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Arrival of goods (AOG) at The hot VXDIAG VCX NANO scanners have arrived again. Enjoy!


Highlights of VXDIAG VCX NANO products:

- Better price

- Software activated, tested without issues, safe to use

- Hardware of high quality


VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford / Mazda with IDS v100

Run as the Ford VCM2, same function but lower price

WIFI version - €99

Non-wifi version - €90



clone vcm 2 & original vxdiag come with the same software but from different factories--> different brands&firmware&driver--> different price: vxdiag usually cheaper)

VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota with Techstream TIS V10.30.029

Support diagnostic tests, programming, custom functions, key programming, etc. for Toyota or Lexus before 2015.

Wifi version - €80.90

Wireless version - €71.80


Note: Toyota mini vci cable vs VXDIAG NANO scanner

Both come with the same software but the mini vci cable CANNOT support key programming and online ECU programming.



VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM/OPEL with GDS2 2014.10 & TECH2WIN 33.002

Diagnosis as the better replacement of GM MDI, with a lower price

Wifi version - €117

Wired version - €108


Note: GM MDI vs vxdiag nano gm/opel

VXDIAG VCX NANO GM DON’T support offline programming compared with GM MDI.




Back interface: marked with “VXDIAG”


Latest user feedback:

-- VXDIAG NANO for Ford

Nano is very good for Ford/Mazda IDS (VMware). Only problems with VCMII /nano is get working activated software (freezed time)
If you afraid bad VCMII clone (many is really bad) i recommend any passthru device like nano.

pass thru you will be able clearly use online in paid ford service..



The first vehicle I hooked up was a 2004 chevy cavalier running tech2win. The car was recognized by the software and I was able to read codes, live data, activate special functions. First good impression.
Then I decided to push a little more and I tried reprogramming a 2006 chevy trailblazer using tis2000. All went well.
Then I went back to the 2004 chevy cavalier and also tried to replace and reprogram the PCM with tis2000. First attempt failed, so did the 2nd attempt, the 3rd and even more

Since then, I played a bit with tech2win software (since I don't have many 2013+ GM car on hand to try GDS2) and I must admit 80% of what I tried worked. This leave me a 20% of fail attempt. If you use the tool to play with your personal car that may be fine but working professionally on client cars, I can't deal with a 80% working tool.


If you want to play around with your personal car --> definitely YES!
If you need it professionally--> NO!



What is BMW ICOM?

What is BMW ICOM?
ICOM refers to Integrated Communication Optical Module.
The ICOMs are the interfaces for the repair of BMW and MINI vehicles recommended by BMW. The ICOM is specifically designed for BMW and MINI vehicles. The ICOM incorporates powerful
processors and a high storage capacity. This allows for faster communication than with a PTT.
Nowadays, there are three versions of ICOM hardware: ICOM AICOM A2ICOM A3ICOM A3 pro
What is a ICOM kit?
There are three different ICOM components available. These can handle all vehicles of the BMW
  • ICOM A for OBD communication
  • ICOM B, in combination with the ICOM A, for MOST communication
  • ICOM C, in combination with the ICOM A, for 20 PIN diagnostic connector.
How to connect ICOM to OBD interface?
Connect ICOM A directly to the computer's unused network port. No other equipment or multiple port hubs should be connected between the ICOM and the computer. Connect the ICOM A OBD connector to the OBD socket in the vehicle. The ICOM A OBD connector can be folded to an angle to adapt it for use in the wide variety of OBD socket locations encountered in various vehicles.
How to use the ICOM multiplexer with the MOST port?
The supplementary ICOM B module will also be required to connect the vehicle's MOST port. Proceed by attaching the USB ports from ICOM A and ICOM B to the USB cable. Then connect ICOM A directly to the computer's unused network port. Complete the process by connecting ICOM B to the vehicle's MOST port through the MOST connector while also plugging the ICOM A OBD connector into the vehicle's OBD socket. If the system subsequently fails to recognize the MOST port or the ICOM, please repeat the process.How to connect ICOM mux to 20 Pin adapter on the vehicle?
Connect the ICOM to the network port on the PC first. Then connect the ICOM C to the ICOM A. Finally, connect the ICOM C to the vehicle 20 Pin diagnostic connector.
How long should you take to communicate with ICOM emulator?
Waiting period for recognition of an ICOM It can take up to 15 minutes before an ICOM is detected after the connection to the PC. It is advisable to connect the ICOM immediately after boot up of the PC, and then start the OSS software..
What are the compatible software?
Software List Software Function
1 ISPI-NEXT Admin Tools ISPI-NEXT authorization software
2 ISPI Admin Client ISPI-NEXT authorization management and environment Configuration software
3 ISTA-D(Rheingold) Diagnostic and repair guide, including Diagrams and disassembly Figure
4 ISTA-P(ISSS-NEXT) Programming and coding software system
5 HDD-Update Navigation software upgrade back-office services (function with ISTA-P, need to Import map files)
6 KSD Work software
7 ETK Accessories Catalog
8 E-SYS Engineer Software for F series (available for programming and coding)
9 WINKFP Engineer Software for E series, for programming
10 NCS-Expert tool Engineer Software for E series, for coding
11 INPA Engineer Software for E series, for diagnosis
12 Tool32 Engineer Software for E series, able to run directly
13 BMW Coding Tool Auxiliary Software of Engineer Software for E series (Available to import model data to WINKFP and NSC)
14 NcsDummy Auxiliary Software of Engineer Software for E series (Available to modify NCS data)
15 IToolRadar Used to recognize ICOM, activate or release ICOM Port
16 EasyConnect Used to Configure the Environment Parameter of Engineer Software for E series, can activate or release ICOM Port
How do people think of the newest ICOM firmwares?
BMW ICOM A3 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.
Robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.
i checked the firmware; it’s the new version 1.4.0. So, two points i wanna say:
First, it is ICOM A2 with build in usb-ethernet adapter.
Second, it is K+DCAN interface built in A2 casing.
Icom a3 - can programme all units - but not media. I am planing to buy A2. As i know - the only difference with A1 - there is no "swimming" connector - that can be broken, and soon begin to look like sh*t with isolation tape. This is not series when you do F-series))) so, Buy ICOM A2 with most connector - and you will become a great BMW master (+ few years of learning needed)


Audi J518 test cable work with VVDI, VVDI MB BGA Tool

This is Audi J518 test cable available at which has been verified to work well with VVDI commander, and VVDI Benz key programmer. Functions includes:


  1. Work together with VVDI key programmer / VVDI MB BGA tool
    2. Can do immobilizer online & component protection.
    3. Can be used to connect J518 engine, gateway and instrument ignition switch



Audi J518 test cable in use:


Audi J518 test cable package:

audi-j518-test-cable-for-vvdi-mb-tool-2 audi-j518-test-cable-for-vvdi-mb-tool-3

Source:New J518 Test Line For AUDI Work With VVDI & VVDI MB BGA Tool

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