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How to update FPMC001 incode calculator to V1.7

FMPC001 INCODE Calculator for FORD and MAZDA no token limitation new software V1.7 has newly released in obd2express.

1. Latest version: V1.7
2. No computer is needed. Connect to OBD2 connector and play!
3. Support 6 digits OUTCODE transfer to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.
4. Also work for 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo, etc.
5. Updated online.
(Attention: For most vehicles, it does not need tokens. But for latest Ford Mondeo, Ford ESCORT, ford Mustang and so on, still need tokens. This machine comes with 50 tokens. After this tokens are run over, you can buy tokens from us, 105USD for 50 tokens.)

How to update FPMC001 incode calculator to V1.7?
1. Update will automatically add/recharge 50 tokens, no need to add token.
2.Do follow these steps, otherwise you will have update error.)
1)Connect FMPC001 to PC via USB cable
2)install drivers
3)copy FMPC DFU V1.1.exe and FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to desktop
4)rename: FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to 1.bin
5)start update

How to update FMPC001 INCODE Calculator for FORD and MAZDA

How To Get tokens after used up the previews 50 tokens
1. Each 50 Tokens price is €102.00, need contact our customer sevice to buy the token sevice
2. After you make the payment, please tell us your serial number, we will contact the factory to add the tokens for you
3. We will inform you after tokens are added.
5. We will give you the account to add the tokens. Including ID and password.
6. Connect FMPC001 with PC and install the driver, after finish the installation, open the Update Tool to update and finish it.

PS:If you need the V1.7 update file,please contact our customer service.

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(Fixed) BMW E90 errors Winkpf errors after update MRS

This post starts with the errors that I have in MRS (airbags and seatbelts) after I updated MRS module using WinKpf. Finally I got it fixed, how to do? Go on reading following parts.

Tool I use:
Btw, I bought from

What I did:
I updated MRS module using WinKpf

I have errors in MRS (airbags and seatbelts), I used tool32 (sfz.prg / systemzeit_starten) but no luck. I've heard that is possible to reset system time using ISTA/D to fix it. But I couldn't find it.
I updated CAS because of error with ELV steering blocks problem. And after that I wanted to update rest of module.
I've heard that I should use NCS to coding new version of MRS.

errors in MRS.jpg
Finally, Solved!!!
It's working properly, I've done:
Detei-> Profil laden -> Expert mode -> VIN/ZCS/FA ->ZCS/Fa f. ECU -> E89 -> CAS -> BACK -> Process ECU -> ABG -> (SG Codieren) Excute job.
Note: It doesn't matter if you choose CAS or FRM, very important is expert mode profile. Once you load this, go for updated module and choose job sg_codieren. It wil code module to factory data setup.

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KESS V2 master truck version FW V4.036 SW V2.22 tested Ok

New update!!! Newest KESS V2 master firmware V4.036 SW V2.22 is tested ok to read write ECU data on with most worldwide truck makes and models. This is an extremely amazing news for KESS V2 regular users who mainly have multi-brand trucks to diagnose, also some cars and motocycle to scan.

kess v2 4.036 truck-02.jpg

Truck version KESS V2 master FW V4.036 compare with SE87-CK and SE87-D:
1) Truck version V4.036 read write ECU data on more trucks models compared with firmware V4.024 (Item No. SE87-CK)

2) Truck version V4.036 read write ECU data on not only trucks but also cars and motorcyles, while the car version V4.036 (Item No. SE87-D) hardware fail to cover truck otherwise it will burn the truck (Reading detail in the following part on "installation procedure")

3) Truck version V4.036 only sales for €116.99 and car version V4.036 (Item No. SE87-D) is €165.

Truck version V4.036 KESS V2 master User tips:
1) Disable both local area and wireless network connection
2) OS: Windows XP 32bit (better)

Truck version V4.036 KESS v2 setup procedure + test trucks, motorcycle and cars
1. Firstly install Ksuite V2.08
You may get the error message reading "connection not established" after successfully finishing the driver, click ok and exit the user interface.

connection not established-01.jpg

Open E:Ksuite V2.08Ksuite and meanwhile right click the icon "K-suite" at the desktop, select "Properties", then click "Find Target", select all files and right click to delete these files to the recycle bin.

ksuite properties-02.jpg

delete all files-03.jpg

Go to "E:Ksuite V2.08Ksuite", select all files and right click to copy, and go to C:Ksuite to paste all.

copy files-04.jpg

Open E: and copy the folder "Help" to paste to C:Ksuite, close C:Ksuite.

Connect Kess v2 V4.036 hardware to the computer, and get message "Found New Hardware Wizard" and click next to finish.

Click My Computer-Manage-Device Manager- Universal Serial Bus controlers, you will find USB device. It means KESS V2 V4.036 has been established a good communication with the computer.

usb device-05.jpg

2. Open "K-suite" at the desktop, searching software update online...

searching software update-06.jpg

3. Test to read write ECU data on trucks , cars and motorcycles
1) To check what truck makes KESS V2 V4.036 covers.
KESS V2 V4.036 read write ECU data on most truck makes and models

KESS V2 V4.036 truck-17.jpg

KESS V2 V4.036 truck-18.jpg

KESS V2 V4.036 truck-19.jpg

KESS V2 V4.036 truck-20.jpg

2.) Use KESS V2 V4.036 to read out ID and ECU for Cars
Click car icon to have a test, for example BMW-3 Series(E90) 323i 250024v...shown as follows. Then click "OK"

kess v2 4.036 BMW 3 series-07.jpg

Get prompt about what to notice.


Kline or Can to select, e.g Can

Select options: ID, reading, writing, recovery.


a)Read out ID
Click "Ok" to confirm you have done as the prompt.
Finally read out HW, SW and chassis

read out ID-10.jpg
Then click "Ok" to save at the desktop, name as "e90".

b) Reading
Back to select "READING"
Click "Ok" to confirm you have done as the prompt.


Test another BMW model e.g BMW 3 series 320d 2000 D N47D2000...
You will get waring, notices and recommendation and instruction. As for the pinout most users tend to ask, click "Here" shown as following second pic.

BMW 3 series 320d 2000 D N47D2000-12.jpg



3.) Motorcycle secondly
KESS V2 V4.036 read write ECU data on a multi-brand Motorcycles shown as follows. take BMW MOTORRAD for example. 

KESS V2 V4.036 motorcycle-15.jpg

KESS V2 V4.036 for motorcycle-16.jpg

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