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Free Download BMW INPA 5.0.2 EDIABAS to install on Windows XP

Free download INPA 5.0.2 BMW software and install on the laptop with Windows XP operating system for BMW auto diagnosis.

Free download inpa v5.0.2: +
Inpa v5.0.2 Ediabas v6.4.7.rar
INPA 5.0.2 bmw (tested)
BMW INPA EDIABAS 5.0.2 full package includes INPA, NCSExpert, WinKFP, Tool32

New INPA basic info:
* Language option: English and German
* System requirements: Windows XP -safe, Windows 2000/VISTA/7
If you have Win7 operating system INPA will work properly but you need XP mode to work with NCSExpert.
* Support of all ECU use cases in Engineering, Test, Production and After Sales
* Specification of ECU’s diagnostic data
* Reading and clearing error memory
* FLASH data uploading and downloading
* Reading measurement value
* Input/output control
* Calibration of single ECU variables
* CAN (controller Area Network) bus mode emulation
* Integrated solutions for on-board/off-board
* Customer specific protocols supported
* Long term application by supporting widespread ASAM standards

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW:
Unpack INPA and run Programminstallation/setup.exe
1.Choose language:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_01.jpg
2.Select "I accept agreement" and click "Next":

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_02.jpg
3.Next step:[/caption]

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_03.jpg
4.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_04.jpg
5.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_05.jpg
6.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_06.jpg
7.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_07.jpg
8.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_08.jpg
9.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_09.jpg
10.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_10.jpg
11.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_11.jpg
12.Next step (select STD:OBD even if you have DCAN cable) :

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_12.jpg
13.Next step (select COM port that your cable plugged in):

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_13.jpg
14.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_14.jpg
15.Next step (click "skip" 3 times):

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_15.jpg
16.Next step:

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_16.jpg
17.Next step (restart your computer):

How to install INPA 5.0.2 BMW_17.jpg

ATTENTION please when using INPA:
1) Before using this equipment, keep the battery of notebook fully charged to avoid battery broken. Don’t charge the battery while diagnosing (the charger may interfere with diagnosis). Before charging, discharge the battery. You may knock down the battery and connect the power line during long time diagnosing. To make sure the battery life.
2) While testing, make sure the diagnostic lines well connected.
3) Be sure to start diagnosing after all icons on bottom right of screen displayed regularly.
4) After finished diagnosing, back the screen to the main interface, then shut down the key and pull out the connector.
5) Don’t cut the power or connector during test.
Don't touch the high temperature components in carriage during test.

Models covered:
1 series E81 E82 E87 E88
3 series E30 E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 E93 
5 series E34 E39 E60 E61 
6 series E63 E64 
7 series E38 E65 E66 
8 series E31 
Mini R50 R52 R53 R55 R56 R57
X series E53 E83 E70 E71
Rolls Royce RR1 RR2
Z series E52. E85 E86 E89

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2015R3 TCS CDP+ PRO on BMW 3 series e90- NO ISSUES

TCSCDP+ 2015R3 software has been updated and first released at Also, engineers tested OK with TCS CDP pro with 2015.3 software, on BMW 3 series E90.

Obd2express engineers tested with the best Chinese TCSCDP + (Bluetooth version)




Test 2015R3 software on BMW e90.
Read fault codes via USB or Bluetooth connection
Via USB/BT (com port)

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (1).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (2).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (3).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (4).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (5).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (6).jpg
Via Bluetooth (direct)

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (7).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (8).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (9).jpg

TSC-CDP-BMW-3-series-E90 (10).jpg
CDP pro read BMW E90 faults - SUCCESS!

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Key pro M8, Superobd skp-900,Which is the Best Key Programmer?

With Key Pro M8 Key Programmer, you can freely program keys and remotes for all makes of vehicles worldwide,Key Pro M8 Key Programmer reads many Pin Codes. Update online. Make key programming more effective and convenience.

SuperOBD SKP-900 support most car brands in the market. Work alone, no need PC. New update for pin code, more easily and simple for key programming. With updatable software, more new car models will added.

Which is the Best Key Programmer of Key pro M8 and Superobd skp-900?

Item Name Key Pro M8 (SK142) Superobd skp900(SK155)
Item Pic  




Vehicles Coverage Europen, American and Asian Vehicles, cover more car models than skp900 does Europen, American and Asian Vehicles, some Chinese car models
Support all keys lost Yes, depends on models list Yes, depends on models list
Support functions make auto transponder keys and auto remote keys read/program auto transponder keys, auto remote keys and auto smart keys
Via OBD read key data via OBD cable read key data via OBD cable
Need tokens Yes, (with 800 tokens itself, if use up, need money to add tokens) Yes, (with 50 tokens itself, if use up, it’s free to add tokens online)
Read pin code Yes, for some models Yes, for some models
Update Online Yes, free for one year Yes, free of charge
How to Use The Key Pro M8 Key User Manual Superobd skp900 User Manual
Note In all, there is no best or worst tool. Also please understand that no tool can do all, each tool has its pros and cons. Which one tool to buy, it depends on your personal needs and budget.

Customer asked functions of SKP-900
Q: Can i use this SuperOBD SKP-900 to map ECU or program immobilizer?
A: No. This one only can program keys. Do not have other function. If you want to have other function besides program key, you can choose the key pro m8.

Q: How do i know there is no tokens left and i need to charge tokens?
A: When you use SKP-900 to program keys, and meet this prompt "Can be used o times add it in main menu add times function [NO] back", then you need to charge the tokens on official website.

Q: Can i use SKP900 to program used smart key?
A: If you can use other programmer to erase the key clearly, then can use this SKP900 to program.

Customers asked questions of Key pro M8:
Q: When i get this pro m8, do i need register first? or update it? or buy tokens?
A: NO. You can directly use it to program keys. It has 100 tokens itself. Software is installed and updated to the latest version.

Q: For this tokens, everytime i make the key, it will cost the tokens?
A: No. For ordinary models, usually does not need tokens. Only special model needs tokens. For 100 tokens in the machine, you can use it for a very long time.

Q: After the tokens is run out, i need to buy the tokens again, i buy it one by one or?
A: For tokens, we have three types to choose:
50 tokens
100 tokens
250 tokens

Q: What will i do when i buy the tokens, just pay the money for you? Else?
A: Please give us the serial number and password of your mechine. We will directly open the tokens for you. Then you can directly buy it online.

Q: Can i use it to work on the latest 2012 and 2013 models?
A: Yes.

Q: Can i get the out code?
A: Out-code is only for Ford series. Dodge cannot display. Because Dodge is belongs to Chrysler vehicles. It can directly read out the password by The key pro m8. Go to pin code menu, and choose the option to read the pin code.

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