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How to solve Kess V2 Bootloader adapter problems

Find a solution to fix Kess v2 clone bootloader adapter problems. Just put it here for sharing.


Kess v2 with ksuite 4.036 (China clone)


I am having problems with my bootloader adapter for Kess v2. Kess is reworked to 4.036 and works with OBD cable. I tried to use bootloader adapter and cable, but failed to read any ecu. I tried to connect EDC17CP14 (on the bench and without boot pin- obd mode on the bench), no luck with Kess (but my reworked Galletto worked with similar wiring ID + read OK).

I already checked the wiring in the cable connector- fixed some wires, but still nothing.

I think there may be something wrong in the bootloader unit.

4 steps to solve bootloader adapter problems:

Step 1- fixed the wiring

i fixed the wiring in the connector that goes into the bootloader module like in the picture (Ktag has the same) 4 wires were wrong in my connector.

Step 2- resoldered the mosfet

And I resoldered the mosfet (in the middle of the module- near the middle LED).

Step 3- read ECU without opening

I then got the power to the ecu. But it didnt read it, probably because I didn’t connect the boot pin (that needs to be soldered on the ecu pcb). I tried to read it without opening, because I borrowed the ecu.


Step 4- opened the ECU to read

So I finally got the time to test my bootloader module with all wiring (boot cable attached). Once I opened the ECU (edc17cp14) and connected the boot pin, I was able to succesfully Id and read the ECU.

Worked like a charm!

The main problem was the soldering of the mosfet transistor in the middle of bootloader pcb, and I remowed the extra wire that was on the other side of the pcb.

Hope this helps those with Kess V2 unit from China

(NOTE: This is a cutomer solution; please try and responsible for what you will do)

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How to avoid Xentry DAS re-activation issues

This is the useful tips to help store XENTRY or DAS activation code and avoid re-activation issues.

NOTE: actions below can be used on Star C3, SD connect C4 software.

Step 1- Go to Local Disk C:/ ProgramData/ LicDir

Step 2- copy and paste “lic_key_2.dat”, re-name as “lic-key_2.x4711

star-xentry-das-activation-code (1).jpg

star-xentry-das-activation-code (2).jpg

Step 3- Setup Properties of “lic-key_2.x4711”, select Read-only

star-xentry-das-activation-code (3).jpg

Step 4- Then open XENTRY Diagnostics Openshell and close it

star-xentry-das-activation-code (4).jpg

star-xentry-das-activation-code (5).jpg

star-xentry-das-activation-code (6).jpg

Actions above can well avoid the activation code to be lost and reactivate XENTRY

For more Star diagnostic mux issues, please go to

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How to choose BMW Diagnostic tool for E9x/E82, ISTA D/P, INPA, DIS?

There are many BMW diagnostic tools in the market, like ICOM A2 with ISTA D/P, K+DCAN cable with INPA, and OPS with DIS or SSS. This is about how to choose a proper BMW diagnostic & programming tool for E9x / E82 chassis.


2011 E9x / E82 chassis

Optional interface:

INPA with K+DCAN cable

ISTA D ISTA-P with ICOM A2 + B+ C emulator

DIS & SSS v41 with BMW OPS


program/reset steering angle sensors, adaptation

Suggestion of diagnostic and programming tool for 2011 E9x / E82:

DIS and SSS are massively outdated, replaced in 2008 with ISTA.

You can "technically" hack up SSS to support newer vehicles, but that's a massive gamble.

If you want the proper tools for diagnostics, you can use a K+DCAN cable with INPA and ISTA/D rather easily. It does well in reading & deleting errors, adaptations, driver programming, applu coding, etc.

Programming is another game, you can program basic modules like the DME, etc. But anything on the MOST (fibre optic bus) like the navigation system, etc. you really want an ICOM A+B along with ISTA/P and a good stable power supply, otherwise you risk seriously screwing up your car by bricking ECUs.

NOTE: BMW ICOM A2 Emulator, or INPA K+DCAN cable? (click to get it)


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