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K-tag checksum Error problem and solution

This is the problem photo shown:


From this photo, we can see the hardware serial number and software serial number. It means that the software and hardware are good, no quality problem.

This photo is caused by the following reasons:
1) K-tag ECU cannot work on the chip you test
2) This software is not compatible with your computer

To solve this problem, please use the following way:
1) Change another ECU type or chip
2) Download this software, and install it on your computer, instead of the k-tag software in the CD.

Software link:

Please close/uninstall unti-virus software when you download or install the software.

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How to connect mercedes benz eis test platform

MB EIS Test Platform can test the EIS for these Mercedes Benz models: W220, W215, W210, W202, W208, W203, W211, W209, W169, W221, W164, W204 and W639, and separately it is packed with the corresponding models’ EIS testing plug, so it is very easy to use.

MB EIS Test Platform instruction Free Download

MB EIS Test Platform features:
1. Protect EIS power
2. Built-in direction lock (W203, W210, W211, W209, W169) ELV function
3. No need to desolder the original Mercedes Benz direction lock, it is able to test by connecting the EIS, insert into the authorized key to open EIS and check key and EIS working or not.

Cable connection instruction:
W164, W221 connection:

W210, W208 and W202 connection:

W209, W211 and W169 connection


W639, W203 connection


W204, W207 connection, this one needs connnect with car's ESL to test


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SK-670 Super Smart Car Key Machine ID-IC Card Copy Device for €72.48

SK-670 Super Smart Car Key Machine ID-IC Card Copy Device can read and copy all 125KHz, 250KHz(PID encryption), 375KHz,500KHz,625KHz,750KHz,875KHz,1000KHz ID card, also 13.56MHz IC card.


SK-670 Highlights:
1. HD3.2 inch full color screen, clear display.
2. ID/IC full-hand, voice broadcast,
3. It can copy these frequency card: 125KHz,250KHz,500KHz,625KHz,750KHz,875KHz,875KHz,1000KHz,13.56MHz
4. Digital keys to enter the card number can be entered directly.
5. 4 pcs AAA battery, standard handset, easy to carry.
6. Comes decoding, direct preparation of various types of smart card access door.
7. It can copy all encryption IC card, even if all sectors are encryption.

Note: IC card with encryption on the money can't be changed.

sk670 device display:



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