb tool:
Change EIS on W172, 204, 207....OK
Calculate EIS 221 password....OK
All key lost on W172, 204, 207....OK
Read and renew ELV on W204, 207, 212....OK
Renew EIS on W172 204 207....OK

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Porsche PIWIS Tester II Driver and Firmware Update

PIWIS Tester 2 driver firmware update tips are offered at obdexpress. Please go your your reading.

Before updating tester ii driver and firmware, please connect network and connect the device to the laptop. (NO need to connect to the vehicle)

In the main interface, select WIRING DIAGRAMS>>Update online.

Click Update for PIWIS 2 driver and firmware update.

VCX Driver Firmware updating...

Update online complete. Close the update interface.

Tester 2 Driver Firmware update done.

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